A Passion For Him

A Passion For Him
A Passion For Him
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Martin Bascomb was one of those men that everybody liked. Simple, uncomplicated, and easygoing, he was a likeable man who was a friend to everyone he met. He was also one of those strange individuals that never had to worry about what he ate, his body remained hard and muscular even though these days he worked inside at a desk in his study instead of outdoors, where he had spent most of his life. His thick, sandy blonde hair, his chiseled features, and his intelligent hazel eyes contributed to his overall good looks, but most of the time it was the brilliance of his white smile that people remembered most.

The smile rattled Stella Merritt down to her toes everytime Martin turned it her way. Just turned eighteen years old, the pretty senior got weak in the knees whenever her neighbor paid any attention to her at all. When Martin and his pretty wife Elaine asked him to be their babysitter, Stella had been thrilled. She longed for intimate contact with the man.

Stella had been watching through the couple’s bedroom window from her second floor bedroom, and she had salivated as she watched Elaine sucking on Martin’s thick penis…and she had often masturbated to the sight of them fucking on the king sized bed. For her birthday, Stella had requested and gotten a fine pair of Zeiss hunting binoculars, ostensibly for bird watching…but in truth, the amazing optics had permitted her to get an intimately close look at Martin’s cock and Elaine’s pussy. She had watched Elaine’s face closely at the moment of penetration and at the moment of her orgasm. She knew exactly how Martin screwed up his face just before the cum flooded from the tip of his cock. She even knew how much Elaine enjoyed something that Stella had always been taught was taboo…anal sex. The woman seemed to love it, and she was always eager when Martin rolled her onto her belly and lifted her hips. The expression on Elaine’s face was rapturous every single time Stella watched them having sex. If Elaine’s reactions were to be trusted, Martin was a superior lover.

One of the games the couple played in their bedroom intrigued her intensely. Martin would lie on one side of the bed and masturbate as Elaine played with herself. He seemed to really enjoy it, and the game gave Stella the glimmer of an idea.

“Oh god yes Martin, stick it in my ass baby!” Elaine begged. Martin eased his thick cock inside her well lubed ass and she lifted it towards him as he slid smoothly inside her. “Oh fuck baby…mmm…so good…” Elaine was one of the rare women who could actually cum from anal penetration, and she liked it often. “Is…is she watching?” Elaine gasped. She had loved the idea of being watched from the first time they had sensed the watcher. It had added an edge, a new dimension to the lovemaking she enjoyed so much with Martin.

“Yes,” Martin said, the hard muscles of his abdomen flexing as he rocked on top of Elaine’s ass. He was as thrilled at being watched as Elaine was. In truth, Martin loved to watch and to be watched, it was his favorite kink.

“Slam me baby,” Elaine begged, “give her a show!” He did his best, shoving his cock deep in her ass and shooting his cum into her. As always, the feel of his cum shooting inside her ass sent her over the edge. She collapsed on the bed, Martin’s familiar and comfortable weight resting on her back.

“Do you think we can get her to play now that she’s legal?” Elaine asked, playing with his cock in plain view of Stella’s bedroom window. They had needed to move the bed in front of the window after Elaine noticed Stella watching them through the window one evening. The fact that the pretty teen was interested excited both of them, and the opportunity to live a fantasy is no an opportunity to be wasted.

“I hope so,” Martin said, shivering with pleasure as Elaine bent to lick at the sensitive head of his cock.

Stella held the Zeiss binoculars in one hand and the eight inch latex cock in the other. As Elaine bent over Martin’s incredible six pack abs and licked the tip of his cock. Stella pressed the dildo in as deep as it would go and came convulsively. So good…

Friday night was as good a time as any for the Bascombs to initiate their plan. Elaine took the kids to her mother’s house for the weekend and was back home before Stella showed up at seven.

When Stella knocked at the door she was surprised when Martin answered the door wearing only a pair of white cotton pants that tied at the waist with a drawstring. Her breath caught in her throat as she took in his deep tan, white smile, and the sexy abs that were so gorgeous they looked like the ones drawn in the comic books. She was instantly wet, and she had to lean against the door frame to keep her balance.

Elaine came to the door wearing a long white thin cotton dress that did nothing to hide her beautiful body. She reached for Stella and pulled her inside. “Come on in Stella, we’re doing something a little different tonight.” Elaine drew her to the center of the greatroom. They had laid a white tablecloth out on the deep pile carpet, and there was an open bottle of champagne and three crystal flutes on the tablecloth.

Elaine set Stella down and then sat down cross legged beside her. Martin laid down on his side, his bare skin gleaming in the dim light of the greatroom. Stella looked around her, realizing with a shiver that the only light in the room came from dozens of candles. It was like wandering into a really good porn movie, and she felt her nipples harden and the dampness begin between her legs. Elaine put a hand high on Stella’s thigh, her delicate fingers raising goose bumps on Stella’s bare skin. “We know you’ve been watching us,” Elaine said softly. Stella jumped guiltily, embarrassed that she had been caught, and surprised that the couple wasn’t angry at her. A slightly scary feeling ran through her. She was half wary and all horny, and her expectations were rising by the second. “It’s okay,” Elaine whispered, one shoulder strap of the white dress slipping down and a single, rosy tipped breast glistening in the candlelight. “We like to be watched.”

Stella looked first into Elaine’s eyes to determine if she was being told the truth, and then into Martin’s. Martin nodded his assent with a smile. The three of them were a little on edge…it was a moment that could take many directions and none were exactly sure what would happen next.

“What…what do you want from me?” Stella whispered.

“I want to watch you with Martin,” Elaine said passionately, her hand stroking Stella’s wavy blonde hair softly.

Stella’s thighs spread involuntarily, and she moaned as Elaine’s hand slipped down to her breast. Their lips were separated by inches, and Stella’s were moving soundlessly as Elaine’s soft hand slipped inside her top and grasped her supple breast, the nipple rigid against her palm. “Oh god…” Stella whispered, shivering.

Martin reached across the gap between them and replaced Elaine’s hand with his own. Gently he drew Stella to him, and she came unresisting, whimpering at the long desired touch of his hand. Without conscious thought, Stella’s hand closed around the erection poking against the front of Martin’s pants. Her mouth formed a perfect ‘O’ as Martin slowly removed her clothes, leaving kisses against her bare skin in the wake of his deft hands. With every kiss against her tender skin, Stella’s body committed to anything Martin wanted to do to her. She wanted him to do everything to her…all the things she had watched him do to Elaine through her bedroom window. Stella felt free.

The top of Elaine’s dress had fallen to her waist. She had leaned down on one arm and hiked up the skirt, and her hands were softly caressing her naked skin as she watched her husband seduce the babysitter. It was good for her too, she knew Martin’s touch better than anyone, and each minor touch, each soft probe of his fingers she felt as if he were touching her own skin. She shuddered as Martin’s fingers slipped between Stella’s widespread thighs. Stella’s passion for him was as plain as the lust on her face.

“I want…” Stella gasped, tearing at the drawstring that held Martin’s white pants up. “I want it!” she said, bending forward with her lips parted. She wanted to worship his cock. With one hand curled around the shaft, her other hand cupped his heavy balls, and her lips and tongue covered every inch of his burgeoning penis that wasn’t concealed by her grasping hands. When she took his swollen glans into her mouth, she heard Elaine whimper and she glanced nervously up at martin’s wife. The woman was ridiculously sexy with her skirt hiked up and her fingers in her pussy, her delicious breasts bare and swaying, her nipples firm. Stella gasped as Elaine fisted her own pussy, something Stella had heard of but never seen.

Martin had slid down Stella’s belly and his head stole between her thighs. Stella lurched spastically as his tongue sought out and found her clit, teasing her with its slick hot wetness. The tendons inside her thighs felt as if they would tear as she spread them wider to give him better access to her pussy. She began to writhe as his tongue penetrated her pussy and lingered between it and her puffy clit.

Just when Stella thought she couldn’t take any more, Martin’s tongue slipped out of her pussy and probed her ass. Her eyes rolled back in their sockets as he searched and probed the tiny puckered ring. After he had gotten it wet and inserted his tongue, he probed the tiny hole with his index finger. Stella had never experienced a ‘small’ orgasm before, but she did now. The ring of her ass was clamped hard around his finger, but it didn’t hurt her at all, it excited her beyond anything she’d ever known.

“She’s a natural,” Martin said breathlessly to Elaine. Elaine watched in absolute fascination as Martin probed Stella’s ass. There was little doubt the girl was an anl virgin, but there was even less doubt that she would remain one much longer. Already the girl was begging Martin for more…

Stella was far beyond horny. A raging lust was building inside her that would have frightened her had she not been so far gone. She was having visions of cocks in her hands, her mouth, her pussy, and most especially in her ass. It seemed as if her very soul was crying out for the thick white cream she knew would eventually spurt from the tips of the cocks, and she literally wanted to bathe in it. The level of her desire had reached an insane intensity and she was literally screaming her demand for Martin to fuck her in the ass.

Martin patiently inserted a second finger into her tight ass and felt her sphincter loosen to accommodate the extra digit. Her ass was pushing back against his hand and she was still screaming “More Martin,more! Please put it in my ass, I want it now!” A third finger joined the first two and she had no problem taking it either. Stella was bucking wildly in his arms now.

She was unrecognizable as the teen babysitter from next door. Where moments before there had been an innocent yet horny young woman, there was now a lusty writhing Valkyrie demanding to be satisfied, demanding to be used and rutted on. There was no longer any tenderness in her…she was a lioness…and she was his equal in her desire. “Fuck my ass martin!” she roared.

Now almost afraid not to accede to her demands, Martin flipped her onto her belly and rose high behind her as her head swiveled around to glare at him tauntingly as she writhed beneath his swollen cock. “Stick it in me Martin,” she commanded, “stick it in me now!” He tried to enter her ass slowly, but Stella was having none of it. Her hands clenched in the soft pile of the carpet and she slammed her ass back against his erection, slamming it in until there was nothing left to fit inside her. Her mouth was open in a silent howl of pleasure and she was quaking, spitted on his rampant penis.

Stella’s wide round eyes stared at Elaine’s, silently begging, and Elaine sat up and pressed her hard nipple into Stella’s mouth. It wasn’t enough. Stella clawed at Elaine and dragged her body beneath her. Elaine got the message, rolling onto her bag and crawling up to put her head between Stella’s spread legs. Elaine could see Martin’s cock slamming into Stella’s ass just inches from her eyes. Keeping her eyes wide so she could watch the exciting spectacle, she opened her mouth and stuck her tongue up against Stella’s clit.

The pleasure was so intense that it was almost unbearable, and Stella’s head dipped down between Elaine’s spread thighs and shaved pussy. Her tongue speared into Elaine’s sweet pussy and Stella was totally lost in a haze of lust and mounting excitement…she had no idea how much more she could take.

It was Martin who lost it first. The two women were still shaking and grinding their pussies into each other’s faces when Martin pulled his cock out of Stella’s ass, spraying wildly over his wife’s face and Stella’s ass. He thought the jets of thick white cum would never stop. He fell back to the floor and watched the two women in pure wonder.

Stella continued to eat Elain’s pussy wildly while Elaine lapped at the cum Martin had given them. When she struggled to sit up to reach the cum on Stella’s ass, Stella reversed her position and began to lap wildly at the cum on Elaine’s face. The two had found a way to fit their clits together and they were grinding away still as they sucked up his cum and swapped it back and forth between their hungry mouths.

When they could find no more of the white cream on each other to play with, both women eyed Martin’s limp penis with hunger and crawled over to his inert body. They fed on the remains of the cum on his body.

They stayed at it until Martin could no longer get it up, and there was no place left in Stella’s body where his cock would fit and his cum hadn’t been. When the three of them passed into sleep together, a single thought crept into Martin’s mind. He was the luckiest man alive, because these two women shared a passion for him.