A Private Party

A Private Party
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Every week or so I get together with a small group of friends. We call it the Girls’ Club. Sometimes we meet in a bar, sometimes at one of our homes. The common themes are that we always share a few drinks, and we always tell each other stories. Intimate stories. The kind you only share with close friends. But aren’t those exactly the kind of stories you get a kick from sharing with others? Particularly sharing them with strangers.

The Girls’ Club has given me special dispensation: as long as I change enough facts so that my friends can’t be identified I am allowed to write these stories down. I’m allowed to share them with strangers. I’m allowed share them with you. This is a story Mel told me recently. Some of the facts have been changed. But most of them haven’t.

Often it’s the quiet ones who surprise you the most. Mel is quiet. She loves going out with the girls, but she’s never the one making the most noise, or telling the loudest stories. She’s never the life and soul of the party. But when it comes to private parties, she can be very different, as she told me one evening at the Girls’ Club.

Mel had only been married a few months. Her husband, Jack, was something in the city, the kind of guy who looked good in a suit but even better at the end of the day, with the jacket off, the tie loosened, the top button undone. When Mel first introduced him to the girls there was more than one muttering about how she could be so lucky and did they make any more like that?

One night recently, Mel decided to do something special for her new husband. The one thing she regretted about her wedding was that Jack had been called away on business at the last minute and so had missed out on a stag do. Tonight she would make it up for him.

When he got home from work that evening there was a drink waiting for him, a fire lit, the room illuminated by candles and lamps.

“Mmm,” he said, “what you cooking?”

She took a handful of his neck-tie and kissed him, long and deep, then pushed him gently back onto the sofa. “We’ll eat later,” she said.

Music was playing low in the background, a playlist she had picked carefully. “I Touch Myself”, “Like A Virgin”, “Pour Some Sugar On Me”… She started to twist and turn to the music, loving the way his eyes followed, explored, devoured.

“You like?” Hands running down that black dress he loved, the one that clung to her figure in all the right places. She turned, wiggled her hips, her backside at his eye level.

“So… what’s all this about? Not that—”

She interrupted him with another kiss. “A party,” she told him. “A private party.”

His hands on her hips felt good.

She pulled his tie a bit looser, freed another button, whispered in his ear, “I love you.”

The doorbell interrupted them, just as his hand was sliding up her bare thigh, inside her dress.

He pulled back, frustration clear on his face.

“I’ll go,” said Mel, turning with another teasing wiggle, showing him what he could have had.

The woman at the door wore a long leather coat buttoned up to the chin. Mel let her in, then turned and led her through to the front room where Jack waited. Her husband looked from the visitor to Mel and back, an eyebrow raised. The woman had long blonde hair with a slight wave to it. Her eyes were a piercing blue, her lips full, painted a glossy red. She smiled at the two of them.

In the background, the music switched to “You Can Leave Your Hat On”.

“Meet Selena,” said Mel, with a grin she couldn’t resist. She sat with Jack on the sofa, a hand on his chest and her legs curled up on the seat. “Remember how disappointed you were that you never had a stag party?” she asked. “Well I thought that maybe we could do at least a part of it here. Selena’s a friend of mine. She comes to the girls’ club with Polly and the others. And when she’s not doing that, she strips…”

With that, Selena started to move, slowly and sinuously to the music.

At the first chorus, she undid the top button of her coat, revealing a slender neck, and smooth, flawless skin. Closer to the two of them now, she turned and arched her back, grinding her hips in wide circles.

Another button, more delicate flesh. Each undone button focused all attention on the skin revealed, and Mel found herself getting turned on. She hadn’t expected to respond like this, or at least not so quickly. That made her wonder how Jack must feel about this performance.

Just then, he glanced at her, as if guiltily remembering she was there. She smiled and kissed him on the cheek, and let her hand slide down to his flat belly.

Selena had half of her buttons undone now, and Mel found her attention flitting between her eyes and the exposed skin of the first swelling of her breasts.

She let her hand move down, teasingly over Jack’s hip to his thigh. She could see that he was hard. Hard for another woman. She squeezed his leg, knowing that it would pull the fabric of his trousers down tighter across his erection.


He was confused. He hadn’t expected anything like this. He had no idea what was going to happen next, what was allowed and what might be out of bounds. Mel stood, and joined the slow dance. She circled around Selena until she stood behind her, looking at Jack over her friend’s shoulder. She put her hands on Selena’s hips, and enjoyed the movement of her friend’s arse grinding back against her.

Jack’s erection was clearly visible from here, straining at his trousers.

Mel moved a hand up, slipped it inside Selena’s coat, cupped a breast, and together they danced, spooning and grinding.

Just as “Sexual Healing” started to play, Mel undid another of Selena’s buttons, then another, until there was only one left to go, and then that, too, was undone. Now Jack was getting tantalising glimpses of black lace bra, thong, suspenders and stockings, as Selena’s coat hung loose and the two women continued to dance and grind.

All the time, Jack watched the two of them, his hands rested uncertainly on his thighs. Mel knew he wanted to stroke himself, but still he was reserved, uncertain.

She turned Selena and kissed those full, red lips, slid her hands inside the coat and eased it from her friend’s body. When it fell to the floor, Jack gave an involuntary gasp, and out of the corner of her eye Mel saw now that he had one hand in his lap, rubbing.

She freed Selena’s bra, let her full breasts spill out, dipped her head to tongue one of the nipples.

“You think a little lap dance?” Mel asked, grinning mischievously at her husband.

Selena moved to the sofa and Mel watched the movements of her arse and long legs as she walked. Suddenly, she felt disappointed. She wanted more. She wanted her mouth still to be on Selena’s breast, her teeth working the hard nipple.

Selena stood before Jack, grinding her hips, hands running all over her own body, head thrown back. Jack had taken his hand from his lap again. Mel hadn’t expected him to be so shy. She went to stand by Selena as her friend leaned forward, hands either side of Jack’s head on the back of the sofa, breasts swaying so close to his face. Closer, a breast brushed against his cheek. Mel watched, suddenly intensely aware of how wet she was.

She took up the dance again, hands stroking herself, finding zipper, freeing the dress, letting it fall with a wiggle of the hips. She was wearing the same carefully chosen lingerie set that Selena had on.

She leaned forward, one knee on the sofa, and Selena turned her face, kissed her, a grinding of tongue and lips, and below them Jack groaned, his hand back on his cock.

“Is this how it goes?” asked Mel, breaking away from Selena’s kiss.

“On a stag do?

There’s always a stripper, right? Dancing in your face, making you hard and desperate. Is that it? So then… what next? Where does it go from here?”

She turned to Selena again and the two stood back, clear of the sofa.

Still, the music played, but suddenly they were motionless, eyes locked on each other. Then Mel raised a hand, pointed one long finger and put it to Selena’s chin. Selena tipped her head back and Mel ran her finger down her friend’s neck, drawing a straight line from chin to chest-bone, then down between her breasts, slowly, slowly, to her belly, and down.

It seemed to take forever, that long rake of the fingernail, but then Mel had her friend’s pussy cupped in her hand. She could feel the softness, feel the wetness through the thong. She started to rub, and Selena ground her hips against Mel’s hand. She dipped her head to Selena’s breasts again and took one nipple in her mouth, sucked and bit and licked, suddenly desperate, unable to contain herself any longer.

Then Selena took Mel’s head in her hands, gently eased her away, kissed her on the lips, turned. They kneeled either side of Jack on the sofa, hands moving across his shoulders, chest, hips, legs… everywhere but his cock. Mel kissed his hair above his ear, moved to his temple, his jaw, and then Selena was kissing him full on the mouth, then turning to kiss Mel, then kissing him again, tongues and lips of the three of them merging, clashing, tangling, pressing.

Now Jack started to relax, to realise that there were no rules. His hands moved, one arm curling around Mel’s waist, pulling her to him, the other cupping one of Selena’s breasts, the thumb flicking at her nipple.

Mel pulled at his shirt, freeing it from the waist of his trousers, just as Selena started to loosen his belt. His trousers open, Selena pulled at them until they were around his knees, then returned to his black boxers, stretched tight by his towering erection. She took him in one hand through the fabric and he gasped. His eyes found Mel’s, as if uncertain again, and so she kissed him, her tongue deep in his mouth, sensing him getting more urgent in his response, sensing movement out of her sight.

When she pulled away, Jack’s cock was deep in Selena’s mouth and she was rocking her head from side to side. Mel moved back so that Jack could look down, get the full visual. And then she started to kiss his chest, his ribs, working her way down until she was licking at the base of his cock while Selena sucked at the head. She slid a hand up his thigh to his balls, but Selena was already there, so she pushed further round to the sensitive skin behind his balls, rubbing and stroking, her fingertips teasing his asshole.

Selena moved her head down, around, until she was working at the base of Jack’s dick too, and the two of them were kissing around his shaft. Moving together, they slid along his length, lingering so that their tongues and lips could work at the head of his cock, and then sliding back down again.

“I… I’m going to…”

Mel had already spotted the signs, the arching of Jack’s back, the thrusting, the groans. She pulled away and took him in one hand and started to wank the full length of him, the tip of his cock sliding against Selena’s parted lips. He was so hard and wet from their sucking!

She wanted to watch him come, wanted to see the look on his face. Her eyes kept flitting between his face and his hard, throbbing cock. For a moment, she changed her movement and slid him side to side across Selena’s lips, and then she resumed the hard wanking, and just as she did so he arched even more and he cried out and the first jet of come spat into Selena’s mouth, almost immediately seeping out again, over her lips.

Another jet, and Selena worked it around her mouth with her tongue, and still he kept coming, as Mel wanked the length of his cock and his juices started to run back down his shaft. As the last spasm took him, Mel dipped her head and started to lick the come from him, and from Selena, and again they kissed around his cock, their faces shiny with his juices.

Then they pulled away and it was just the two of them, kissing each other’s smeared faces clean, laughing and holding, and starting to press against each other and move and grind, and now Mel didn’t care if this was how stag parties went or not, it was a private party, just her and Jack and Selena, and the evening was still young.