A Talk With Mom

A Talk With Mom
A Talk With Mom
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They weren’t even careful about it anymore now that she had started her freshman year in college. The first weekend she had come back unexpectedly for a weekend she had caught her mother fucking Mr. Anderson on the living room floor. Mom was so caught up in what she was doing that she never noticed Joan standing in the foyer, peeking through the doorway. Other than the fact that her mother was fucking the next door neighbor (and obviously enjoying the hell out it, judging by her yelps) Joan was most astonished at the size of Mr. Anderson’s balls…they were huge. As it turned out, his cock was pretty big too. Joan quietly left the house and went down to the local burger joint and ordered a soft drink, sitting down to think and to allow her mother to finish what she was doing.

It struck Joan suddenly, like being punched in the stomach. Her mother was cheating on her stepfather, a really nice guy that she had always been half in love with. Would they be getting a divorce? Her head was spinning and she was confused…she had always thought that Mom and Chuck were a happy couple. They had always been so close and, well, physical was a polite way to describe the two of them. Mom had thought she was being sneaky, but Joan was always finding the two of them in unexpected places in the house…the laundry room, the basement, the bathroom or wherever. Their faces were always bright red and they were busy buttoning up or zipping up disheveled clothing, and more than once she had caught her mom wiping something from her face or lips. Joan hadn’t figured that one out until one of her girlfriends had come home with her on a Saturday morning. Mom was coming from the laundry room, her face was flushed, and she was wiping the back of her hand across her mouth.

Mom had fluttered and fidgeted and finally left the room, calling out over her shoulder that there were fresh cookies on the counter. Joan’s friend, Patty, was shaking hard with suppressed laughter, and Joan followed her outside as Patty ran to release her mirth. Patty was howling with laughter and tears were running down her cheeks. Chuck came out to the garage, cheeks flaming scarlet, and had gotten in the car and left. Patty was laughing so hard now that she fell to the grass, rolling and holding her sides.

“What’s so funny?” Joan asked. Patty looked at her in surprise, and was suddenly carried away again, her peals of laughter louder still. It took Joan a few minutes to calm her down and get an answer.

“Don’t you get it?” Patty asked her. “Your mom was sucking Chuck’s dick! She had cum all over her face when she came out of the laundry room, how could you have missed that?” She had been naïve then, and it had taken Patty the better part of the afternoon to explain it to her. The whole thing sounded pretty damned disgusting to her, at least until she fell madly in love with Jimmy Willoughby and tried it on him. Jimmy had loved it. Joan had loved it more. Now she’d rather eat cum than ice cream.

Joan finished her drink slowly, and took her time walking home. She’d left her car parked out in front of the house so that her mother would know she was home, and when she started up the walkway Mr. Anderson had come out the front door smiling. “Joan! How are you?” he gave her a hug and a quick peck on the cheek as if he hadn’t just been fucking her mother on the living room carpet. Joan was too flustered to give him more than a cursory response, and fortunately he didn’t notice.

Her mom was standing in front of the sink with a satisfied look on her face, running her hands through the tangles in her shoulder length sandy hair. “Are you and Daddy getting a divorce?” Joan asked her bluntly.

“Of course not dear,” her mother said, “why would you even think such a thing?”

Joan blurted it out without thinking. “Because I saw you fucking Mr. Anderson in the living room!” It was out and there was no taking it back.

Sylvia Thayer looked at her daughter thoughtfully. “Come on,” she said, opening the refrigerator and pulling out two of Chuck’s beers. “It’s time you and I had a little talk.” The sun was still bright, so they sat in the shade of the umbrella at the table by the pool.

“I’ve been fucking Dave Anderson for the better part of fifteen years,” Sylvia said, “why would that cause your stepfather and I to get a divorce?”

“Fifteen years?” Joan asked, staggered by the revelation. “Why would Daddy put up with that?”

“Because he’s been fucking Susan Anderson at the same time,” Sylvia smiled gently.

“Bullshit, I don’t believe you Mom.” Joan was getting pissed.

“You don’t have to take my word for it, just walk upstairs and peek in my bedroom…but be quiet, I don’t know how Chuck will react to being watched by his little girl,” Sylvia said drily. She looked at her daughter. “Or he might decide to seduce you himself.” Joan seemed much more mature than she remembered.

Joan’s nipples hardened and she felt the sudden dampness between her legs. How could her mother know of her secret lust for her stepfather? It was her most closely held secret. Sylvia chuckled. “Just go look for yourself honey, and then come back to me…we’re overdue for a long talk.”

Joan was petrified that the floor or the stairs would creak and she would be caught, but she managed to sneak to the door of her parents’ bedroom anyway. The door was partway open and she looked in to see Mrs. Anderson, completely nude and surprisingly sexy for someone her age, bent over Chuck on the bed. Susan Anderon’s fingers were frantically working her pussy as she gobbled Daddy’s cock. He was even bigger than Mr. Anderson! Daddy’s head was thrown back in ecstasy and his muscular legs were spread wide. Susan’s long blonde hair was tied back in a ponytail, and Joan could see every detail with perfect clarity.

“Oh god,” Chuck was saying, “suck it baby!”

Susan Anderson stopped her frenetic gobbling long enough to beg. “Cum in my mouth Chuck, give it to me baby!” Her mouth enveloped the entire length of his cock, her lips encircling the base of the thick stalk and her cheeks sucking in. Chuck’s hips thrust upwards almost viciously as Susan screamed as well as she could with her mouth stuffed full of pulsing cock. Thick streams of gooey white cum leaked around the seal formed by her lips.

Joan stared at Chuck’s naked body and his huge cock. Her knees trembled and the dampness between her thighs turned to wetness. Helplessly, her fingers reached her clit and she came when she touched it. Weakly, she walked slowly back down the stairs and outside to where her mom was still sitting. “OK, she moaned, “tell me what’s going on.”

“Chuck and I met at a swing party,” Sylvia said calmly, sipping at her beer. Joan’s lay untouched on the table. “We never got out of the lifestyle. It keeps our marriage fresh, sex is fun, and we rarely argue. Half of all marriages fail in the first ten years in this country; ours is still going strong. If I had a case to make, I’ve made it…but I would hope that I’ve raised you to be less judgemental than that.”

“I’m not judging anything,” Joan said, “I’m trying to wrap my brain around the idea of you and Daddy fucking around like this…and seeing it was a hell of an introduction to the fact that my parents are swingers.” Her voice got smaller, more timid. “What did you mean when you said he might decide to seduce me himself?” It was weakly phrased, but Sylvia was wiser than her daughter.

“You’re far more brash when it comes to questioning my behavior Joan,” Sylvia said with a wicked smile, “but if you’re asking me if it’s all right to fuck your stepfather, I’ll tell you the same thing I told him the first time the issue came up: that decision is between the two of you, it’s not really up to me.” She leaned forward and kissed Joan softly on her cheek. “If it’s a help, I don’t have any designs on you myself.”

“Mom!” Joan said in shock, “I’ve never been with a girl.”

“More’s the pity,” Sylvia said, “You don’t know what you’re missing. I would have thought you and Patty…”

“Patty?” Joan sputtered.

“I’m sorry, I thought after all those sleepovers and campouts you would have known.”

“Known what?” Joan asked, in shock again. Sylvia just looked at her daughter. “I think I need a nap,” Joan said, “and I need some time to think.” She got up slowly from the table and took the back stairs to her bedroom. As she closed her own bedroom door, she heard Susan Anderson call out gaily to her mother. There was a murmur of conversation and a burst of laughter. Joan was too confused to think about what they were saying. Patty? Joan was wondering now if her mother knew from personal experience.

In spite of the monstrous change in her thinking, Joan’s mind kept coming back over and over to two things. The first was her first unforgettable view of her Daddy’s huge cock being gobbled by the lady who used to give her cookies and lemonade on hot summer days, and the second was of her mother saying ‘the decision is between the two of you.’

A flash of raw passion flooded her as she imagined herself, naked and kneeling over Daddy’s rock hard abs, taking that huge glans in between her parted lips… The orgasm surprised her, raising her hips up off the bed and caused her thighs to part in invitation to an imaginary lover. The tremors had barely subsided when she heard the quiet knock at her bedroom door.

“Joan?” Chuck called out, opening the door a tiny bit.

“Yes Daddy?” she called back weakly, her thighs trembling again and her nipples so rigid they hurt.

“Mom said you were home,” he said, coming to her bed and sitting beside her, “ and she told me what you saw.” Joan sat up and hugged him tightly, feeling the pleasure/pain of her nipples pushing against his chest. The pressure caused her to cum again, and Chuck was no idiot, he knew she had cum. He looked at her with a raised eyebrow. “Are you sure?” he whispered. He hadn’t asked the question, but she knew what the question was.

Joan lay back in the bed, and slowly unbuttoned her shirt, pulling it aside to expose the lacy bra encasing her small but perfectly formed breasts. Chuck put his big hand on her bare flat belly with his fingers splayed and Joan’s blue eyes rolled up in her head as she shivered at his touch. “Daddy…” she whispered, his name sweet on her lips. It was a plea, and he answered it. His hand rose slowly to the clasp on the front of the sheer bra and unfastened it, peeling it back to expose her pale breasts and the rosy, turgid nipples. He took one nipple between a big thumb and forefinger and squeezed, causing her to gasp with pleasure. He bent to take the other nipple into his mouth, swirling the tip of his tongue over the nubbin and biting gently with his white teeth…which made her cry out.

She had no idea how long he toyed with her, and she didn’t care. They had entered their own private world now. Time stood still and nothing else mattered. Everything centered on her chest now, and she thrust it upwards to make it easier for his mouth and fingers to work their magic on her willing body.

Joan’s hands, having nothing else to do, picked and pushed at her jeans and panties and somehow they were off and on the floor. Her knees rose up and then parted, slowly and very wide. Her hips rose and fell in a slow, suggestive rhythm, begging silently to be touched and caressed. Chuck’s lips and tongue traced a wet path down her belly to her navel, sparking the fire between her slim thighs. “Oh Daddy,” she gasped. Unable to stand it any longer, she put one hand in his black wavy hair and pushed him towards the juncture of her thighs. He licked around the trimmed ‘landing strip’ she had shaved around on her pubic mound and she was begging out loud now. “Please Daddy, please!” His head dipped and his wet tongue lapped the outside of her now puffy labia and her hips went into overdrive.

A simple twist of his head accomplished what she wanted and her legs splayed lewdly, offering her open pussy up for him to feast on. She began to shriek, each shriek accompanied by a jerk of her hips until her shriek became a continuous wail.

Chuck held her close until she regained her breath. His cock was swollen in the confinement of his pants and Joan could feel it pulsing against her hip. It was too much temptation! She twisted in Chucks arms until her lips were inches from his own. “I watched Mrs. Anderson suck your dick Daddy.”

“I know baby, I heard.”

“I want to see it,” she whispered. She urged him to stand by the bed. “Show it to me.”

Chuck unzipped his pants, pushing them and his boxer shorts down around his ankles and kicking them to the floor. Joan reached out and grasped his swollen penis, stroking him and watching in awe as the loose skin slid to cover and uncover the head of it. A clear drop of precum rose to the tip and her delicate pink tongue flicked out and captured it. It really didn’t have much taste to it, and Joan smacked her lips before putting the whole head inside her mouth. The image of the thick creamy fluid leaking from Susan Anderson’s mouth shot through Joan’s mind and she closed her eyes. She would find out for herself if the thick stuff tasted different…more than anything she wanted to give Daddy as much pleasure as he had given her. “You want to cum in my mouth just like you did Mrs. Anderson’s, don’t you Daddy.

Chuck reached down and lifted her up, bringing her face close to his own. “I want to do everything that you want to try baby girl…but there’s one thing I want right now more than anything I’ve ever wanted in my life.” He was breathing heavily as he laid her back on the bed and poised his thick cock at the entrance to her wet and puffy pussy. “I want to fuck you…’

Joan wrapped her arms around her Daddy’s neck and her eyes widened as he penetrated her for the first time. “Oh Daddy,” she breathed, happier than she had ever been before. “Fuck me!”