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“I don’t fucking believe it!” Her eyes nearly popped out of her head as she stared at the 6’4” guy in the Batman costume striding confidently in her direction. There was only one guy in the world with shoulders that broad, a waist that trim and legs that muscled! A masked woman in a Bunny costume touched his arm and he turned to speak to her briefly before continuing onwards. Yes, there was definitely only one guy in the whole fucking world with an ass like that! Mr. Jeremy Alexander. Alexander, the Great! He sat in front of her every day at work and didn’t know she was alive.

“Hi Pussycat, is there a hole in that costume where I can stick my dick?”

Even if she hadn’t recognized his sexy body there was no mistaking that deep, velvet voice. She almost turned around to see who he was addressing before she caught herself.

“Where’s Throbin?” she drawled, imitating her mother’s Guyanese accent instead of using her usual Black British dulcet tones. “It usually takes two guys to satisfy me.”

“Trust me, Cat Woman, my cock is big enough for me and two other guys.”

“Okay, Batman, let’s go but I warn you if you have less than 8” you’ll have none of this cat tonight or any other night.”

“I have a 9” cock,” he boasted and grabbed it through his costume.

It did look big and it wasn’t even hard yet. She reached for his hand and led him to one of the first floor bedrooms.

“Now drop, unzip or whatever you have to do,” she commanded with a crack of her whip.

He unzipped a small, cleverly concealed zip and freed his cock.

Nice! Very nice!

“Okay so it’s big,” she conceded. “Does it work?”

“Put your mouth on it and find out, Pussycat.”

She pressed her stopwatch as she dropped to her knees and took him into her mouth. His thick cock hardened in seconds and she opened her throat and let it slip right inside. She mouth-fucked his cock before she reached into the costume and freed his balls. She gave them some head before she went back to his cock. All the while he was moaning and groaning, clutching at the air with his hands. He came in two minutes twelve seconds. Not bad but she had to work on her technique, she was getting a bit rusty.

“Damn!” He sounded disappointed with himself.

“Don’t worry. I’ll have this big boy up again in less than twenty seconds,” she promised. It took her twenty-four to get it rock-hard. Shit! She was really losing her touch!

“Now where is that hole we were talking about earlier?” he asked as he stroked his stiff cock.

“It’s right under my tail.” She perched on the end of a writing table and opened her legs wide as she unzipped the circular breasts flaps. “Open me up, Batman.”

He opened the zip and pushed the flap aside.

“Your pussy is very wet,” he remarked as he fingered her.

“Giving head always makes me wet, big boy.”

He pressed her back against the desk as he pushed his cock through the opening of her costume.

“You’ve got a very tight pussy, Cat Woman,” he panted as he tried to work his cock-head inside her.

“No, you’ve got a big cock, Batman.” She pinched her nipples as he finally worked his cock into her.

He stopped, brushed one of her hands aside and covered her nipple with his mouth. She cupped the back of his head and stroked his nape.

Was this really happening? Did she actually have Jeremy’s cock deep inside her pussy?

“Damn, your pussy is extra tight. I am going to fucking cum any minute!” He straightened and pushed his cock the rest of the way inside her. Before he could do ten thrusts he came again with a loud, “Shit!”

“Don’t worry about it, Batman.” She started to get up. “My pussy has that kind of power over men.”

“No! No! We are not done yet.” He pushed her back against the top of the desk. “Give me a chance to show you what I can do. I swear this has never happened to me before!”

“Okay, Batman. Usually, it’s two strikes and you are out, but I’ll give you three.” She lay back down and opened her legs wider.

He leaned down and started to tongue her clit as he pushed a finger inside her pussy. She held on to the desk and raised her hips to meet his lips as he started to maul her clit. Just as she was about to cum he straightened and plunged his cock into her with one quick thrust. She groaned and came instantly.

“Now lie back and let me take you for a ride in the Bat mobile.” Holding her ass, he didn’t give her a chance to get her wits about her before starting to thrust his cock inside her. When he felt himself about to cum, he quickly withdrew. To cover the fact that he had almost cum again, he pulled her up and turned her around. “Turn over for me, let me get this pussy from the back like a tomcat.”

He pushed his rigid cock back inside her and whispered in her ear as he started thrusting again, “I could fuck this tight pussy all night.”

Yes! Fuck me, Jeremy, fuck me!

She was going to be sore for the next month but she didn’t give a shit! The Great was fucking her and the fucking was great! Just the thought of the chiseled face she’d been gazing at longingly for the last three years made her cum on his next forward stroke. He grabbed her ass and ground his cock into her as he came too. He lay against her for a minute before he eased his weight off of her.

“Batman, I am so glad I gave you another chance at the crease, you hit a home run, shugs.”

“Cat Woman, I think this pussy was made just for this cock.”

“Super guy told me that last week and today I saw him fucking Blonder Woman.”

“You are the only woman I want to fuck in here.”

“That’s sweet, Batman, but I must go and suck on a few more cocks before the night is through. Variety is the spice of my life.”

She walked out of the room and left him still stuffing his cock back into his costume.

When he came out of the room she was on her knees in front of Dare Devil.

On Monday morning, she walked into the office and found four of her male colleagues huddled around Jeremy’s desk.

“Good morning, guys,” she said brightly, instinctively guessing what, or more precisely whom, they were gossiping about.

“Good morning, Mandy,” they mumbled in unison, and promptly ignored her as they went back to their conversation.

“I am telling you guys, this woman’s pussy is the tightest I have ever come across and I have had a few virgins in my time, but that isn’t all—when she put her mouth on my cock I came in less than ten minutes.”

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Product Details
File Size: 240 KB
Print Length: 59 pages
Fortmat: ePub
Features: Flowing text
Language: English

Price(USD): $1.59