Anything He Wants

Anything He Wants
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Ashlyn Peters was her daddy’s girl. All her life she had been given everything she wanted on a silver platter…within her daddy’s means of course, he wasn’t rich or anything. She had the best clothes her daddy could afford, even if it meant he had to wear last year’s suits to work. On her sixteenth birthday, daddy had bought her a brand new car off the showroom floor. It was a long way from the new Camaro she had hoped for, but it was new. Ashlyn had been picked as the head cheerleader in her Sophomore year and had remained as head cheerleader through this, her last year in high school.

She had been elected Prom Queen in both her Junior and Senior years, and she had been dating the quarterback and captain of the football team for two years. One would expect her to be resented by the other girls, but she was surprisingly well liked by her peers. In spite of the fact that Ashlyn seemed bulletproof when it came to trouble, she was good hearted, good natured, and kind to those less fortunate than herself. She had realized shortly after her father had bought her new car just how big a struggle it was to keep up her payments and insurance, and she had experienced her first real argument with her dad when she tried to resign as head cheerleader to take a part time job. They had finally compromised and he allowed her to babysit for gas and spending money. She wasn’t contributing as much as she wanted, but she really did make a difference.

She was a buxom, pretty girl with shoulder length platinum blonde hair and wide, innocent blue eyes that made boys stutter and grown men nervous. For reasons she was only beginning to understand, she made all males horny. In grade school it was great, and she had fun making the boys do things for herself and her friends. In middle school, the boys started wanting something in return…a kiss, a walk with their arm around her waist. Some of the more daring boys wanted more, and while she didn’t mind, she was careful not to get carried away. Ashlyn was the first of her age group to outgrow training bras, and she was intensely conscious of the increased interest of the male population in her burgeoning chest.

It wasn’t really fair, but men stopped looking at her face after she was about twelve and began talking to her boobs. Before long, she realized that her physical attributes not only drew attention to her, they helped her through what for other girls her age were difficult. It was all innocent enough for her…she got the attention she wanted, but there was no quid pro quo. She remained innocent until she decided that there was more to life than teasing.

Eric Blount was a great father, and his two year old son adored him. Eric’s wife had deserted them both for a flashy, wealthy drug dealer, leaving Eric devastated and little Justin confused. After she left them, Eric had thrown himself into his work and had pretty much turned Justin over to a succession of babysitters and nannies, none of which lasted very long. Eric was…difficult. His experience with his wife had left him incredibly distrustful of women in general and blondes in particular.

Ashlyn was the latest in a very long line of interviewees, right out of high school and just days away from her eighteenth birthday. In spite of his innate distrust of young blondes, there was something devastatingly fresh about the girl, and he felt a pull towards her that he was wary of.

For her part, Ashlyn was taken with Eric Blount the second she met him. Everything about the man exuded sex, and she felt his aura deep in her belly. Even being near him caused a wet spot in her panties. Her nipples were hard and her hormones were raging, and the instant she walked through the door she knew that she was willing to anything he wanted to get and keep his attention.

He was tall, with wavy black hair that she wanted to run her fingers through. His blue eyes peeked out from beneath arched brows over chiseled cheeks and a face that looked as if it had been carefully sculpted by a master. His chest and shoulders were large without being massive, and his belly under the tight tee shirt looked flat and muscled. Just wondering what it looked like uncovered made her knees weak. The large bulge at the crotch of his jeans made her mouth water, and while he was talking to her about the responsibilities of the job she was busy contemplating something she had heard about but never tried…and she would gladly try it on Eric if he would let her. The thought of that lump swelling between her lips made her mouth water. She wondered briefly if she would spit or swallow, but she knew if he wanted her to she would swallow every drop…he was that gorgeous.

Eric didn’t miss her unconscious squirming, and he could see her nipples were hard even through the supportive bra she was wearing. He couldn’t see any of it, the dress she wore was conservative, but with the size of her breasts, there was no way she could wear one of the flimsy bras that many women wore. In spite of his determination to keep his distance from women for a while, he was drawn fiercely to this barely legal teen. He felt relief when he finished her interview and told her he would call her after he had conducted the other interviews he had scheduled. When she left, he sighed and held out for almost fifteen minutes before he had to go upstairs and relieve the pressure in his cock and balls. When he came, splattering his cum across his chest and up onto the headboard of the bed above him, he was mentally holding one of her large breasts in each hand, and her mouth was wrapped around the tip of his cock. In his mind, she was swallowing every drop of his spurting cum with a look of joy on her pretty young face.

Ashlyn made it all the way to her car before she had to lift the skirt of her dress. Staring at the front door he had just gone back through, she thrust her hand beneath her panties and her middle finger located her wet swollen clit. In her mind, she was naked, kneeling before him, and his huge swollen cock was approaching her parted lips. As she closed them around the tip, he was cumming, just like Todd at the prom, huge jets of thick, sticky white cum. The difference was that unlike Todd’s orgasm, Eric’s cum wasn’t shooting onto the front of her prom dress, it was flowing into her desperately sucking mouth. A loud cry of ecstasy escaped from Ashlyn’s lips as she came. It took several moments before she recovered from the sudden shock and the strength of her orgasm. She opened her eyes and looked around to see if anyone had noticed her. When she didn’t see anyone, she hurriedly backed out of his driveway and drove off.

Eric went through the routine of interviewing the others he had scheduled, but he couldn’t get his mind off Ashlyn. In his dreams she cavorted around his bedroom nude, joyously performing any sex act he had ever been able to conceive of, no matter how twisted. Most of the time he was disgusted with himself…she was a barely legal teen and only a sonofabitch would take advantage of her.

He called her on Friday after school, inviting her over for a second interview that evening. When he hung up, he felt dirty…but his cock was swollen and his heart was exultant because he was going to see her again.

Ashlyn called her quarterback boyfriend Todd and canceled their regular Friday night date without a single qualm. Todd was fun and he was sexy…but there was no comparison between him and Eric Blount. Eric was a man, a dreamy sex object that she wanted. This interview was another chance, and she was not going to waste it. Anything he wanted…

She soaked in a hot tub of scented water, honeysuckle, and dressed in a simple wrap dress that tied with a sash in the front. Daringly, she wore no panties or bra…contrary to Eric’s evaluation of her breasts, they were still young and firm, needing no support to keep her hard little nipples tilted up. Ashlyn felt more like a woman than ever before when she got into her car to drive the two miles to Eric’s house.

He met her at the door, there was something more than pleasant surprise on his handsome face, there was open lust. Instantly both of them realized that the interview was a total sham. Both of them were aware that pure lust was the reason for their meeting, and all pretenses towards any other purpose flew out the door before Ashlyn quietly closed it.

She turned to face him in the silence of his hallway and her hands languidly reached for the sash that held her dress together. Amazed at her own calmness, Ashlyn unfastened the sash and dropped her dress in a pile on the foyer floor. Standing before a grown man fully nude except for a pair of three inch heels for the very first time in her life, she felt absolutely no shame. She reveled in the heat of his glance as his eyes took in the soft smoothness of her skin. When she saw his eyes stop at her baby smooth (and recently shaved) pubic mound, she moved her right leg a tiny bit to the right so that he could see the slightly swollen lips of her labia and the engorged and protruding button of her clit. Her breath came faster and more ragged as the lump at his crotch stretched the fabric of the dress pants he was wearing.

Ashlyn sank to her knees very slowly, watching his face to ensure that every move she made was pleasing to him…she knew full well that he harbored doubts about her youth, no matter how horny he was for her body. She was determined to prove she was not only a woman, but that she was up for anything he wanted to try…it could only bode well for her. If she removed his doubts, she would have all the time in the world for him to provide her with what she needed…willingly and enthusiastically.

Reaching for his pants, she fondled the thick bloated lump with both hands, her face only inches from his hardness. She felt Eric’s hands in her hair, and she smiled eagerly as she unzipped him and freed the thick column of flesh. Marveling at the contrast between the baby soft skin and the hardness of the muscle and cartilage beneath it, she inhaled deeply. The man smell was powerful, and sexy as hell. Suddenly, she wanted to feel him inside her…anywhere, just as long as he was inside her body. She wanted to own him.

Eric held his breath, scarcely believing that his horny daydreams were actually coming true. Her body was fabulous, and her parted lips promised the heaven he had dreamed of as they opened wider to take in his swollen glans. His hands clenched in her hair and pulled her closer, and he felt her hard nipples brush against his thigh. “Oh…my…god,” he gasped. “I’m never going to last…”

Her mouth came off of his hard cock and she held him tightly in both hands as her eyes locked on his. “I don’t care,” she breathed. “Cum in my mouth now Eric, I want it…I want it bad. I’ve been dreaming of this since the first interview.” Her hot breath was driving him crazy. “But you have to promise you’ll fuck me after…”

Unable to speak, he thrust his cock towards her mouth and she took him in, all of him. This was no tiny, frail girl, she was a grown woman and if she had a gag reflex, he couldn’t tell…every inch of his long thick cock slipped inside her eager mouth and her nose bumped against his pelvic bone before she drew him back out until only the tip remained inside. Smoothly and swiftly, she sucked him back in, and then she began to move her head faster. They were both moaning as he pulled her long blonde hair.

The splash of his cum in her throat was electric, and Ashlyn felt herself peaking with him as she swallowed, something she had not thought possible. She’d had warm sexy feelings and even some tingling in her pussy when she had taken Todd’s cock in her mouth, but it had felt nothing like this. She had to make an effort not to bite down on Eric’s cock as she came.

When it was over, she stood weakly, panting and hornier than she had been all week. Swallowing his cum had made her even hotter. “Fuck me!” she begged in a shaky voice. “I need you…” The last had been a husky, sexy whisper, and Eric lifted her naked body in his arms and carried her down the foyer and into the hallway leading to his bedroom.

He couldn’t just walk, he fastened his lips to the closest rigid nipple after raising her up high enough to get at it, and he carried her to his bed as she moaned. When he laid her on his bed, his white teeth clenched lightly on the nipple he had been sucking and his tongue skittered madly over the rigid flesh.

Ashlyn’s legs spread of their own volition, and without even thinking she pushed his head down, his tongue exploring her rounded belly and her shaved pubic mound. She held her breath as he licked the soft skin at the juncture of her thighs, and then lifted her knees and whimpered as his tongue sought and found the soft skin of her pussy. “Aaaaah god!” she cried as he brought her to orgasm. It had taken no time at all. Her legs spread lewdly, her hips writhing erotically and her pussy humping up and down.

“Put it in me Eric, stick that hard cock inside me!” She lifted her arms and wrapped them around his neck, pulling him over her. She managed to catch the tip of his cock between the swollen lips of her pussy and lodged it against the hard swollen nub of her clit. She gazed deeply into his eyes as she took a deep breath, and shoved her hips upward, lodging the tip of his cock against her cervix. Ashlyn began to howl as her body exploded.

Eric wasn’t certain how long it had lasted. They were drenched in sweat and the bedclothes were wrecked. Ashlyn was fast asleep, her angelic face turned to one side and her breathing smooth and even. The last thing she had done before she had fallen asleep was tell him not to make any plans for the night. When they recovered, she promised, she would do anything he wants. Then she had sighed and wriggled sexily as his finger explored the tight puckered ring of her ass. “That would be a nice place to start,” she whispered.