Big Boy

Big Boy
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Chapter 1

I’ve always liked hospitals and the cleanliness that went with them, but most of all the surgical smells that permeated the hallways. Now I found myself sitting in one, waiting to be seen by a specialist. You see, I have this problem. My penis is way too big. I’m not talking nine or ten inches here; I’m talking fifteen inches fully erect.

You’re probably thinking ‘you lucky bastard’, but it’s been a curse rather than a babe magnet. You see, nearly all the girlfriends I’ve had heard about my condition from friends of mine and wanted to see for themselves. But in each case they were too scared to have full-blooded, hot passionate sex with me and this was starting to get me down.

So there I was, waiting to see a specialist that was recommended to me by my family doctor.

“Mr. Elis?” I heard someone say.

I looked up to find the receptionist was beckoning me to follow her. She led me down a long corridor to a thick oak door, knocking, and then pausing for an answer.

“Come in,” came the response.

She opened the door, but stayed outside. “Go in, Mr. Elis,” she said, closing the door firmly behind me.

“Ah, Mr. Elis I assume?” said THE most attractive female Doctor I’ve ever seen.

I was slightly taken aback by this because I’d assumed it would be a man.

“Is something wrong, Mr. Elis?” she asked, offering me a chair.

“No, it’s just…”

“You were expecting a man?” interrupted the Doctor.

“I should know better by now, after all, this is the new millennium,” I replied, as a weak excuse for an apology.

“So, you want a penile reduction?” she asked, cutting through any reluctance to talk openly about my problem.

“Yes, Doctor…”

“You can call me Judy, I hate titles,” she said, making me feel more comfortable, “I think the first thing we need to do is have a look at the problem, so if you could get undressed for me, I’ll take a look.”

She pointed to the changing screens at the far end of the room. I began to take my clothes off when she called to me to put on the gown, and to make sure it had the opening at the front. I did this, and then walking back around the screens went to sit on the exam table. She told me to lie down as she approached from her desk.

“Ah, I see your problem,” she said, taking my cock delicately in both hands.

There I was lying flat on my back, with a beautiful woman handling my enormous cock.

“Well, Mr. Elis, there is nothing physically wrong with your penis. Admittedly, it is unusually large, but that is hardly a reason for such a drastic surgical procedure, and a risky one at that.”

While saying all this, she was methodically checking the entire length and the underside of my now semi-hard cock. Her left hand then held my hardening cock firmly while the fingers of her right hand began to examine my balls feeling for any abnormalities.

“I also see you have no problem getting hard?” she said, putting my cock back down while giving my balls a final squeeze.

I could feel the flush in my face as she looked at me smiling.

“No need to be embarrassed Mr. Elis, it’s a natural function,” she assured me.

The trouble was her exam had aroused me, and my cock was still growing.

“But looking at it, I can see why you want this procedure carried out.”

She went back to her desk again and sat down. As I sat up on the exam table I realized that it had now grown to its full length, which was well past my belly button. I sat there trying to use my gown and hands to strategically hide my embarrassment.

“Before we discuss your options, Mr. Elis, I would like your permission to allow three student interns of mine to take a look at you. It’s something of a learning opportunity, as they’ve never come across anything like this before.”

I was taken aback for the second time today by this request, but I thought if nothing else, someone will learn something useful in his or her chosen career, so I agreed. After waiting for five minutes someone knocked on the door in response to the intercom message the Doctor’s receptionist had sent out over the entire hospital.

“Come in,” she said, putting down my file.

Three interns, each more beautiful than the last, entered the room. Closing the door they crossed the room and stood next to the desk.

“Mr. Elis, if you could kindly lie back down on the table, we can begin,” said the Doctor.

They all came over to the table, the student interns on one side and the Doctor on the other. I was again flat on my back.

“If you could open the gown Mr. Elis we’ll get this over with as quickly as possible,” said Judy.

Parting my gown caused a few gasps from the nurses.

“Ok, let’s get the giggling and muttering out of the way, and then we can proceed,” said the Doctor authoritatively.

At that the interns composed themselves, paying full attention to the proceedings. I could tell that they respected this woman. I also knew that not one of them had taken their eyes off my shaft.

“That’s better,” the Doctor said, reaching once again for my cock, “the problem is that Mr. Elis here has a touch of what is known as Elephantiasis. It is very rare, which is why I have called you all here today. Now Mr. Elis wants the drastic solution of surgery to cut back on the length of his penis simply because he seems to be scaring the women away from him. He finds it impossible to maintain a lasting relationship with anyone. What do you think he should do?” she asked, waiting for a response.

“I think he should have counseling,” said the first student, staring intently at my cock.

“I agree,” said the second.

The third student was a little bolder than the other two. She reached out for my cock, which took me completely by surprise.

“I believe he’s misguided in wanting to have this surgery,” she said, “but if after counseling he still feels the same way then I believe we should keep the option open,” she said, and by now she’d inspected the entire shaft from top to bottom and began to move toward my balls.

“Very good ladies, now if you could…”

Just then there was an interruption from the intercom, to which the Doctor answered.

“There’s an emergency. Stay here ladies; I’ll be back as quickly as possible.”

I was still exposed to the nurses, feeling less than comfortable, and then I caught one of them winking to the others.

“Are you up for some fun Mr. Elis?” asked the intern that still had a grasp of my cock.

“Sure,” I replied, not fully aware at what she meant.

She proceeded to unbutton her white coat, while one of the others went over to the door and secured the latch. What happened next was the most exciting event of my life, for they all started to disrobe down to their panties and bras. Suddenly, the nurse that had asked me if I was up for some fun grabbed my cock again and proceeded to lower her mouth onto it. I couldn’t believe my luck, but there she was sucking it. I don’t think I’ve been harder, quicker, than that day in my entire twenty-eight years of life. The nurse on my cock was going at it in a gamely way, but she was only managing to put five or six inch’s in that lovely mouth.

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Product Details
File Size: 271 KB
Print Length: 146 pages
Fortmat: ePub
Features: Flowing text
Language: English

Price(USD): $2.59