Cherished Secret

Cherished Secret
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“She’s the one,” Laura said, shivering as Drew licked the soft sensitive skin beneath her left breast. He was so skilled at using his tongue to find the most sensitive spots on her skin.

“Who’s the one?” Drew asked. His head had dipped to her navel and began its slow trip to the soft moist heat where her legs separated and spread wide.

“Rachel,” Laura gasped. “ohhh, not tonight baby, please…”

“Can’t wait for me baby?” he asked her in a teasing voice.

“No,” groaned Laura. Her voice dropped an octave as she begged him. “I need it in our special way tonight baby, I need it bad!”

Drew’s cock jumped at the desire in her voice. Laura almost never asked for their ‘special way,’ only when she was feeling her wildest. He rolled her over onto her belly and began rubbing his large hard penis in the crack of her ass, the big glans teasing the tight puckered ring of her ass. “Is that who you want to be tonight baby? Rachel?”

“Yesssss,” Laura hissed, flexing the cheeks of her ass and causing the puckered ring to flex and relax. She reached for the tube of lube gel on the bedside table and smeared a generous amount in the crack of her ass.

Rachel was their babysitter, a barely legal brunette with an innocent, little girl look about her. In spite of her innocent appearance, there was an air of sensuality about the tiny girl. Her breasts were in proportion to her slender frame, small, but firm and perfectly shaped. Drew could span her unbelievably tiny waist with two hands, and her hips flared into longish legs for a girl her size. She had aware, intelligent, and sensual violet eyes behind long elegant lashes, and at times they simply smoldered with the promise of wild sex. She was younger than Drew usually preferred for their fantasy sex, but he was not about to turn down a chance to fuck Laura’s ass…it happened all too seldom to suit him.

“Okay Rachel,” he said, grabbing his wife’s shoulder length hair, styled, coincidentally, almost exactly like Rachel’s. He pulled her hair roughly, causing Laura to inhale as the brutal sensations assaulted her senses. Her nostrils flared and her heartbeat increased, and her hips thrust back and up, opening the valley between her ass cheeks and inviting Drew’s penetration. The big tip nosed gently into the tight ring, stretching her ever so gently, even as Drew pulled her hair hard to take her attention away from his gentle invasion. The precum from the head of his cock combined with the lube, making his entry nearly painless. Laura was moaning loudly from the instant she’d felt the tip resting between her cheeks.

“Tell me what you want Rachel,” Drew said through gritted teeth. She was so hot and tight inside that it was tough for him to hold back. Laura’s little scenario required patience and restraint on his part, and he was careful not to hurt her.

“Oh, please don’t hurt me Mr. Hampton,” Laura/Rachel cried out.

“Why should I care if I hurt you Rachel, you don’t seem to mind making my dick hurt with your teasing ways and your sexy clothes…what about how you’ve been hurting me?”

“I didn’t mean to Mr. Hampton,” she said, “I never really thought about it before.” The voice was innocent, but there was something in her voice that told him the game was about to change its regular pattern. Her voice dropped an octave, making it more seductive and enticing. “It’s okay if you want to fuck my ass Mr. Hampton, I don’t really mind…it’s the only way I have sex anyway, except for blowjobs.”

Where the hell did that come from? Drew thought.

She caught her breath sharply as he tugged on her hair again.

“You can ask your wife,” she said breathlessly, “I was just talking to her the other day about not wanting to be a virgin anymore…nobody’s ever fucked my pussy before. I’ve always let them put it in my ass because I knew I couldn’t get pregnant that way.” She whimpered as Drew slid another length of his cock inside her and her fingers clawed the sheets beneath her. “I really like it in my ass Mr. Hampton, your cock is so big, not like the high school boys who’ve fucked me. You’re even bigger than Mr. Stevens, and you really feel good inside me.”

What the fuck? He thought, Harry Stevens is my age, and married to my wife’s best friend! They had partied often with their neighbors Harry and Lola Stevens over the years. The four of them got along very well together, and it was no secret that he and Laura were attracted to their opposite numbers. More than one party had gotten a little out of hand, the touchy-feely games that all of them had played had been something he and Laura had adopted a don’t ask-don’t tell attitude about. Lola had given him a fabulous blowjob during the last New Year’s party, and he really didn’t know exactly how intimate Laura had been with Harry. His curiosity was aroused…either Laura or Rachel had been close enough to know how big his cock was.

He thrust the rest of the way into Laura’s ass a little more roughly than he usually did, partly to punish Laura for teasing him with the information about Harry’s cock and partly because he was becoming more aroused. Either possibility opened doors in his mind that had previously been closed.

Much to his surprise, his rough thrust was answered with a moan of excitement and a matching thrust from Laura. Suddenly, the game was gone. “Oh shit Drew, fuck me baby, and fuck me hard!” She went wild beneath him, writhing and pumping back against his probing cock. He began to stroke into her just as if they were having normal sex, but she was adamant. “Fuck me harder baby, slam that cock into me!” She clawed her way closer to the sheets and he could see her beautiful face contorted as he increased the speed and strength of his stroke. Laura’s own excitement drove him to new heights and he lost all pretense of control. His scalding cum spewed against the walls of her anal cavity and she screamed with the intensity of her orgasm. He collapsed on her back, his cock still fully buried in her; he’d always pulled out of her after his orgasm before so that he wouldn’t hurt her ass.

Laura sighed and wriggled beneath him, a sure sign that she was happy and satisfied. Drew was puzzled, but decided to wait until the next day, a Saturday, to ask her about Rachel. The other item that puzzled him, her knowledge of the size of Harry’s cock, came under the heading of their don’t ask-don’t tell agreement…something he would have to seriously rethink in light of tonight’s revelation. They fell asleep with Drew’s softening cock still inside Laura’s ass, another first.

Laura, oddly enough, brought the subject up of Rachel up first. She had come into the living room in one of his tee shirts…and nothing else. The kids were at her mother’s house for the weekend and they had the rare opportunity to wander around the house half dressed. She lay down on the sofa with her head in his lap and nuzzled his cock playfully.

“I want you to fuck Rachel,” she said nonchalantly. It was a bombshell that came totally out of the blue. Laura rolled over and gazed into his eyes. “She really did talk to me last week,” she said defensively, “and she told me a lot of things I didn’t know.” The unasked question must have been lurking in his eyes, because his mouth said nothing. “And yes,” she said, smirking both of us happen to know how big Harry’s cock is. She sat up and hugged him suddenly. “I’m so proud of you,” she said. “You kept our agreement, even though I can see it hurt you not to ask.”

“Lola came out of the bathroom with a big glob of your cum still on her chin at the New Year’s party. I knew you had been in there with you, so I knew where the cum originated. I pulled her close to me and licked it off, and she, drunk as hell, told me exactly how good you tasted. I gave Harry a New Year’s blowjob about an hour after that.” She sat back. “Do you want to cancel our agreement baby? It doesn’t matter to me, really. It’s just that it’s been going on so long and it’s getting harder and harder not to fuck him. We really need to either quit or go for it.”

Drew was surprised. Lola had already tried to get him to fuck her several times, and it truly was getting harder to turn her down…but for some reason, he’d never thought about it in those terms from Laura’s point of view. He was flooded with feelings of remorse and love for his wife as he lifted her in his arms and kissed her soulfully. “I love you Laura, and I trust you. The next time old Harry heats you up; you have my permission to fuck him into submission.” Laura chuckled.

“That will be a relief to Lola,” she said, “the woman wants to fuck you so bad she won’t shut up about it.” Drew raised his eyes at that remark. “Oh, don’t pretend you didn’t know she wants to fuck you…and don’t pretend you haven’t seen little Rachel flashing you and wearing shorter skirts!”

He truly was surprised. “I knew about Lola, but I didn’t know you two were talking about it,” he said, “and as far as Rachel is concerned, I never caught a clue.”

“Well,” Laura said, licking at his chest with a mischievous tongue, “you’d better get ready for Rachel. I’m going to call her in a few minutes and somebody needs a shower.” Without another word, she got up and bounded into the kitchen.

“Shit!” Drew said,

“Shower,” came Laura’s command from the kitchen, “and hurry!”

He was partial to the smell of lavender soap, and he always used it in the shower. He turned the hot water on and washed himself thoroughly, rinsed off, and lathered up again. Drew was just beginning to shampoo his hair when he sensed the glass door to the shower open, letting a small amount of cooler air in.

“Ow,” he heard, “it’s too hot, turn it down.” In shock, Drew ducked his head under the water to rinse the shampoo out of his eyes, and he felt the water temperature drop just a bit. When his face was clear of soap and he could see again, Rachel, standing on her tiptoes, wrapped her arms around his neck and pressed her tiny naked body against him. Rather than shy away from his cock, she delighted in rubbing her hard flat belly against it. She kissed him.

It was damned sure no schoolgirl kiss, Rachel put one on him that would put a porn star to shame. Worse yet, she spread her legs and wrapped them around his waist, pressing her hairless pussy against his swollen cock and began to rub her clit up and down it. Between her own juices and the water, the lips of her pussy were slick.

“Laura said it might be best if we were alone the first time,” she said matter of factly, “but I don’t want to lose my virginity in a shower.” She hitched her hips up and captured the tip of his cock with her ass. “So you’ll just have to settle for this right now.” Before he could respond, she had lowered herself onto his erection, taking him in much easier than Laura had the night before. Rachel bounced enthusiastically on his rigid cock, taking his whole length inside her.

”Oh god Mr. Hampton,” she whimpered, “I’ve wanted this for so long…”

His hands cupped her tiny ass as he thrust into her, and on the third or fourth thrust Rachel emitted a high pitched squeal as her eyes opened wide. “Oh shit, I’m Cumming!” she screamed. Laura, lying naked on their huge bed waiting for them, laughed hysterically. The little minx was fast!

Rachel stood only a little higher than his navel, and she washed him assiduously before rinsing him off and leading him to the bedroom by his half erect penis. Apparently unconcerned about either her nudity or Laura’s, Rachel let go of him and bounded over to Laura, bestowing a wet kiss on the wife of the man who had just ass fucked her in the shower. “Jesus Laura,” Rachel said, “he’s bigger than you said…and way bigger than Mr. Stevens.”

The exuberant teenager plopped back on the soft white sheets and spread her arms and legs. “Come here Mr. Hampton,” she waggled a small finger at him seductively.

Laura laughed again. “If you’re going to give him your virginity Rachel, at least call him by his first name.”

Rachel gazed up at him. In a softer voice, she said “Fuck me Drew.”

Smiling at his wife, Drew crawled between Rachel’s widespread thighs and began to softly kiss and lick her from her lush lips, down her neck, to her breasts, and then down to her navel. He toyed with the swollen lips of her pink pussy with his fingers, but when his lips were almost at her puffy clit, Drew stopped. Rachel cried out and her hips writhed tantalizingly.

“Oh god,” Rachel whispered roughly, “Fuck me Drew, put it in me now please, I’m on fire.”

Drew wasn’t through yet. He dropped his head to her feet and sucked her toes into his mouth, his fingers lightly tracing circles high inside her thighs. Rachel’s ass rose off the bed, her little slit quivering with desire. Drew licked the arch of her feet, the inside of her ankles, and up to the backs of her knees. Rachel’s moaning was continuous now, her fingers frantically working their way inside her dripping pussy. From the depth they had reached, Drew guessed that there was no hymen left to give her any pain when he entered her.

Rachel’s whole body was shaking feverishly as Drew loomed over her, his hard cock poised against the wet lips of her pussy. Her writhing movements caused the lips to surround his glans, and her hips were jerking, trying to draw him inside her. “Please,” was the only word she uttered.

Drew looked at his wife and his lips formed the words “I love you.” Laura kissed her fingertip and touched his lips with it, and then she pressed gently down on the small of his back with her other hand. Rachel opened for him easily. Drew suspected that she owned a toy of some kind, because he met little resistance on his entry…but she was incredibly tight. Rachel didn’t even make it through his complete entry. By the time he was halfway in, she was screaming that she was Cumming.

Laura laughed. Rachel was going to take a lot of satisfying. This little arrangement would remain their cherished secret.