Bucket List

5 Things To Put On Your Sex Bucket List

Everyone has a bucket list of things that they want to do before they die, but not many people seem to have one for the sexual things that they want to try. Maybe the cubs do, but cougars should too! There is nothing like a list to solidify your fantasies and make them into a goal that you’re working toward rather than a vague thought in the back of your mind. By listing these things that you want, you’re working hard toward making them a reality rather than waiting for them to become one.

In order to make sure that we were getting a fairly representative list rather than just my own fetishes and preferences (as varied as that may have been), we polled the people in our office to ask just what they thought the sexiest things that could be done in bed were or rather, things that we wanted to try in bed and hadn’t gotten around to yet. The answers were surprising, with the most interesting answers coming from the Cougars in our office who had tried or wanted to try nearly all the things on this list.

1. Public sex. Everyone thinks about it, but no one does it. The risks are too high of getting caught, but there are plenty of places where you can go to have sex and where you’re not going to be at any real risk of getting caught. There are so many parks and nice wooded areas where you can have a picnic. There are nooks, crannies and fire escapes. You could even go to a public library and get fingered around the back should you feel so adventurous, but honestly, one of the best places to have sex in public was put into the minds of many by the Titanic movie.

2. Car Sex. Who could say no to a little nookie in a car. The best part about car sex is that if you get caught, you just put your car into gear and drive. There’s no need to even buckle up because that can be done later. The only thing that we would recommend when it comes to sex in a car is to park. You always see people getting blow jobs while driving in the movies, but that can lead to a sticky end (and we don’t mean the fun one here).

3. Light Bondage. Imagine your Cougar being tied to the bed post, she’s blindfolded and her panties are just soaked for you even though you’ve barely touched her. You want to give her a couple spanks? Or maybe you want to keep deny her orgasms until she’s begging for you to have sex with her. Fifty Shades of Grey might not be your kind of book, but all of us have a little BDSM inside just waiting to be let out.

4. Threesome (or moresome). This is probably the trickiest one to get because you need to find the right people. There are people who swing though and if you ask your Cougar, she might be into the idea if you pitch it the right way. You want to make her feel beautiful, right? So make this about her and then try looking into some swing clubs to see if it’s right for you. Be sure that you’re finding people who are in the lifestyle rather than those who are just looking for a quick lay because people who are in the lifestyle know more about etiquette.

5. Voyeurism. An oldie, but a goodie, voyeurism could be as simple as watching porn together or maybe putting on a show for your Cougar and Cub. One of the Cougars in our office suggested that she loved being watched in the shower as she lathered herself up and got all wet.