Dating Tips

6 Cougar Dating Tips For Cubs

Sometimes it can feel like there’s a lot of pressure put on the cubs when it comes to dating older women. The expectations can be higher, there’s some flack from your friends about dating an older woman and you have to keep some more things in mind. The payoff is worth it though with a woman who is sexually charged, independent and able to keep up with you even on your craziest ventures. It can get a little bit much to swallow though so here are six tips for dating in general, but that apply in particular to Cougars.

6. Don’t jump the gun. “Oh, you’re single? I am too! Let’s date!” is never going to earn you any respect. It seems over-eager at best and kind of pathetic at worst. Talk to the cougar first to see how things go and don’t bombard their phone with messages. You want to play it a little cool since if you seem too desperate it will send off warning flags. There’s nothing wrong with taking some time and getting to know someone through messages on the website or over the phone before you finally get to meet.

5. Don’t plan too many elaborate dates. This is mostly for those of you who are in the beginning stages of dating. Particularly on the first date, you’re not going to want to sit through a long movie or dinner if things aren’t going according to plan or you’re not feeling that spark. Instead go to some place more casual where the food can be had quickly. Remember that you can always find ways to extend a date more easily than you can find ways to shorten it.

4. Don’t try to impress too hard. If you’ve never eaten something then don’t go out of your way to try it on a first date. If you’ve never done something like say… rock climbing, then don’t go out of your way to show your skill and versatility in it. Stick to what you know for your first date or if you’re going to test the waters, stick to something that your cougar knows. You can say that you’re doing it for her and sound sweet, but if you’re trying to impress her and just make a jackass out of yourself the joke will be on you.

3. Don’t get distracted. We’ve mentioned this before, but you don’t want to pay attention to your phone or to other people when you’re out on a date. This is your chance to focus your attention in on your Cougar and let her know that you’re interested in both her and what she has to say. This is particularly important during the first couple dates so try not to mess this up. When you’re out on a date your phone should be on silent or if you have to keep it on for an important work call or something, let your cougar know ahead of time so it’s not a nasty surprise.

2. Spend some time getting ready. You want to look presentable for your date and while we’re not saying that you need to step right out of a magazine, these impressions will count. How you present yourself in public says a lot about you. Your cougar can see the sleepier, more bed headed side of you later. For now you want to put your best foot forward and that means taking a good look at yourself to make sure that you look like someone you’d want to be seen out with.

1. Be courteous, but not chivalrous. You want to make sure that there’s a line between what you’re doing. Helping a woman out of a car is courteous, so is holding open a door. If you make it into a grand gesture though you’re crossing the line into chivalry and that just makes you look like an idiot. While it’s fine to do little things on a date, your Cougar is not expecting you to treat her like you’re made of glass. If you want to pay for the meal, do it casually and you’ll give the impression that you’re a thoughtful man.