Mature Dating

3 Qualifiers For Mature Dating

Mature Dating We kind of tend to put mature dating up on a shelf when really we should be just enjoying it. After all why is mature dating different from just regular dating? Each type of dating has experiences and it’s pros that other types of dating can’t offer. Casual dating isn’t the same as serial dating and we get that, but when it comes to separating people by age alone it’s a little bit harder to justify. We can say that we’re doing it for organizational purposes. We’ve gathered all the Cougars in one place to make it easier for the Cubs to find then, but if we’re going to do things that way then we need to put some qualifiers in place.

Qualifier number one: Cougar dating or mature dating is not all that different from regular dating.
There are challenges that you’re going to have to find your way around, but that’s the same in any type of dating that you do. The more you think of the Cougar as a foreign object or something that is to be treated differently whether through idolization or denigration, the less chance you’re going to have of getting with a Cougar. They’re looking for a cub who can make them feel young again and by seeing them as this “other”, you can kind of kill the experience. No one is denying that sometimes this kind of attention can make you feel beautiful, exotic and wanted, but for most Cougars it will wear thin pretty fast.

Qualifier number two: The stereotypes do not apply.
Are there Cougars who are horny and looking for Cubs to become their sex toys? Definitely. There are plenty of them, but there are lots of Cougars who are looking for an entirely different experience. Just in the same way that you wouldn’t feel comfortable applying a trait to an entire race of people or feel like you were justified in generalizing about an entire gender, you can’t stick Cougars into a single box. If you are someone who feels comfortable doing that… stop that! You’re really only hurting your own chances by thinking each Cougar is going to be a cardboard cutout of your fantasies.

Qualifier number three: Mature dating or Cougar dating doesn’t meant that you need to act twenty years older than you are.
If a Cougar wanted to date a man who was her own age, she would be dating a man who was her own age. There are lots of them around, particularly with the divorce rate as high as it is. The truth of the matter is that Cougars each have their own reasons for deciding that her taste runs toward Cubs. So don’t feel that like you need to put on an act or be someone different than you are to catch her attention. When we think of Cougars as people who are far beyond the scope of normality, this tends to skew what you do when you’re trying to be attractive in their eyes. Don’t be an idiot and don’t try to act like you’re older than your age. One of the reasons Cougars like you is because you are the age you are. Maturity is a plus, but you’re not going to want to try to be something you’re not. Don’t fall into this trap.