5 Rules For Cougar & Cub Relationships

There was a wise person who once said that Cougars are the fountain of youth.

Well, okay. I made that up, but the truth of the matter is that Cougars seek out Cubs so they can feel youthful, but Cubs who date Cougars also get that wonderful feeling. It’s a balanced relationship where both parties get to feel young and mature at the same time. One of the worries of dating Cougars is that there won’t be anything in common or that they won’t want to do the things that Cubs want to do, but that is a lie.

Women who are Cougars are choosing this type of age gap relationship not because they’re vampires who are looking to bathe in the blood of innocents to get that youthful spark back, but because they are truly interested in the things that younger people are. If they weren’t, then they would date someone their own age. Now that’s not to say that there won’t be issues or gaps in what the two of you like, but it’s easily fixable as long as you’ve got the maturity or the balls to deal with that.

Rule number one? Don’t pout. Pouting is unattractive at best and a complete turn off at worst. This is not an anime where the pouting boy or girl will get what they want by pulling a cute pout face. Pouting makes you seem immature and more than that, it ends the argument. There is no further discussion that can be had with someone who is pouting and that will drive any relationship right into a ditch.

Rule number two. Don’t date a woman who has kids if you’re not good with kids. Children can make or break a relationship and don’t pretend that you’re good with them if you’re not. There are plenty of Cougars who don’t have children and you’d better believe that if you are dating a Cougar who does have children that her offspring come first. If you can’t handle that then make the wise choice and give the hot MILF a pass.

Rule number three. Don’t lie. This might seem like a basic rule, but you would be amazed at how many people screw this up. Whether you’re a Cougar or a Cub or anyone in a relationship, lying is only going to come back to bite you in the ass. Not only does it weaken the foundations of your relationship, but can also lead to expectations that you are unable to fulfil. If you’re not proficient in Modernist poetry then don’t say that you are. You can ask to be taught instead or just admit your ignorance. There’s nothing wrong in being ignorant of a certain topic as long as you’re willing to keep an open mind about it.

Rule number four. Save the drama for your mama. If you think that anyone is going into a relationship looking for stress and dramatic fights then you’re restricting yourself to a very small dating pool and/or setting yourself up for failure. Cougars and Cubs alike just aren’t in it for the drama. If you want to have a calm and understanding relationship which has a fiery passion like you’ve never seen before, date a Cougar. If you are someone who is so needy and clingy that you can’t function without your Cougar or Cub you’re going to find yourself in a rough spot. Part of what makes the Cougar/Cub relationship so appealing is that both are independent.

Rule number five. Don’t be clingy. It’s not attractive to the cub who wanted to date an independent and put together woman. It’s also not attractive to the Cougar who wants someone to share themselves with. If they wanted another kid, they would have another kid and not deal with a passive aggressive person in a relationship.