The Gym

5 Steps For Picking Up Cougars At The Gym

People seem to think of the gym as the best place to pick up women and while it can be a good place to meet people if you know how to play your cards right, most people make a mistake before they even start. You have to make sure that you’re being considerate of the people who are there to work out. You’re not going to want to interrupt anyone’s routine and just in the way that you wouldn’t want to be bothered when you’re trying to focus on something, you need to make sure that you’re not throwing off their groove.

1) The first thing that you need to make sure of is that you’re not going to get in the way of someone’s routine. That means don’t interrupt a woman’s workout in order to introduce yourself. When we’re working out, you’re not often looking your best and it’s not going to make the best impression. Women aren’t here just to meet men, but are seriously trying to work out. It doesn’t matter if they’re Cougars or not.

When her workout is done you can try to strike up a conversation, but you want to make sure that you read the signals correctly. If she’s not smiling and she is answering with short, curt answers then cut your losses and move on. This Cougar just wants to get on with her day and you’re keeping her from it.

2) If the headphones are on then back off. People with their headphones in have got to be the equivalent of a flashing neon sign that says “Don’t Bother Me”, but some men are still unable to pick up on that. If someone is working out and they’ve got their headphones in then they don’t want to talk to anyone. You can try to catch their eye if you’re brave, but if it doesn’t work then again you’re going to want to cut your losses and try somewhere else.

3) Women don’t tend to care as much about the size of your dick as you think they do. Oh there are some cougars who will care, but that doesn’t mean that they want to see your bulge all over the place. So don’t think that wearing those tight gym shorts are going to help you. In fact, they can make you seem a bit desperate. Places that are okay to emphasize when you’re working out are your chest and arms or even your butt, but for most women seeing how proud you are of your genitalia isn’t going to impress anyone. Cougars have seen it all and while they might appreciate the view, smelly and sweaty balls in tight clothes aren’t all that appealing.

4) Take the Cougars there seriously. Just because you’re there to pick up people doesn’t mean that everyone else is. Some women might like being ogled, but others are going to find it incredibly offensive. If you don’t want to start off on the right foot then take their work out routine seriously. This goes for all women, but you’re definitely going to want to watch your steps with Cougars. They put effort and time into how they look and if they’re not actively looking for someone then you’re most likely wasting their time.

5) Don’t invite them to work out with you. People have their own work out routines and you’re not going to want get in the way of that. If you follow them around for their work out routines or sign up for their classes just to meet them, then you’re going to find that you just look pathetic. If you and a cougar hit it off on the gym then ask them if they want to hang out after they’re done working out. That way the both of you can get your work out on and after a shower, you can go out feeling refreshed without having a huge interruption to your routine.