Dangerous Lover

Dangerous Lover
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Molly’s relationship with her husband was relaxed, but it wasn’t an ‘open’ relationship. This Fourth of July picnic was no different from all the others, except that the kids were with their grandparents. The first clue Molly had that this would be very different came when she allowed Dave to go a little further than she had ever allowed anyone to go before…Dave was a dangerous lover, a man who could unintentionally release Molly’s inner cravings…

“Why don’t you fuck her while I watch?” Molly’s blood ran hot at the sound of her husband Travis’s words. They had both been drinking all day at the fourth of July picnic, and they had both been flirting outrageously. It was a typical holiday in their circle of friends, and the touchy feely games occasionally got a little out of hand, but no one took it seriously. Molly had been forced to extricate more than one bold hand from beneath her halter top today, and honestly she had allowed several to stay much longer than she should have. Several of the horny bastards, including the one Travis was talking to now, had rather interesting erections that they had managed to get in her hands one way or another. The guy Travis was egging on, whose name was Dave, had actually managed to do something she had never done before, not even when she was totally wasted.

Molly had been coming out of the ladies facility at the state park where the company’s Fourth of July picnic was being held. Wearing cutoff jeans and a thin halter, the barefoot Molly was feeling free spirited and friendly. She had been drinking ice cold beer and kissing and teasing with several men at the picnic…it was always like this and she enjoyed the fact that men still found her desirable after having two children. Dave Tedder, a former college tennis player, was five years younger than Molly’s thirty two years, and every woman at the picnic, married or otherwise, had stared at the young man with the dark tan and the lean rangy body today. His jet black hair hung down over clear gray eyes, a sexy forelock continually falling down over one eye. His tan was dark, and looked even darker in the tight white shorts he wore…and it was Dave who met her coming out of the women’s facilities.

Aside from getting a big kick out of watching the men chase her, Travis was constantly getting kissed and fondled himself. They had an unspoken agreement between them that the teasing would only go so far. She had no idea how much liberty Travis had permitted his lady admirers to take with his lean and handsome body, but Molly had set her own limits and she never felt guilty afterwards. It was something neither had felt necessary to discuss.

The initial embrace with Dave was much like the other half drunken embraces she had shared over the day. Darkness was just starting to fall over the park and Molly had been moving towards where Travis was sitting to watch the fireworks display with him. The brief smooch set off a spark that neither of them had expected, and their kiss suddenly became more serious.

Molly felt him guide her around to the back of the cedar building, his hands beneath her halter and her hands in his hair. She had no idea whether he had opened her halter for him or whether he had done it herself, but Dave was nuzzling her breasts and mouthing her nipples. No one had ever gone this far with her before, she had never allowed it…but somehow Dave was different. She wondered faintly how she was going to explain this to Travis, but the feelings were too strong. Dave’s fingers slipped inside her cutoffs and she was opening her legs like some random street whore.

Dave slid two fingers inside her and pushed her up against the side of the building. Molly’s mouth opened in a wide ‘O’ as his thumb rode her clit, and her eyes stretched wide open as he manipulated her. She offered no resistance as the fingers inside her reached for and found her g-spot, and only the closing of his mouth over hers smothered the screaming orgasm he caused. Molly went rigid as his skilled fingers and thumb kept her extended orgasm going.

Molly’s eyes remained wide in surprise and shock as she came back from her orgasm, her breath still coming in gasps. Her back started to slide down the cedar wall of the shower facility as he loosened his grip on her, and she made no effort to stop the slide. She came to rest on her knees, and sobbing, wrapped her slender arms around his hips, drawing the erection inside his white shorts to her mouth. In spite of her firm resolve to limit herself to playful flirting and teasing, she was frantically seeking a way to return the pleasure Dave had just given her. Without any seeming effort, Dave’s rigid cock was soon plunging into her throat and she was taking it…and loving it. When Dave’s body stiffened and the tip of his cock erupted, Molly forced her lips down to encircle the base of his cock. She kept her lips locked there until the last spasm of his dick forced the last drop of his thick creamy cum in her mouth. She leaned her head against his bare belly and sobbed.

She stood up suddenly, fastening her halter and then running towards the field where the fireworks display was to take place. Travis was sitting on a blanket with Loretta Shields, one of the secretaries at the plant. Her large breasts were all but hanging out of her half opened shirt, and she had her hand down inside his shorts. Neither of them noticed Molly as she walked up behind them.

“Come on baby,” Loretta was saying, “I want you to fuck me.” Travis kissed her.

“Maybe later Loretta, Molly will be back here any minute now,” he said.

“If I slip under the blanket can I suck it again?” Loretta asked in a stage whisper, “It’s getting dark and nobody will see me…” Loretta was simpering now, fawning over Travis and flattering him. Her hand was obviously stroking his cock now, and Travis said nothing. Loretta pulled the blanket over her head and soon she was pumping up and down on his cock. Molly left without either of them ever knowing she was there. She wasn’t angry, she was relieved. There was no reason for her to believe that Travis would leave her for Loretta. Loretta was married to one of the floor supervisors in the plant and had four children. The relief for Molly was in knowing that if it was okay for Travis to harbor secrets, a few of her own wouldn’t hurt.

It took her twenty minutes to find Dave, who immediately pulled her aside and began to apologize profusely. Molly shut him up with a deep impassioned kiss, and drew him back to the service area behind the showers and bathrooms. There, in the shadows of the deserted buildings, Molly turned to face Dave.

“Molly, I didn’t mean to get so carried away…” he started. She shushed him with a forefinger to his lips, and then deliberately untied her halter, allowing it to flutter to the ground. Dave stared, glassy eyed, at her small perfect breasts and her rigid upright nipples. Slowly and teasingly Molly lowered her shorts to her ankles and kicked them aside. “Are you serious?” Dave asked, unbelievingly.

“I want to feel you naked,” she murmured, her hands at his buckle. He was erect again, and there was little doubt that he wanted her too. She had both hands on his penis as he rapidly removed the rest of his clothing. She pressed her nipples against the smooth skin of his belly, and then lifted one hand to trace the ridges and valleys of his six pack abs. Her bare pubic mound rubbed against the tip of his cock, smearing precum on both their bellies and making the contact of their skin frictionless and thrilling. Molly’s excitement was mounting. What she was doing was crazy dangerous, risking discovery and the embarrassment of being caught fucking outside in front of strangers, and risking her marriage. She found that she didn’t care, that her desire for her dangerous lover was overriding all her concerns. The only thing that mattered was to get Dave’s hard cock inside her.

Molly wrapped her arms around Dave’s neck and lifted her knees nearly to his shoulders before lowering herself down onto the straining tip of his cock. She was dripping wet, coating his glans with her fluids and making the first contact of their genitals slick and hot. Both of them moaned with pleasure, and neither of them was in the mood to hurry through the moment. Their eyes were only inches apart. Molly’s eyes widened once again, and her mouth opened in the wide ‘O’ that told Dave of her surprised pleasure at his entry. “Slow,” she begged him, more for her own benefit than his. For her, it was like the first time, absent the pain of losing her hymen. Unknown to Molly, for Dave it was the first time, and for him what was happening was pure magic.

Dave had felt the hot hands of many women on his cock before, and a very select few had done for him what Molly had done earlier. None of them had swallowed as Molly had, and Molly’s taking his essence into her stomach had seemed to him the most sensitive and intimate of pleasures that he had been left awed and speechless when she had run away. He had been worried when she ran off, fearful that he had angered her in some way or hurt her. He had not expected her to come back and relieve him of his virginity.

Entering Molly was like submerging himself in a volcano. The incredible heat of her pussy was so different from her mouth, pleasant as that was. The wetness seemed slicker, softer…Dave was dumbstruck in amazement as he sank, millimeter by millimeter into her depths. When she was actually resting on his shaft, her feet dangling just inches from the ground, Dave could feel the convex surface of her cervix resting on top of his glans. Molly’s eyes stretched even wider, and her mouth stayed open in a silent shriek as the tip of his cock probed her cervix.

She didn’t think Dave was any larger than Travis, but she had never placed herself in this particular position before, and the slight pressure against her innermost female part was subtly exciting, over and above the taboo thrill of fucking a man other than her husband out in the wide open spaces. Her body began to convulse with a runaway orgasm that refused to quit…it just kept coming back.

He could feel her cumming, the walls of her pussy grasping and twisting at the sensitive skin of his cock. It was like nothing he had ever imagined, and he felt that she was literally pulling the cum from deep in his balls. It started somewhere at the base of his spine, and gathered into a flaming ball in his belly before spouting out with tremendous force, and splattering over her cervix and spreading his own heat throughout her pussy.

It was a shock to feel his scalding cum spraying onto the now sensitive surface of her cervix, almost an electric shock. Each spurt sent her climbing his body, yelps of joy escaping her lips with every surge. She was squeezing his neck to the point of strangling him as her hips reflexively hitched with each surge, and her body seemed to be trying to go in eight different directions at once. He felt her teeth sink into the flesh of his shoulder as she went rigid on his cock, his own flesh muffling what would have been a loud enough scream to attract attention. Together, still quivering, Dave and Molly slithered to the ground.

It was hard for either of them to know what to say when it was over. Molly wanted to explain what had happened but was afraid to…nearly as afraid as she was that Dave would assume that this was an affair instead of a passionate interlude. Dave was afraid of exactly the same things…it was not in his nature to break up a marriage, and he was worried. Both dressed awkwardly, and were standing and sheepishly watching each other when Travis came around the corner of the building with Loretta in tow.

There was no mistaking the look on Molly’s face. Her eyes were bright and wide, her skin was flushed, and her lips were thick and full. Travis had seen those signs many times before, and it was plain to him not only that Molly had been fucked, but she had been fucked very well.

It was patently ridiculous for either of them to be indignant. Molly had Dave’s semen running down her legs and Loretta had Travis’s cock in her hand. In the end, it was Travis who spoke. “Why don’t you fuck her while I watch?” he said, “and then you two can watch while I fuck Loretta.”

In spite of the ridiculousness of the situation, Molly began to feel a warmth for her husband that had been missing for the last few years. He was trying so hard to be calm in the face of obvious evidence that his wife had just betrayed him, regardless of the fact that he was obviously intent on doing the same thing. She went to Travis and kissed him softly. “Why don’t you go first baby, we just finished.” To take the sting out of her words, she stroked his cock and gave Loretta a peck on the cheek.

Loretta was almost embarrassed enough to run away, but Travis had her fired up and they were all intoxicated enough that the situation’s inherent ridiculousness struck them all at the same time. The laughter felt good, and suddenly the tension was gone. Molly actually got a voyeur’s thrill as she watched Travis uncover and nurse at Loretta’s full breasts. When Travis slipped his hand inside Loretta’s shorts to touch her pussy, Molly began to stroke Dave’s cock.

Travis began to chew on Loretta’s nipple, an action that brought new moisture to Molly’s pussy because she loved the way it felt when Travis did it to her. She stripped off her halter top and thrust a nipple into Dave’s mouth. “Chew on them,” she ordered. “No,” she said, “See how Travis is doing it?” Dave looked, and immediately bit down harder. Molly groaned and her legs spread again. When Travis entered Loretta, Molly sat down on Dave’s lap and gazed into Travis’s eyes. The feeling was weird, they were fucking other people, but there was a bond between them that the other two could not even sense…in a way, they were fucking each other too. Molly’s earlier orgasm had been very intense, but it was nothing compared to cumming on Dave’s cock while mouthing her love to her husband while he was spurting into Loretta’s pussy. What they shared in the darkness of the service area was transcendent…and addicting. Dave, it turned out, had been a dangerous lover. Molly just hadn’t realized in what direction the danger would take her.