Dangerous Secrets

Dangerous Secrets
Dangerous Secrets
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Rene doesn’t care what anybody else thinks. She knows she is her stepfather’s special girl, and she gets to do things with his penis that nobody else but her mother can do…and in her heart, she knows somehow that she does it differently. Whatever the reason is doesn’t matter to her, it’s just one of their dangerous secrets.

“Come in here for a minute please Rene,” Oscar Fernandez called to his stepdaughter. He was a stout muscular man with an extremely powerful upper body, the result of years of being a bricklayer. He was sitting on the edge of the bathtub wearing only the thin strappy white tee shirt like the ones he wore every day.

Rene answered him, and hesitantly entered the bathroom, her eyes averted from his heavy, dangling penis. “Yes daddy?” she whispered.

“Come here baby,” Oscar said, reaching his hand out to her. He took her hand and pulled her, fully clothed, to her knees in front of him. She was small for her age, and she looked very young and vulnerable as she lifted her blue eyes to meet his. She presented quite a contrast to his dark skin, his rough shock of coarse black hair and his brushy moustache. She was tiny, dainty, blonde and fair and fair as she gazed up into her stepfather’s eyes. He couldn’t read the thoughts behind her eyes, but if he had been able to he would have been surprised…and much relieved.

The nipples on her tiny breasts were hard as hell as she knelt between his widespread legs and the man smell of him permeated her nostrils. The heat was building in her belly as she knelt so close to the cock she had seen over and over in her dreams as she quietly masturbated in the room she shared with her three sisters.

Oscar’s rough hand caressed her short blonde hair with unbelievable gentleness as he slowly turned her head towards the thick penis that was rising before her eyes. “I want you to put it in your mouth baby, just like your mother does,” he said, “but you’ve got to remember not to tell anybody about this…we would be in a lot of trouble if anyone knew about this.”

Rene’s mouth was open wide before he had even finished talking. She had always adored him, as far back as she could remember. She barely remembered her real father, and when Oscar had married her mother all four of the girls had fallen madly in love with the gentle dark skinned giant who had come into their lives. He was lively and fun as opposed to their moody mom, and he could always find something interesting to do…although this was a first. Although this was the second semester of her senior year in high school, this was the closest she had ever been to a male penis. Managing to keep her face straight, Rene took the hot living flesh tentatively into her soft wet mouth. She had heard other girls talk about this as if it was no big deal, but for her it was a first and it was a very big deal…as well as a very big cock. She didn’t really have any basis for comparison except the cocks she had seen on the internet. She closed her lips tightly around his thick shaft, not really knowing what to do next.

Oscar gasped, grabbing both sides of her head and moving it back and forth. “Use your tongue,” he said tightly through clenched lips. She did as he asked, feeling his thick length sliding back and forth in her eager mouth. She felt very damp between her legs as she welcomed the oddly shaped tip of his cock against the back of her mouth. Rene was relaxed, she knew her mom wasn’t due back from work, and her younger sisters wouldn’t get off the school bus for another hour yet. What she really wanted to do was get naked so that she could explore this sex thing a little further with her daddy. So far it was incredibly exciting.

She wasn’t expecting the flood of cum that suddenly spurted from the end of his cock, and she gulped at first to keep from choking. From the instant the first thick, creamy jet struck her tongue, Rene knew she was hooked. Even though it was sticky, hot, and slightly salty, the taste of his cum sent the fireball in her belly rocketing through her head. It took every ounce of her will to keep from screaming her pleasure as she experienced her first orgasm at the hands of a man.

Her mouth still wrapped tightly around his dick, she looked up at him adoringly. When he had spilled his seed inside her mouth, he had filled it rapidly, and as fast as she had swallowed, it had overflowed her small mouth and was dripping down her lips, cheeks, and chin. “I didn’t know what to do,” she said in a small voice, making no effort to remove the cum from her face.

Oscar swept her up into his arms, holding her tight. Rene wrapped her arms around his neck and returned the hug as tightly as she could, and she was intensely aware of her nipples pressing against his massive chest. She was in ecstasy. He lifted her in his strong arms and carried her to her bedroom, talking softly and reassuringly as he carried her. Lying her down on her bed, he began to speak softly to her, explaining that he knew she was growing up and would soon be getting pressured by boys to have sex with them, if she wasn’t already. Rene didn’t bother to tell him that it wasn’t a problem, and besides, her daddy was the only man she wanted anyway.

“If you’re anything at all like your mother baby, you’re going to become active very soon now. I want you to know that it’s all right, you can enjoy yourself with boys without getting yourself pregnant. Condoms don’t always work baby girl, and don’t let anybody tell you otherwise.” They laughed together, Rene leaning her head back on his lap, nuzzling his naked and shrunken penis with her cheek.

“No matter what anybody tells you,” Oscar said, “what we just did will never make you pregnant. He reached for the elastic band of her pants and began to slide them down. Rene held her breath…he was taking her clothes off! As badly as she wanted to get naked and spread herself before him, she let him peel her clothes off slowly. What he was doing was slow, and exciting, and the feeling was building deep in her belly again. Her shirt was raised up, just under her breasts, but her bottom was bare and felt marvelous in the cool air as he ran his hands across the bare skin of her ass. He was talking about not getting pregnant and ways to keep it from happening, but Rene wasn’t listening. She was remembering the feel of his big cock in her mouth and the taste of his cum.

She was surprised when she felt him roll her over on her belly and kneel between her legs. When his big cock, hard again now, began to rub back and for the in the crack of her ass, she wilted in submission beneath him. It didn’t matter what he wanted, she wanted to take it from him. Her excitement mounted as she felt her body relax…she wanted him inside her. She felt the big tip of his cock rubbing hard on the puckered ring of her ass and she got butterflies in her stomach as she realized where he wanted to go with the hard thing. This was something that some of the girls whispered about.

She had noticed that some of the girls had made it sound disgusting, but there were some very close friends of hers whose eyes lit up at the very mention of anal sex. One of her friends, Melanie, had rolled her eyes and whispered to Rene. “Disgusting hell! What bullshit…she has no idea what she’s talking about.” Rene had pushed her until Melody had relented, and then the girl had whispered into her ear. “I don’t care what Evelyn says, every time Marcus puts his cock in my ass I have to bite down on something to keep from screaming! He feels so good inside me that I start cumming before he even gets it in.” Melody had refused to say anything else.

Rene’s flaring lust flooded her lower body with anticipation, and she was totally relaxed when Oscar thrust the slippery, cum coated tip into the welcoming ring of her ass. It was very tight, and it stretched her a little painfully, but it was helped by her strong desire to take his cock inside her. A brief flash of pain was followed by the sweet, slow rocking of his cock into her ass. Rene spread her legs wider and moved her rump towards his belly in soft easy thrusts. When she felt his balls slap gently against her clit, Rene began to cum, and cum hard.

The first deep moans from Rene were so low pitched that Oscar was afraid that he was hurting her, but the rapid thrashing of her hips and the “No, no, no “ that she uttered when he tried to slow down and pull out convinced him otherwise. In no time Rene had rolled him onto his back as she squatted on top of him. She was riding him like a pony, controlling the depth of his penetration of her ass…and she was working him deeper and deeper inside herself. It was too much. Oscar’s cock began to spurt again, coating the inner walls of her ass.

Rene’s scream of pleasure this time was unrestrained. “Fuck me daddy!” she yelled at the top of her voice as she ground her ass down on the surging, jerking prick inside her. The orgasm that blossomed inside her head took her and her eyes rolled back in her head as she collapsed backward over her daddy’s hard flat stomach.

They bathed separately, worried that someone would come home and catch them. Oscar had again cautioned her that revealing what they had done would have serious consequences for both of them. Rene wasn’t about to tell anyone, even Melody.

Dinner was plain and boring, and the younger girls had gone upstairs to sleep. Rene sat on the sofa, down by Oscar’s feet and covered with a blanket as she and Oscar and Mom watched an old movie together. Mom was lying on the floor and soon fell asleep. It was then that Rene’s arms moved beneath the blanket and came back up with a pair of panties in her hand. She smiled wickedly as she displayed them to Oscar before rolling them up and tossing them into her open book bag.

Leaning over towards Oscar’s athletic shorts, Rene’s exploring hands slipped beneath the loose shorts and her fingers traced his cock. Both of them were watching Rene’s mother’s head, watching for any movement or indication that she had awakened. Oscar’s cock was rigid before they were satisfied that Marge was asleep before Rene slipped the big penis from the confines of his shorts. Rene caught Oscar’s look of surprise and jerked her head towards her mother. He understood and turned his eyes to watch and see if Marge made any movement whatsoever. “Secret,” Rene whispered as she touched the delicate pink tip of her tongue to the slit in the top of his glans.

Several times in the next two hours Oscar touched her head to make her stop when Marge moved, and once when Marge got up to go to the bathroom. After that, Marge began to snore softly, a sure sign that she was out for the night. Rene was excited when she realized that her mother was out for the night. Standing up, she shucked the nightgown and let it fall to the couch. She lifted the blanket to cover her just in case, and then opened it so that Oscar could see her fully naked for the first time.

He drew her down on top of him, kissing her as a woman for the very first time, his flexible tongue doing exciting things to hers. His hands touched her small breasts, and she made sure he knew how much she loved him touching her nipples. “There’s no way we can fuck baby girl,” he whispered as she ground her naked body against his, “I don’t want you to get pregnant and I don’t want to wake your mother up.”

Rene giggled quietly, trapping his cock between her naked thighs and masturbating herself by rubbing her clit against his thick glans. “I don’t mind if we don’t fuck now,” she said with a wicked grin, “I’m very happy just playing with your cock.” Her rubbing against his glans sped up as she reached one of the many small orgasms she had experienced since she had taken off her panties.

She settled back down on the sofa and pulled the blanket over her, her mouth around his thickness. She loved how it jerked and moved when she took it deep into her mouth, and it was fun to make it hard as a rock and then watch it get soft again. It was the most interesting toy she’d ever had. Just before it was time to go to bed, she made it hard again, but she didn’t stop until Oscar spewed another thick creamy load into her mouth. She was ready this time, and she trapped every drop of the viscous fluid in her mouth. It was bland and slightly salty, and it had a slight aftertaste…sort of like the taste of the honeyed almonds her mom tucked into his lunch pail every day.

Just before she was ready to go to bed, she stood up and hugged Oscar tightly. “You’re the most precious girl in the world,” he whispered, “and I love you more than I can say.” Rene was ecstatic. She was special to him, and they shared a precious secret.

The secret they shared lasted all through the rest of her senior year and well into the summer. Every stolen moment Rene joyously welcomed his rigid cock into her mouth or her ass, and by the middle of the summer Oscar had finally penetrated her pussy on a day when her mom went to visit a sick uncle in a neighboring town.

That night Rene had come to his bed after her sisters were asleep. She had stripped off her clothes and climbed into his bed, enjoying as always the softness of this rough man’s skin and the male scent of him. She lay on her back and opened her legs, tugging him on top of her. “I want you inside me daddy,” she whispered as she maneuvered his cock against the entrance to her snug pussy.

“But baby…” he started.

She shushed him with a forefinger to his lips beneath his bushy moustache. “I’m not fertile right now daddy, it’s safe to cum inside me. I need to feel you squirting deep inside me daddy, and I won’t tell…it will always be our little secret.”