Dark Desires

Dark Desires
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Millie Hatton was the picture of the well adjusted housewife. Small, slender, well dressed and well coiffed, she exuded an air of ‘ordinary’ that was wholesome and totally demure. It was only late at night in the privacy of her own home that she allowed her true nature to shine through her assumed persona…at night she became someone else.

In the privacy of the ‘playroom’ her husband had carefully constructed and concealed, Millie became a leather clad freak who wanted to do forbidden things and had to be punished for her dark and twisted desires. She delighted in telling her husband her deepest and most shocking desires in graphic detail so that he would punish her. Her fantasies ran from the simple taboos to shockingly twisted stories that would have seen her arrested and behind bars if she had acted on them. Her husband Caldwell, usually wearing a black leather hood and a leather loincloth, would decide on her punishment and administer it, taking great pains to inflict the pain that Millie craved without doing any real damage to her body. The worst Millie had ever suffered were the red marks on her ass where he had spanked her. She loved to push Caldwell to his limits, but she had no need to embellish her fantasies to accomplish her wish to push him. Her current fantasy was easily enough to wind him up.

Tonight she looked magnificent chained and defiant. Her arms and legs were spread wide apart, and her blonde hair was in disarray from the continual tossing of her head. The ends of her thick straight hair brushed the tips of her darkened and rigid nipples and Caldwell had to brush it aside to apply the nipple clamps that produced the exquisite mix of pain and pleasure that she needed.

“I want to fuck him you know,” she hissed at her silent husband. “I want to dance for him naked, I want to get down on my knees and suck his cock baby, and I want you to watch him throat fuck me until he cums in my mouth!” Caldwell tightened the nipple clamps and she shivered in ecstasy. Beneath the leather loincloth, Caldwell’s penis was rigid at his wife’s brazen confession.

Millie couldn’t see the expression on his face, and the heavy leather loincloth covered his erection, but she knew her husband very well. Many nights in pleasurable bondage had given her insight to his raw emotions just by staring through his hood’s eyeslits. Caldwell’s sea green eyes were literally a window to his soul, and she knew her dark desires and dirty fantasy about his twin brother had struck a spark in him…and she knew that when the bonds came off tonight the quality of their sex would be determined by how well she could exploit the spark, and how well she could fan the flames.

She writhed in her chains, thrusting her pelvis forward so that her shaven pussy was opened and pushed towards him for attention. Caldwell lashed the exposed mount with the soft fetish whip and was pleased with her frantic reaction…and her defiance excited him more…she was not yet ready to submit, which meant their finale promised to be a memorable one.

“I want him to stick it in my ass and fuck me raw while you stand and watch how much I love having his cock inside me,” she hissed. “Would that make you hot baby? Or would you just stand there watching your brother fucking me and jack off?” Caldwell slapped the soft suede strands of the fetish whip across her lower belly just enough to set Millie’s already heated passions aflame.

“Master!” Millie shrieked. “Please Master, fuck me!” Caldwell knew he had her where he wanted to as he watched her writhe in ecstasy in the heavy chains and Velcro cuffs, juices from her overheated pussy dripping down her legs. He ripped off his mask and his loincloth, dropping the soft fetish whip to the floor. Leaving her restraints in place, he walked behind her and rubbed the thick head of his glans between the globes of her ass. Millie pushed back against him, trying to find and center the tip of his cock on the pulsing puckered ring of her ass.

“My brother, huh babe?” he asked softly. He teased her, barely entering her very tight ass before pulling back, leaving a glistening drop of precum on the tight puckered ring. “Is that what you really want, to put on a freaky sex show with my brother, right in front of me?”

“Yes!” she hissed without even thinking. She had long harbored the idea of fucking both of them at the same time, though she had never had the temerity to mention it before. The identical twins had some kind of weird competition going on between them, apparently since their early childhood. Most of the time the competition was friendly, but sometimes it was not…but it was always fierce. The idea of both of them fucking her at the same time, each trying to outdo the other was enough to send Millie into an orgiastic frenzy. Until tonight, it had been her innermost secret. It was a mark of how reckless she felt that she had revealed the secret to Caldwell.

“Fuck me Master,” she begged, waggling her ass fetchingly at him, Please.” Caldwell loosened the chains so that she could sink to her knees, but he didn’t remove the restraints. Millie felt a quick thrill shoot through her. Loosening the chains enabled her to remove the Velcro restraints herself if she became ready to stop the games, or if Caldwell got wilder than she wanted (not likely, but it was a safety measure they had agreed on.) Instead of moving behind her again to fuck her as she had begged him to, he reclined in front of her and began to stroke his own cock, just out of her reach. He was tantalizing her deliberately…he knew how much she loved his cock.

She watched in confusion and mounting curiosity as he stood and walked to the rack where they hung their clothes whenever they were in the playroom. He returned to lie in front of her again, just out of her reach, and he punched a speed dial number. The next words out of his mouth electrified her.

“Warren?” she heard him say, and her hopes began to rise. “She’s finally admitted it.” She heard a whoop from the phone speaker, and then some words she couldn’t make out. “Yeah, come on over, we’re in the playroom.” Millie was both exuberant and confused. On the one hand, a fantasy she had held dear ever since she had discovered Caldwell had an identical twin was about to become a reality. On the other hand, she had not known that Warren knew anything about the playroom Caldwell had so carefully designed and constructed in such secrecy. The flames of the fire in her belly licked higher and higher.

Warren came through the hidden door in his street clothes as if he had come in many times before. There was no knock at the hidden door, no assistance needed from his brother to find the secret entrance.

Warren smirked at her from the doorway as Caldwell spoke from his reclining position in front of her. “He’s known all along sweetie,” her husband said mildly, “he helped me build it. Look at the mirror over there.” He pointed to a full length mirror that they used often so that she could see her own torture. “It’s a two way mirror, and one of us is usually behind it when we come in here to play.”

It took a moment before the implications of what Caldwell had said sunk in. She felt as if she had taken a severe body blow as she realized that she had already fucked her husband’s twin. The fire in her belly and her orgasm was almost painful in its intensity. She literally cried from the pleasure and her body writhed against the restraints.

“When?” she asked, leaving the rest of the question unasked.

“It started when you two were dating,” Warren spoke up. “You walked into the garage when I was working on the Chevelle and grabbed my cock. When you bent down and sucked me into your hot little mouth I just couldn’t resist, so I pretended I was Caldwell. I confessed to him a day later. It only happened a few more times before you two got married, but since then it’s been a fairly regular deal…especially since we built this room.

Millie was shaken…and hot as the pits of hell. “I want you both…now.” She peeled the Velcro cuffs from her wrists and her ankles and stealthily crossed to Warren. He was naked and erect, and her hand caressed him. She lifted her free hand to disengage the nipple clamps and remove them…tonight these two dirty boys would replace the toys. The role reversal was instant and complete…Millie was now in charge.

She beckoned to Caldwell and backed up to his erect penis. Her voice was low and lust filled. “Put it in my ass,” she said as she pushed against his cock. She motioned for Warren to come in front of him and welcomed him inside of her. Millie felt them both inside her, the thin membrane between her pussy and her ass barely separating the two nearly identical cocks inside her. She had daydreamed often of fucking her brother in law, never dreaming that she already had, nor that Caldwell was watching her when he did.

“Did you like watching your brother fuck me?” she asked in a strangled voice.

“Yes,” Caldwell whispered harshly.

“Can you feel him in my ass right now?” she asked, twisting her hips. She felt so full, and she was filled with an animal wildness that was fierce and free. “Oh Jesus, harder guys,” she yelled, “slam those cocks in me!” Millie was completely out of control. She came, screaming as the wild sensations took her.

She had to work at telling the difference between the two of them because they so closely resembled each other. Pushing the two together side by side on the sofa, she conducted a thorough oral inspection of their penises that culminated in two separate mouthfuls of cum…they even tasted the same.

Millie sat in her living room the following week. Caldwell had been required to fly to Buffalo on business, and Millie was feeling horny as hell, just as she had been every day since her husband and his twin had revealed their dirty little secret to her delight. She was wearing only a thin robe because she had nothing planned for the evening. The television was off because it bored her, a new book lay unopened on the coffee table in front of her. Unable to keep her mind on anything else, she had parted her robe and was beginning to masturbate while remembering the feel of both men pounding into her at the same time. She was on the brink of orgasm when Warren walked into the living room with a laptop computer under his arm.

“Jesus, Warren,” she said shakily, her body rebelling at being interrupted.

“Don’t mind me,” Warren said, “Hell, I like to watch.”

“I don’t think it’s right for us to fuck when Caldwell isn’t here…it seems almost like cheating,” she said reluctantly, her body drawn to him in spite of her good intentions. Warren smiled at her and opened the laptop on the coffee table, booting it up as they sat there. He opened the screen and tapped in a string of commands. Suddenly, they were looking through the screen and into Caldwell’s grinning face.

“Hi babe!” he drawled. Millie could see an open bottle of bourbon next to him, he was sitting on the bed in his hotel room in his underwear. “Did Warren tell you what we’re up to?”

“No,” Millie said, grinning in anticipation…she suddenly had a very good idea what was about to happen, and she was very happy about it. Warren slipped in beside her and opened her robe. Millie lay back and allowed Warren to chew lightly on her nipple as she caressed his hair. She opened her legs wide, displaying her pink and glistening pussy to the computer camera. “Is this what you wanted to see baby?” she asked.

“Oh hell yeah baby!” Caldwell’s breath was coming faster as he slipped off his underwear and Millie watched as he slowly jacked off. She shrugged out of her robe and began to peel off Warren’s clothes.

“Don’t pay any attention to me baby,” Caldwell rasped, “I want you to make Warren feel good, so I can imagine you’re doing it to me…go on baby, you know what I like.”

Millie did indeed know what Caldwell liked, and she was now eager to do it with Caldwell watching her…it was odd, but it was vastly exciting. She helped Warren finish getting naked, and then crawled on top of him. Warren enthusiastically buried his face between her legs, his tongue automatically searching the depths of her pussy. Millie wriggled with delight as he licked at her. It was hard to concentrate with his chin bumping her clit and his tongue going mad inside her, but she finally managed to open her mouth and swallow Warren’s swollen cock. She almost choked as his thick glans passed her gag reflex, but she forced it further in anyway. She had never been able to take Caldwell all the way into her throat, but tonight she was determined to do it.

Her belly was writhing on Warren’s chest as she squirmed and twisted, slowly taking his entire length into her mouth. She heard Caldwell’s hoot of approval as her lips encircle the thick base of Warren’s cock, but she was too exultant to pay attention. Warren was pushing her to the edge of the first of what she hoped would be many orgasms…and the twisted fact that her husband was watching her sixty nine with his own brother made it better…much better. Her feet began to drum on the bed beside Warren’s ears as she tipped over the edge.

It was easy now to raise her mouth until only the tip of Warren’s cock remained inside and then slam her head down until her nose bumped his pelvic bone. She was fucking him with her throat!

Caldwell watched from his hotel bed, his erection huge in his hand as he watched his wife abandon herself to his dark desires. He knew how everything she was doing felt, and he could feel them vicariously as she tried every trick she had ever known to bring Warren pleasure. He knew from watching Warren’s feet turn up that his brother was about to shoot his load directly into Millie’s belly. She took it like a trooper, pressing her head all the way down and holding it as Warren exploded into her welcoming throat. God, he couldn’t wait to get home and have her take him deep in her throat for the first time. What a bonus!