Deflowering Debbie

Deflowering Debbie
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I’m leaving for college in two days. Half way across the country, I’ll be partying it up with college guys. Guys who don’t know me as Tony’s kid sister and totally off limits. Guys who may actually want to fuck me.

Then again, the boys in this back woods town probably want me, they just don’t want a beating from my brother.

But damn. All of my other friends have done it. And even if they hated it the first time, they said it totally got better. Like, a lot.

Hell, Amber and Jenny even told me that one of my Dad’s friends took care of their virginity for them and he was awesome in bed.

He’s, like, the town deflower-er or something.

And, I figure he could hold his own against Tony if my brother ever found out.

So, yeah.

I’m standing outside his house, peering through the window in the back door and trying to see through the darkness. I already snagged the key from the hide-a-key shaped like a rock. Now, the only thing holding me back is nerves.

I’m going to have sex with Mr. Walker.

As soon as I work up the nerve to break-ish into his house.

The lights downstairs are all out, like he’s headed to bed already, but my friends said he usually takes a shower at nine. I glance at my watch and see that it’s quarter till and I’m hoping he’s already naked. It’ll make the whole seduction thing a lot easier. Either he gets hard at the sight of me, or he doesn’t. It’s a pretty straightforward way to see if he’s interested.

I slide the key into the lock and twist, breathe a sigh of relief when it opens for me.

I tip-toe inside and push the door closed with a soft click, careful not to make too much noise. A quick flick of the deadbolt and it’s locked again, keeping everyone else out. All right. I can do this.

I can hear the soft thump of someone upstairs walking around and I figure I ought to hurry. It’s been a while since I’ve been in Mr. Walker’s house since he usually visits ours, but I know the stairs are toward the front so I head that way, quiet as a mouse. In moments I’m climbing the carpeted stairs, light on my feet while I work my way toward his room. The steps open up to a hallway and I head toward the door that’s spilling light into the darkness.

The sound of a shower, tiny droplets of water bouncing off tile, reaches my ears and I pad toward the room, eyes wide and watching for Mr. Walker. Peeking into the room, the coast looks clear and I head in, eyes peeled for the hotness that is my Dad’s friend. He’s, like, uber hot. Kinda old, but totally smoke-worthy.

He’s tall, taller than me and I’m five-six so I figure he’s close to six feet. And all muscle. His shoulders are broad and covered in deeply tanned skin and his chest is sprinkled with salt-n-pepper hair. His hair is a nice dark brown, almost black, while his eyes are a bright blue.

God, did I mention hot?

Like, fuck me all night long, love you long time, kind of hotness. Even if I don’t know what it means to be done for hours at a time, I imagine it’d be pretty fucking awesome if it was Mr. Walker.


The soft clink of glass against glass reaches my ears and I turn my attention to the bathroom, see the reflection of Mr. Walker in the mirror.

Score! He’s nekkid!

I planned this entire thing super well, so all I have to do is slip off my flip-flops and unbutton the men’s dress shirt I’m wearing. I’m not wearing anything under the white shirt, so within moments, I’m near nude and ready to go.

Taking one last deep breath, I close the distance to the half-closed bathroom door and nudge it open, making sure that the two halves of the dress shirt are open enough to show that I’m not wearing anything underneath.

In an instant blue eyes are pinning me in place. Of course, they go really, really wide, too. “Debbie?” He takes a half step toward me and I almost frown, disappointed to see that he’s only shirtless, worn jeans are unbuttoned and barely clinging to his hips and there’s no way he’s wearing boxers. Even if he is clothed, it’s still easy access. “De- Wha- You-” My friends never mentioned stuttering when they’d shown up.


But, since he can’t find his tongue, I get to stare a bit longer, focus on the happy trail that goes down his flat abs and then mingles with the thatch of hair around his cock.
It’s not like it’s big and bushy or anything, but I can see the hint of pubes peeking out at me.

I wish I could see more of him though. Gotta work on that.

I smile wide and then pull my arms behind my back, twine my fingers so that the move opens up my shirt just a bit more. “Hi, Mr. Walker.” I lick my lower lip and take a step closer. I don’t miss the way his attention strays to my pussy, lingers on my breasts.

“I was talking to Amber and Jenny the other day.”

He swallows hard, his Adam’s apple bobbing along his neck. “Yeah.” His voice is a croak and I’m wondering if maybe my friends were lying. They said he was seriously into it.

“And they told me you helped them with getting rid of a tiny little problem.” I release my hands and bring one forward, hold my thumb and forefinger about an inch apart. “Itty bitty, really.”

I take another step forward, but this time he backs away. “Amber, I don’t-” I stick out my lower lip, pouting. “You don’t what? Fuck my friends until they’re crying it’s so good? Shove that big dick in their pussies?” He’s still backing away, almost to the opposite wall, so I just hop onto the granite counter, the cool stone surface against my bare ass sends a shudder up my spine. “You don’t ‘deflower’ girls?” He curses. It could have been shit. Maybe fuck. Not that I care. I care about what’s between his legs. I lean back on my hands, shirt falling open completely and I spread my legs, let him see what I’ve been hiding.

His focus goes right to my pussy, my shaved mound and plump, red lower lips. I’ve been growing wetter by the second, nips hard, clit aching and pussy ready for…something. I’ve never actually had anything up there, but I can’t wait.

Hard core.

Another one of those swallows, one that reveals he’s nervous. From what I’ve heard, he has no reason to be. Truly.

“Debbie…” His focus goes from my pussy to my face and then back down again.

“Debbie, are you really sure? I know you’re legal, but…”

I bring one hand forward and slide a single finger between my breasts, down my stomach and then between my pussy lips, drop my head back on a moan when it glides over my aroused nub. “Fuck, Mr. Walker.” I rub the bundle of nerves, up and down, my juices giving me more than enough lube. I’m so fucking wet, I’m sure I’ll leave a wet spot on the counter. “I don’t want to leave town a virgin.” I circle the bit of flesh, round and round. My nipples are growing harder by the second and my pussy is tightening, aching and spasming. “Don’t you want me, Mr. Walker?” I stare right in his eyes. “Don’t you want to put your cock in my teen pussy?”

I let my finger slip down to my needy hole, trace the edge and let the shudder of pleasure wash through.

“Oh, fuck yeah.” A glance at his crotch and I can see the growing bulge, his dick fighting against the jeans. “I want in that cunt.” Another shiver, pussy contracting and practically sucking my finger in. He approaches, jeans still perilously close to falling off, and drops to his knees, brushes my hand aside. “But first, I want to taste you.” Mr. Walker leans forward, mouth an inch from my heat. “No going back now, Debbie. I’m going to taste you and then I’m going to fuck you. And then I’ll probably do it again.” He brings his hands to my knees, skims my legs and then grips my inner thighs and forces them further apart. “I’m not going to be gentle and loving.”

His attention flicks to my face and I figure he’s waiting for some sort of response. “I don’t want gentle, Mr. Walker. I want good. Amber and Jenny said you blew their minds. Now I want you to blow mine.”

He leans forward then, mouth open, and I figure he’s going to lick me. Fuck yeah. No guy has ever gone this far. I’m watching, wanting to catch every moment and commit it to memory.

Except, Mr. Walker doesn’t taste my pussy, no, he grabs one of the lips between his teeth and tugs, a sharp pain dancing through me. “What?”

He releases me a moment and then gives the other lip the same treatment. I jerk and shift, closer or farther away, I don’t know. It’s just… He does it again, biting me in different places, higher along my slit, then lower. Bite, bite, bite. But then, it blossoms into pleasure, this pain mingling with my arousal and now I’m rocking forward toward his mouth, aching for the next nip, the next contact. “Oh, fuck, Mr. Walker. Bite me. Give it to me.”

He pauses, thumbs skimming my outer lips for a moment before he separates them. “Pretty pink pussy. And all mine.”

This time, he licks me. From the top of my slit to my hole, his tongue dives between my heated flesh and strokes all of my nerve endings at once. He travels up and down, over and again, before centering on my clit. Fuck yeah. Even I know that the clit is where it’s at.

I lean back against the mirror and free up my hands to knot in his hair, the soft curls feel silky against my palm, but I’m more concerned about how the locks can be used to guide him. I fist his hair, rock my hips, press closer and tug on him.

Oh damn, he moans, buries his face further between my legs, tongue doing evil, wicked and wonderful things to my pussy. “Yes, oh God, yes Mr. Walker. Eat my pussy.” I remember now that Amber and Jenny said he liked dirty talk, too. Liked telling them how bad they were. And fuck if that isn’t one of the big things that has been a feature in all of my fantasies. “I’m such a bad girl, Mr. Walker. Lick your dirty slut.”

A whispered “oh, fuck” flitters up to me a moment before a thick finger is shoved into my cunt, spreading me just a little. It’s…oh, god…it’s strange and somehow feels good at the same time. It’s weird, but I don’t want it to stop. Never ever stop.

“Oh, that feels…” He wiggles his digit and my back bows, pleasure snagging away my control. “Mr. Walker!”

Because…because I can’t do anything right now. What he’s doing feels beyond good. My orgasm is really, really close, but it’s bigger than what I can normally give myself. It’s fucking huge. I snatch away one of my hands from his head and grab my boob, knead my breast and tug on my nipple, the sensation going straight to my clit. He’s still lapping at the nub, circling round and round, while he works his finger in and out of my cunt. Gah, he’s fucking me. With his finger. Oh, fuck, he’s finger fucking my pussy.

“Fuck me, Mr. Walker. That feels so good. Don’t stop. Make me come.” I rock my hips in time with his thrusts, meet his movements, and then he shoves another finger in, filling me up even more. I squeak at the invasion, a pinch of pain accompanying his presence. “Oh, that kind of hurts.” He slows and I panic, worried that he’ll call a halt. “No! Don’t stop. Please, I want you to fuck me so hard, Mr. Walker.”

His eyes meet mine for a moment and then he picks up the pace, those fingers shoving in and out of my cunt, stroking that fun spot inside and his tongue is working over my clit like a mad man. Oh, fuck, it’s coming. I’m coming, whatever.

The tiny spasms that have been traveling through me are intensifying, growing with each passing second, taking over my muscles until I’m tense, toes curled, waiting… I’m back to rocking against him, increasing the force of each thrust, rubbing and working toward my orgasm. I bring my other hand to my tit and now I’m tugging on both nipples, pussy getting worked over. This is so fucking better than masturbating alone.

Oh fuck.

He sucks on my clit, nips it with his teeth and then goes back to flicking it with his tongue. “Oh, fuck! Mr. Walker, it’s so good. Wanna come so bad.”

He increases his pace, fingers and tongue moving faster, giving me more. I can feel the pleasure gathering strength, pussy tightening around his pistoning fingers, twitches and tremors slithering through me, and I can’t stop, can’t breathe, can’t do anything until…

“Mr. Walker! I’m com-” The last of the word is cut off by my scream, back arched, eyes squeezed shut, I yell while I come, ecstasy pouring through me like a tsunami, stealing any control away. I jerk and tremble while he keeps finger fucking me. Just his fingers cause right now, he’s smiling at me, face shining and slick from my juices. “That’s it, dirty little slut, come for me and then I’m going to fuck that tight cunt.”

His voices is deep, growly.

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Product Details
File Size: 148 KB
Print Length: 27 pages
Fortmat: ePub
Features: Flowing text
Language: English

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Deflowering Debbie