Desire’s Edge

Desire's Edge
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Belinda’ s caught in her throat as Preston Jennings pressed his erection against the crack of her ass through the thin dress she wore. It was driving her wild even though the act it promised was a taboo so strong that she and her husband had never even discussed it. Right this moment, bent over the copy machine in the copy room of her office, she wanted nothing more than she wanted to strip naked for this handsome young turk and have him thrust that hard erection of his deep into her ass.

Belinda Harrison had never dreamed of cheating on her husband. Her sex life was quite satisfactory, thank you. Once a week she lifted her nightgown and allowed her loving husband to stick his erection inside her and thrust away until he flooded her with his seed. It gave her a warm and pleasant feeling inside to feel Luke collapse on her small breasts, spent. She loved to hold him in her arms, knowing she had conquered the beast inside of him once more. The feelings generated by Preston’s attentions were alien to her, but they were so powerful that they were driving her to distraction.

Keeping her head down and trying to avoid eye contact with Preston, Belinda hurried from the copy room. Holding her breath and hoping the wet spot on her panties hadn’t leaked through the back of her dress, she managed to reach the ladies room and close a stall door behind her. The feeling between her legs was driving her crazy, and she pulled her panties down around her ankles and sat on the toilet. The whatever it was between her legs was unbearable and she tentatively put her fingers there…the feral heat and wetness there was also alien to her as well, but the feeling of her fingers on her clit was exquisitely pleasureable. Before she was able to react she was in the throes of the first orgasm of her life.

To look at her no one would expect Belinda to be a stranger to sexual pleasure. Long blonde hair cascaded around her sculpted neck and shoulders in a cloud of brilliance. Her body was a work of art, slender and shapely, with pillowy breasts that were a tad larger than one would expect on so slender a frame. With her long legs and dainty feet, she was an artist’s dream.

Safely at her desk, she raised her eyes and glanced at Preston in his cubicle. He was an awful flirt, always touching the office women, though none of them ever raised an objection. In fact, most of the women were as busy trying to touch him as he was trying to fondle them. The younger women, married and unmarried, were always pressing their breasts against his arms or his back, and when their hands touched him, they lingered a lot longer than was absolutely necessary.

Lately, however, Preston had been focusing on the aloof and unreachable Belinda. His attentions were unwanted, but impossible to ignore. Unfortunately, the ‘unwanted’ part of the impossible equation was rapidly crumbling before the onslaught of his attentions. Belinda began to daydream about his ‘thing’ pushing against her forbidden areas, and his forearms and the backs of his hands brushing against her breasts. Her panties were constantly sopping wet, and she was in a constant state of upset…it was driving her to the brink of madness because she didn’t know how to deal with it. She didn’t dare talk to Luke about it, she didn’t know how he would react to Preston’s outrageous flirtations. Belinda had no friends among the office women, and she didn’t know where to turn.

It came to a head in the late afternoon when almost everyone had gone home. Belinda was trying desperately to finish the work she had been too befuddled to finish during the regular work day. She didn’t hear Preston come in the copy room, but she suddenly noticed that the door was closed…and she had most definitely left it open. She turned around and all the color drained from her face as the breath froze in her lungs. Preston was standing behind her with his pants in his hand, and his large erect cock standing erect. Belinda quickly turned around, but not before Preston had noticed her nipples springing erect.

When she turned away, he closed the distance between them in an instant, his hands cupping her breasts and his hard cock rubbing insistently against the crack of her ass. Belinda was rigid with both fear and excitement, and she was frozen between the edge of desire and the self loathing for her unnatural response to his attentions. She was trembling visibly when her body finally betrayed her.

She turned in his arms, her breath coming in ragged gasps as she reached for her blouse and ripped it open. His lips crushed down on hers in savage sweetness as his big hands sought the fastener of her bra. He couldn’t open it and she simply lifted it above her breasts, exposing them to the heated gaze of the only man other than her husband who had ever seen them. Once his hot hands were clutching at her breasts, her own shaking hands tentatively grasped his swollen organ. A low moan escaped her lips as she felt the heat and the hardness of him. He was longer and thicker than Luke was, and the thing felt alive in her hands. Unable to contain herself any longer, she turned once again in his arms and pulled her wet panties down to her ankles. Grasping his iron hard cock, she guided him between the cheeks of her ass. “Do me,” she gasped.

Thrilled at her final surrender, Preston thrust forward only to find his way to her pussy blocked by her hand. “No,” she said, gripping his cock with demonic strength, guiding it to the puckered rosebud of her ass, “here.” Her voice was low and guttural, and sounded as if it was coming from someone else. There was a considerable amount of precum on the head of his cock, and she rubbed the tip around to spread it. She tugged him into her, the thick glans making an audible “pop” when her ass closed around it. Her low moan started again, rising in pitch as she balanced the pain and the pleasure. Unable to restrain himself, Preston groaned and emptied his load inside the dry heat of her ass. Belinda screamed “No!” and refused to allow him to pull out of her. He was young, and he was still hard. Belinda pushed back, using his cum as a lubricant and forcing his hard cock deep inside her ass. The only way to describe what happened next would be to say that Belinda went ballistic. It was all Preston could do to hold onto the frantically orgasming woman. “Don’t stop you bastard!” she screamed. It was the dirtiest, most guttural thing she cold think of to say.

Belinda’s mind had left her and she was possessed by a woman who wanted to be a dirty, slutty whore and she didn’t have the vocabulary to express herself. “Oh fuck!” Preston gasped, and Belinda picked up on his word as soon as he said it.

“Fuck, yes, that’s it Preston, fuck me!” Her hips writhed and rotated as she wrung another load from his cock. His orgasm was punctuated by her own, as Belinda screamed an animal howl expressing her sudden and unutterable lust. Preston was so shaken that he sank to the floor. He was petrified that someone had to have heard them, but no one came to the copy room door.

Belinda’s timidity came back as soon as she regained her breath. Crying, she did her best to gather her clothes together, but it was hopeless, she had torn them in her excess of lust. She sat on the floor cross legged and her tears became a flood. Preston, in a display of wisdom beyond his years, took her into his arms and let her cry herself out. It was more than half an hour before she settled enough for him to talk to.

For the very first time the two of them spoke as friends. He was calming and quieted her as best he could. When she was calm, Preston went to the break room and came back with a trench coat someone had left there. He draped it around her and helped her fasten the front and then kissed her gently. Helplessly, he watched her slowly walk to her car. He was a very somber young man as he dressed himself and locked up the building for the night.

Belinda was unable to contemplate not telling Luke about what had happened. She had lied to him or hidden anything from him, though she was tempted not to say anything about this. Try as she might, she couldn’t justify hiding this. Her problem became one of how to explain it to him…she was terribly afraid that Luke would decide from her appearance that she had been raped. It was true that Preston’s attentions were unasked for and unwarranted…but when it had progressed to a certain point, she had become the aggressor. Remembering how she had used gutter language and begged Preston to fuck her in the ass, she became both ashamed and aroused.

Luke was waiting for her as she entered the house, and he looked quizzically at the raincoat she wore. Composing herself as best she could, Belinda went to the kitchen and poured two stiff drinks from a bottle of whiskey that they kept for visitors. Before capping the bottle to put it back up, she took a deep swallow of the fiery liquid. Coughing and choking, she collected the two glasses and went back to sit beside her husband.

He knew something serious was afoot, Belinda rarely took a drink, and then only at night on a special occasion. Belinda prepared him as well as she was able, telling him of Preston’s flirtations with the other girls in the office, and then about his flirtatious actions with her. She was very specific in pointing out that what had happened was as much her fault as it was Preston’s. She had no doubt that he would have stopped if she had told him to. Unable to look into Luke’s eyes, she calmly recited exactly what had happened between her and the handsome young man at work. When she was finished, she was afraid to look up for fear of Luke’s anger, or worse, his hurt. In fact, he was neither.

A semi familiar slapping sound was coming from Luke’s direction and she glanced up briefly. When she did she got the second shock of her life. Luke had pulled out his cock and was masturbating…right out in the living room with the lights on!

“Tell me again,” Luke rasped, “tell me every little detail about it, and don’t leave anything out!” The last was barked out as a command, an order to leave out no tiny detail. Luke was obviously excited, and his penis had swollen larger than she’d ever seen it. Helplessly, Belinda watched her husband masturbate openly for the first time. It came to her then that she had heard that sound before, when Luke was in the bathroom with the doors shut.

In spite of her trepidation about talking over the incident, Luke’s open and obvious excitement over her story struck a responsive chord in her own rearranged psyche, and she started over, elaborating on Preston’s frottage (rubbing his cock in the crack of her ass while she was still dressed), and elaborating on how it made her feel. If Luke was so brazen as to show his excitement about his wife having sex with another man, she certainly wasn’t going to pretend she didn’t like it…as a matter of fact, she would give him details that would likely make him jealous or angry. A little bit of resentment made her decide to be particularly graphic as she described the huge size of Preston’s cock and how it had made her feel. Instead of making Luke jealous, he pressed her to describe the event in even greater detail.

Luke’s face became redder and redder, his excitement obvious as she talked. Her resentment built as well, and she cast off the raincoat, allowing Luke to see her ass Preston had seen her. Luke groaned when he saw her torn blouse, and he made her lift her bra and pull down her panties, just as she had described in her story. After the third time through the full story, Belinda leaned towards her husband and whispered the dirtiest thing she could think of. “I wanted him to put it in my mouth, Luke, I wanted to taste him.” She’d had no such thought, and she’d never shown any inclination to try oral sex…it was something that good girls never talked about, though she’d overheard a couple of bad girls talk about it enough to decide that it was too disgusting to even think about.

When she made up the final detail, Luke’s cock exploded, sending a larger load of cum spraying out the end of his cock than she had believed he would have inside him. It covered her face, her eyes and got in her hair. Instead of disgusting her, Belinda plunged her fingers inside her soaking pussy, threw back her head, and howled as she had when Preston had made her cum.

Wallowing in her own perverse decadence, Belinda looked deep in her husband’s eyes and wiped a thick glob of his cum from her face. Her eyes still locked with Luke’s, she lifted the thick white gobbet to her tongue and licked it off deliberately. It was slightly salty, but really rather bland. Discovering that the taste was bearable, she bent her head to Luke’s still erect penis and licked at the cum covered head very tentatively, eventually becoming bold enough to frame the slit on top of the big head with her lips and suck at it. Within seconds, Luke was cumming again, though she managed to get her head out of the way first.

Luke’s eyes were glazed with unfamiliar lust, and Belinda grabbed and stroked his penis as it grew again before her eyes. For the first time, Belinda threw off all her clothes in a room that wasn’t a bedroom or a bathroom, exposing her nude body to her husband’s eyes in full light, daring him to look at her. She crawled onto his lap and straddled his cock, taking him inside her pussy and feeling it sink into her…in the middle of their brightly lit living room.

As she rode him brazenly, she heard him breathe into her ear, “I want to watch him fuck you baby, you’ve got to bring him home with you!”

The lights seemed to go dim and she became dizzy as orgasm after orgasm racked her slender frame. Instead of being furious, her husband wanted her to do it again…in front of him! It was outrageous…and she was suddenly transported beyond the edge of desire and into something more dangerous and exciting than she had ever known.