Discount Vibrators

dildo imageLooking for that special something for those lonely nights? Or maybe something for you two to share in the sack. These discount vibrators are just what the doctor recommended. Shipped to you in a plain box so your secret is safe with us. Whether you are a first time buyer or a long time user we have something that will rock your world and light up your sex life! If we’re going to have mind-blowing sex, we need to remember that the brain is our biggest sex organ, and it needs to be engaged in the action in. That means no thinking about work, cleaning, kids or in-laws, and instead mind-blowing sex requires focusing on the naked man, or woman, in front of us.

Mind-blowing sex is not the kind of sex that makes your head explode (because really, where’s the fun in that?) but, instead, it’s the toe curling, finger licking, scratch marked-up, rug burned, slow, sensual caresses that create über arousal. And while mind-blowing sex means something different to each of our brains, it can be as easy to achieve as kiss and tell, as long as you’re willing to kiss, and tell.

When it comes to the tell, that means, ask for what you want…including sex toys. There’s no doubt that telling your partner what feels good, and then what feels even better, can be challenging. We don’t want to bruise his ego, or his boner, when we tell him that pumping us like an unspayed Chihuahua just doesn’t feel as good as it should feel, but we need to be able to express ourselves in order to get our needs met. That means you first need to figure out what you want for you, not what you think he wants to do to you.

Begin a sentence with “I want…” and from there you have two options. You can tell him you want to do something you know he’ll want to do to, like get head, but add something like “but first” so that you get your needs met, and then he can have his cake, or in this case, cock, too. Or just ask for something you want, which in and of itself, can make a man hard and horny.

For example, if you like cunnilingus, and he likes to slip his penis inside of you and then shimmy around without any oral action, it’s time to change up the roster. You want to get your needs met first, so tell him something like, “I want to fuck you, but first, my clit needs to feel that tongue rolling around on it. Then, once I’ve had an orgasm and I’m all wet, I want you to slide right in there, deep inside.”

The more detailed you can get, the more likely you’ll get what you want.