masturbation02Mutual masturbation is sex with someone you love (YOU), and another person you may love, like or are just getting to know. Mutual masturbation can mean at least two things, including masturbation in the same room as at least one other individual, meaning, you’re in the same place at the same time, touching your very own genitalia and not somebody else’s. Mutual masturbation can also mean using your hands to touch yourself, and/or your partner, without using anything other than hands, magic wands, so that you can still do things that are only possible with the helps of fingers or devices made to lend a helping hand.

Mutual masturbation is the best way for anybody to get to know his or her every body (part). Do you know all your nooks, crannies, cracks, relaxation ridges and arousal avenues? Mutual masturbation is a way to slowly, confidently and fully get to know the hot spots, creases and crevices of your erogenous zones, and to grant someone permission to watch you explore.

Mutual masturbation is the show and tell of sex. You can show your partner, up close and personal, the spots on your clitoris, the places on your penis, the bit o’ nipple, the crease behind the ear, the nape of the neck, the part of your scalp or the middle, left toe that you like to rub harder and softer, slower and faster. It allows you to be focused on exploring your bits, while your partner zones in on your every move. And while they watch, they get to play with themselves too, so you can learn and grow with them. That is, if you’re not too distracted.

Which leads to the next point…

Getting off together, alone, is like getting hot with, and for, teacher. It’s a great way to watch your partner get turned and to be able to take the time to let them school you in the ways you can turn them on…later. Sure, you being there is a turn on, but when you’re doing the play, it’s easy to get lost in playing, and not learning. Mutual masturbation is full-on-feeling yourself and lots-o-learning about your partner. While you play with yourself, you get to take mental notes about what you’re going to do to take them to soaking the bed sheets, but for now, you get to use the visual in the now, and the fantasy of the future, to keep you going until you just about (or do) explode.

Mutual masturbation is a way to extend arousal. Mutual masturbation is about taking your time. Once you get to intercourse, it’s like poof, it’s over, or at least foreplay leaves the building. Getting off is not a race to the finish line and mutual masturbation reminds us that there are detours, routes and roads less traveled that we can still explore. These are places we may have forgotten about, or points we never even been to before. Mutual masturbation is more like a stroll through the gardens, and being able to watch the forbidden fruit grow is, well, not really forbidden.

Mutual masturbation is hot safe sex. There’s really no STI that you will pass to your own body, and no hand wart that will turn into HPV. So you can get down to it, or go down your pants, or your partner’s skirt, without worrying that someone will get pregnant or an STI from masturbation. Cause, you won’t.

Before you begin to pleasure yourself in front of your partner, grant them front row access to you peeling away the layers between your fingertips and your jewels. Why not begin with a slow reveal in the form of a strip tease? Or play a game of strip poker where the loser initiates the masturbation session. However you choose to show and tell, do it for, and with, pleasure!