Female Masturbation

18 Surprising Facts About Female Masturbation

Female MasturbationWe’ve come a long way since people thought that masturbation was something that would get you struck down by God’s angry hand. We’ve also come a long way since people were shy about masturbation and the old wives’ tales that masturbating will make you go blind or make your penis fall off have long since been debunked. Most health professionals who are not strictly associated with a religious organization will confirm that masturbation and sex are part of the way that the human body functions. Sex and masturbation are known to release happy chemicals in your brain that can ease stress, help you sleep better and even dispel headaches in some cases.

There is a focus generally on the masturbation of males, but female masturbation is also something which has been getting more and more attention as time passes. Masturbation in both males and females has spawned huge industries such as the porn industry as well as the sex toy industry with the most sold sex toy being a vibrator which was made in Japan. This vibrator has an enormous mushroom-like head which has been designed to bring as much pleasure to the clitoris as possible.

Still, there is something which has females shying away from openly talking about their sexual habits and masturbation in public. Slut shaming is still insanely popular to the point where victims of rape will have their clothing choices pointed out as reasons of their defilement.

While we’re still miles ahead of where we were even ten years ago, there is still a stigma against women who are seen to be overly sexual in our society. We like to call these females sluts and shame them for treating sex the way we congratulate men for treating it. There is, however, a glorious other side to female masturbations in the sense that they are endlessly fascinating. This fascination stems both from the masturbation process and how women react to the topic of masturbation.

For those females who are enlightened about their masturbation experiences or those who want to know more about their masturbation practices, here are some facts that you may not have known about female masturbation:

1. Masturbation is seen as a highly effective tranquilizer for both men and women, so rather than reaching for that medication try investing in a sex toy.

2. There are many more women who masturbate than are willing to admit that they do. More than 50% of women masturbate according to most studies and in some studies, the numbers that are returned are that 92% of women over the age of 18 have masturbated or masturbate regularly.

3. Sex produces a hormone called estrogen which will make your hair shiny while smoothing out wrinkles on your skin.

4. People think that older women stop masturbating, but this is wrong. Older generations have the highest rate of STD infections in America and in a 2010 study, 30% of women between the ages of 60 and 69 were still playing with themselves whether they were in relationships or not.

5. Direct contact with the clitoris is the general usage for vibrators for eight out of ten women.

6. 53% of women will use vibrators when they are playing with themselves.

7. A mere 24% of women are able to achieve orgasm through penetration alone.

8. Victorian doctors were the first ones to create vibrators as a way to treat hysteria in females.

9. Before vibrators were created, doctors would massage the genitals of hysterical females until they reached orgasm.

10. Forget the cucumbers when it comes to masturbation as most women prefer to use candles instead if a store-bought sex toy is not available.

11. 48% of women masturbate once a week while 22% of women masturbate daily.

12. The largest clitoris in the world was the size of a penis at 4.5 inches long and 1.5 inches wide.

13. Recent studies suggest that cervical infections may be reduced by frequent masturbation.

14. 43 seconds is the longest recorded female orgasm which had 25 contractions of the vaginal muscles.

15. 22.6% of women who have accidentally been caught masturbating planned it so that it would work out this way whereas 41% of women have accidentally been caught masturbating at some point during their life.

16. The vagina is similar to your eyes as they are both able to clean themselves.

17. Four out of ten women would prefer masturbation over actual sex.

18. The average vagina is about 3-6 inches long, but there are cases where it has been recorded that some vaginas are only an inch long. These vaginas require surgery in order to make them bigger.