Falling Into Her

Falling Into Her
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Scott Dunstable cursed himself and forced his attention back on the report he was working on. It was overdue, which was totally out of character for him. Try as he might, the numbers and letters kept falling out of focus and his mind kept drifting back to her. She was just eighteen, and had been for two days now, which was the cause of Scott’s problem.

Caryn Blake was tiny. Not quite five feet tall, she was physically immature for her age. She wore her platinum blonde hair in pigtails, and she had big round glasses through which she peered myopically with enormous blue eyes when she talked to him. Her face was pale and she was finely featured, as if she had been chiseled out of a block of marble. A slim, almost boyish figure gave her an overall look that would place her as a young fifth grader to the unknowing observer rather than the graduating senior that she in fact was. She was unarguably brilliant, and very mature for an eighteen year old, which made her appearance doubly confusing.

When Scott had first interviewed Caryn for the job of babysitting his eight year old son three years before, he had serious doubts about her suitability because she looked so young. Her adult manner, so at odds with her appearance, and her obvious intellect, convinced him otherwise. Her performance had been exemplary and his son Tony had been an open admirer of the young looking Caryn. Scott’s doubts were brushed away and Caryn became a fixture whenever Scott went out (seldom) or had work on a hard deadline (frequently) that kept him from household chores such as laundry, dishwashing, and meal preparation. Scott had become a telecommuter when his wife Liz had died, leaving him with a young son that still needed more attention and care than Scott could provide.

Several women had applied for the job, but the first had been completely unsuitable and a couple of the others had seemed okay but left him feeling uncomfortable. The job paid well, and he even offered a guest bedroom for nights when it was simply not feasible for his employee to go home after work.

Caryn had worked for him for several weeks before she had felt comfortable using the guest bedroom. She had come downstairs in a worn chenille bathrobe the next morning, her eyes bleary from the late night but ready for school nevertheless. “You realize that when you stay over you don’t have to be awake after ten or so,” Scott said conversationally, “just having you here and available is enough.” He set his newspaper down and took a sip of coffee from his thick china mug, giving her a wide grin.

She returned his grin with her tiny mouth and said, “I’ll keep that in mind Mr. Dunstable.”

“Since we’re going to be around each other so much,” Scott said, “why don’t we drop the ‘Mr. Dunstable’ thing and you just call me Scott.”

Caryn had blushed, a deep rose color, and answered him. “Okay…Scott,” she said quietly. Just as quietly, fifteen year old Caryn had blended into their family as if she belonged there, but she was still so much more mature acting than he would have expected from a teenager that he began to rely on her as a small adult. It was incongruous, but it worked for them.

Over the three year period Scott had come to take her for granted. She seemed to spend more time with him and Tony than she did at her own home, and the guest bedroom had taken on the appearance of her own bedroom. Caryn for all intents and purposes had become a permanent part of the family…she cooked, cleaned, and did the laundry, kept an assortment of clothes and possessions at the house.

Scott, of course, had seen her many times in various states of undress, and he had never paid a great deal of attention to it. She was, after all, underage and very underdeveloped. The morning of her eighteenth birthday, however, Tony had come racing downstairs and leaped at Caryn, giving her a huge hug and a kiss on the cheek. Tony didn’t notice, but in wrapping his arm around her he had opened her robe and Scott had a clear view of half of her nude body…and she had been staring straight into his eyes when it happened.

Tony, nearly as big as she was, released her after saying “happy birthday!” in a loud voice and turned away to pick up his toast and cereal. Caryn, her eyes still locked on Scott’s, very slowly pulled her robe back together, leaving the top substantially more open than it had been earlier.

Scott was stunned, the image of her bare alabaster skin, the tiny breast with its rigid pink tip, the flat hard belly, and the sparse to non-existent hair on her pubic mound burned indelibly into his fevered brain. “She’s legal today,” he thought.

Scott immediately sat up straight and chastised himself mentally for harboring the thoughts he was having…but he was unable to ignore the huge erection in his shorts. Apparently, Caryn noticed it too. Her small mouth assumed a Mona Lisa smile, and she walked to her own place at the table, one bare leg peeking out where her robe came together in front. She looked at him with that odd smile on her face and leaned forward to reach for the butter, and Scott could again seen the hard pink nipple of her small breast inside her robe. He got harder, and Caryn’s smile grew wider, though no less mysterious.

When Tony went upstairs to get his books for school, Caryn stood up and reached for Scott’s empty plate, the top of her robe wide open now. Scott could see all of her bare chest down to her navel. Caryn knew he could see her, and he smile widened. “I’ve been waiting for today for a long time Scott,” she whispered. “I knew you could go to jail before, so I was very careful not to tease you.” Her head suddenly bent to his and her lips were on his, her delicate pink tongue probing briefly between his lips before she pulled back. When her lips came away from his, she stared into Scott’s shocked face with the same Mona Lisa smile she had approached him with. “Tonight you have no excuse Scott, and you’re going to fuck me…” She put his and Tony’s plates in the sink, and left the kitchen with her hips swaying noticeably.

When Caryn left with Tony for school, Scott was still at the table, his butt frozen in the chair with shock…he hadn’t moved a muscle since he’d first gotten a look at Caryn’s tender little body. His mind was screaming no, but his cock was rigid and demanding immediate attention.

It was all too improper, and he forced his mind away from Caryn and managed to stand up…but the erection refused to go away. Irritated, he marched straight to his bathroom upstairs and turned on the water in his shower as cold as it would go. He turned and dropped his shorts to the floor. When he bent to pick them up and hang them on the door hook, he saw a tiny pair of Caryn’s flimsy panties on the doorknob. Cum erupted from the tip of his swollen cock with no warning whatsoever.

The cold shower hadn’t helped a lot, and Scott had toyed with the report all afternoon. He was still hard and he hadn’t accomplished a single thing by the time the two of them came home. Both of them went to the kitchen table to do their homework while they had an afternoon snack…but Tony was feeling a little ill and just pushed his pizza rolls around on his plate.

Scott, nervously fidgeting in his office, nearly jumped out of his chair when Caryn spoke from the doorway. “Tony’s not feeling too well Scott, and he doesn’t even want any dinner. I’m going to take him upstairs and put him to bed, okay?” Her tone of voice was normal and Scott felt a flood of relief surge through him. Maybe the morning episode had been an aberration…maybe he had built it all up in his head, made more out of it than it had seemed. She had said ‘you’re going to fuck me…’ That didn’t sound like a ‘maybe’ at all.

An hour later, Scott turned to see Caryn standing in the doorway of his study. She was wearing a sheer nightgown and absolutely nothing else. Scott stopped breathing and moaned deep in his throat. She was beautiful. One knee was cocked forward, and her feet were planted solidly on the floor at angles to each other. When she saw that he had finally looked at her, the mysterious smile from breakfast reappeared. “I’ve been thinking about this for months,” she said in a low voice.

“Caryn…” Scott managed to croak. His mouth was suddenly very dry and his moan was cut off when she reached behind her neck and did something with her hands. The sheer nightgown dropped to the floor. Any other words that might have issued from his lips died in place. Caryn was absolutely gorgeous.

“I’ve wanted to do this forever,” she whispered as she walked towards him. She lifted his hand to her pubic mound and pushed his fingers between her slightly spread legs. Her eyes were squeezed shut tightly, and her breath was coming rapidly. It was her turn to moan. Inches away from his wondering eyes, her tiny nipples became rigid and Caryn began to convulse in what would be only the first of many orgasms that evening.

“Good,” she moaned quietly, “so good…” Caryn bent over, shuddering, and Scott’s fingers came away wet. He was totally speechless. It took several moments for Caryn to regain her composure. When she did, she looked into his eyes and took his hands again, tugging them to her nearly nonexistent breasts. “Scott,” she whispered, sinking to her knees in front of his desk chair.

He knew damned well he should stop this. Sure she was legal, but she looked ten years old, this was wrong in so many ways he couldn’t process it. The next words out of her mouth shut off his objections. Her small hands fumbled with the catch of his shorts and somehow she managed to pull his erection out, balls and all. Her heated breath scorched his bare skin as she wrapped her fingers around him and began to stroke him up and down.

“I’ve practiced this on a couple of the boys at school,” she breathed, “but none of them was as big as you are.” Her small pink lips were so close to the head of his rigid cock. “But I got them in my mouth anyway.” She made an “o” with her small mouth and kissed the tip of his cock wetly. Scott shivered and his own moan escaped. Bending down, she kissed his heavy balls and he felt her tongue exploring the soft skin of his scrotum.

“Oh…my…god!” he croaked when her tiny mouth came up and enveloped the tip of his glans. He watched as her lips stretched, encompassing the whole of his glans and then slipped down his shaft. Caryn’s eyes were wide with excitement as his cock disappeared into her mouth. Her tongue began to move on the underside of his thick shaft. She began to make choking noises and she coughed. Scott tried to pull out of her mouth but she shook her head and began twisting it back and forth until magically his glans had passed her gag reflex and she was taking more of his cock into her throat. The only thing inhibiting the penetration of her throat now was the smallness of her lips. When she had all of him in her mouth that would fit, she began to bob her head on his thick organ.

“Jesus Christ!” Scott yelped, cum spurting from the tip of his erection. Caryn refused to move her head away from his erupting prick, insisting on keeping her lips tight around his shaft as he pumped his thick creamy sperm into her throat. In spite of her innocent appearance, there was a wicked, knowing gleam in the huge blue eyes staring into his. However much or little experience she had, Caryn knew exactly what she was doing to Scott. She refused to let go of his cock until long after the last of his sperm had disappeared down her throat.

With a final lick at the tip of his cock, Caryn stood and tugged at his clothes and he was completely nude. Taking him by the hand, she led him to a bare spot in the deep pile carpet of his study and laid him on his back. He tried to sit up and take her in his arms, but she pushed him back down. “I’ve done this a thousand times Scott, lying in my bed late at night with my panties pushed down around my knees and my nightie pulled up around my waist. I know exactly what I want to do and how I want to do it.” Her face came close to his and he felt himself falling into the deep blue vastness of her huge eyes. “People tell me what I want is nasty, that only a really bad girl would do it, or even want to do it, but I do Scott, I want this bad. Just let me do what I want,” she said, her lips touching his, “and when I’m done, you can do anything you want to me.”

He stared at her, wondering if she had any idea of what she’d just offered. Her next words told him she knew exactly what she’d offered. “I’ve watched all those videos on the internet, and I know exactly what men like to do to women…and I want to learn every bit of it.” Her lips touched his, “I’m especially interested to see how it feels to have one of these,” she squeezed his cock firmly with her small hand, “in my backside.” She smiled, the most wickedly sexy smile Scott had ever seen on a woman. “I tried it with my finger and I really liked the way that felt.” Her lips pursed. “But I have to admit this is a lot bigger than my finger.”

She said it with such a solemn face that Scott couldn’t restrain the giggle that was bubbling up inside him. Caryn silenced him in seconds as she rolled him over and spread his legs. Her lips and tongue followed her fingers as she explored the utter base of his cock and his balls and then followed the seam of skin to his ass.

When she was finally through, she rolled over onto her back and extended her arms to him. He was rigid, his cock straining as he knelt over her tiny, perfect body. Her eyes were wide, as were her legs. “Don’t worry about hurting me,” she whispered, “I’m not a virgin.”

“Jesus,” Scott croaked, staring into the depths of her blue eyes as the tip of his penis penetrated the tiny lips of her little pink pussy. “I feel like I’m falling into you.”

Caryn wrapped her arms around his neck and wrapped her legs around his waist. “So do it,” she whispered. He did.