Forbidden Heat

Forbidden Heat
Forbidden Heat
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It wasn’t something either of them had planned, nor was it something either of them had expected. When it happened, it came out of the blue sky of the Caribbean and it struck them with the power and majesty of a tropic lightning bolt, leaving them both breathless…and not confused at all.

Sunny and her stepfather had always been close. From the time Brad and her mother had gotten married when Sunny was twelve they had been pals and had done everything together. Sunny followed Brad around on weekends, helping him with his chores, going fishing or golfing, watching football on TV, or shooting hoops in the driveway. When Miriam had tried to get her daughter interested in more girlish pursuits, Sunny had turned up her nose at her mother’s efforts and Miriam had shrugged her shoulders and given up on the girl. Sunny was a devout tomboy and determined not to change.

Sunny and Brad were outdoorsy types, and Miriam was the type to stay in out of the sun and read a good book or watch TV. By the time Sunny was a full fledged teenager, their routines were established and they were all comfortable with themselves.

Sunny chose the Bahamas from the variety of vacation spots they offered her for her graduation present. She was going to study marine archaeology in college and she had read about Little Exuma in some articles and wanted to dive there. Brad, an experienced diver, was ecstatic at her choice, and Miriam was happy that they had chosen a rental villa rather than a resort…no one would be trying to convince her to play shuffleboard or volleyball, and there would be no luau or group picnics to attend. She was looking forward to two weeks of uninterrupted reading and rest in the pale pink air conditioned villa described in the rental brochure.

Their flight from Atlanta was direct, and the trip from the airport to Little Exuma Island was brief. Sunny and Brad took in the scenery exuberantly, while Miriam started the first of the dozen or so books she had brought with her. It was the continuation of an established pattern for them and it didn’t even require explanation when Brad and Sunny left Miriam reading in the air conditioned villa while they went exploring. In the garage was a selection of sporting goods to accommodate the renters as well as a Jeep and a tandem bicycle.

The tandem bike was the first thing they pulled out, and soon Brad and Sunny were on their way. They had dressed for the tropics, brightly colored baggy shorts and tee shirts, and tennis shoes. With Brad at the front and Sunny on the back they headed down the packed dirt path through the palms, catching glimpses here and there of the gorgeous beaches.

Before long they saw coral block pilings reaching out into a lagoon and Sunny had to stop and look at them. They parked the bike off the path, laying it down in the palmettos so no one would take off with it, and made their way through the palmettos to the water. The lagoon was larger than they had thought from what they could see from the path, and Sunny was stunned by what was revealed when they reached the water’s edge. Roughly a hundred yards away through crystal clear shallow water was a crescent of pure white sand beach, and a deserted cottage made of the shaped coral blocks. Overgrown with hydrangea, bougainvillea, and honeysuckle, the cottage was beautiful. Adjacent to the cottage was a natural freshwater pool fed cleverly by a series of primitive aqueducts from a spring that flowed into the lagoon. The whole scene looked as if it been conjured up for some romantic Caribbean postcard, and the temptation to get a closer look was just too strong to pass up. Brad followed Sunny when she waded towards the cottage.

There was a deep channel just before they reached the crescent beach and Sunny didn’t hesitate to swim across it. In the deep crystal clear water, Brad could see the remains of a thirty foot sailboat and the coral pilings of an old pier. Sunny was ecstatic. When she climbed up onto the beach, she was dripping wet and her shorts and tee shirt were plastered to her like a second skin. Brad shook his head to get the water out of his hair, and when he looked up at Sunny’s burst of laughter, it seemed as if a hammer had struck him in the chest and stolen his breath away.

Sunny’s wet golden hair was darker now, and hung to the small of her back. She had her arms above her head and behind her, wringing the salt water from her own hair. Her small, perfectly shaped breasts were clearly visible through her tee shirt, the pert nipples tilted up towards the blue Carribean sky. Her hard flat belly was limned against the thin cotton as well, and Brad could see no panty line through the thin pale yellow linen shorts. Her lively green eyes peered past a perfect nose over her wide generous mouth and lush lips, and her long slender legs seemed to go on forever. She looked like a picture off the cover of a men’s magazine and Brad’s reaction to her was natural and immediate.

Sunny had started laughing because of Brad’s doglike shaking of his head to get the water out of his hair. Her laughter turned to something else as soon as she noticed the erection tenting his shorts…and died entirely when she realized that she was the cause of it. In that instant, both of them considered something that neither had honestly considered before.

The two of them were so close, so in tune with each other that there was no need for talk. There was nothing that needed to be said that wasn’t plainly written on each other’s faces. Sunny reached down, crossing her arms, and lifted the soaking wet tee shirt above her head and exposing her lovely upper body to Brad’s hungry gaze. He lifted his tee shirt over his head, exposing his hard flat belly and his washboard abs, stepping closer to his stepdaughter. Sunny slid her shorts down and kicked off her sandals. In Brad’s eyes she was perfect. His own shorts and shoes fell to the beach and they closed the distance between them almost magically.

Enveloped by the heady smell of the honeysuckle, their lips met and Sunny’s small taut breasts rubbed against Brad’s muscular torso. His penis bumped against the sparse golden hair of her mound and Sunny spread her knees slightly to allow him to slide in between her legs. She could feel the lips of her pussy spread on either side of the hard thick intruder, and she could feel her clit resting on the hard ridge of it.

“Daddy,” she breathed, her lips pressed softly against his.

“Sunny,” he murmured back, his hand reaching between them and cupping one firm exquisite breast. Her nipple rose against his palm and she shuddered.

“I’ve never done this before,” she moaned into his mouth. The motion of her hips told Brad she had every intention of doing it now. Probing her sweet mouth with his tongue, Brad ran his hands over every inch of her body. It was so sweet and familiar but touching her was like seeing her all over for the first time. Sunny was exciting and seductive…and forbidden.

“Please daddy,” she whispered, kissing his chin, then his neck, and then his chest, her knees trembling at the very thought of what she was about to do. She had dreamed of the day she would try the intimate act that she had heard her girlfriends talk so much about…she had never for a moment thought that it would be Brad she would try it with first.

She felt her knees touch the sand and the thick tip of his cock touch her face at the same time. Her lush lips softly brushed his glans, and her delicate pink tongue flicked out to lick at the bottom of the crease leading up to the slit in the top of the helmet shaped tip. Brad’s shiver and the loud moan excited her, and the last remnants of her doubts about this dubious act were erased. Anything that gave him so much pleasure had to be good. Some of the other girls had expressed their dislike of having a cock in their mouth, and some had said that having a warm living organ in their mouths made them feel sexy.

A whispered conversation with her best friend Jeanie had revealed that the taste of a man’s cum could be addictive. After she had sucked a cock for the first time, she had developed a bit of a reputation, one she didn’t deny or conceal. Jeanie’s confession that she had been blowing her stepfather was a bit of a shock to Sunny, because Mr. Stephens was short and balding with a bit of a pot belly. Jeanie had told her that the pudgy man’s cum was as sweet as his personality, and she couldn’t get enough of him.

Sunny took Brad’s erection into her mouth slowly, savoring the moment and the sweet almond tasting precum that dripped from the tip of it. “Baby, you don’t have to…”

Sunny looked up into her stepfather’s clear blue eyes. Her hands cradled his rigid penis as she took her mouth off him for a moment.

“Daddy, I want to,” she whispered, her tongue flicked out and caressed the bottom of the swollen cock as if it couldn’t stand to be separated from the hard flesh. It was so hard, but the skin covering it was so soft… She took as much of it into her mouth as she could, a little more than half, and her cheeks went concave as she sucked experimentally. Her fingers explored his balls, which were churning in their thin skin sack.

“Oh my god,” Brad said, throwing his head back in an agony of excruciating pleasure. It was not his first blowjob by far, but he had never been on the receiving end of one so soft and loving. As much as he wanted to lay her back and enter her sweet young pussy, he was unwilling to forgo the intense joy of her virgin mouth. Sunny’s innocence and the taboo nature of their new relationship somehow made the act somehow more exciting…he couldn’t have stopped himself if he had wanted to.

Sunny had determined to explore this particular sensation to its conclusion, Jeanie’s tales of ecstasy running through her mind. For her, this was a first of earth shattering proportions and she was determined to see it through. The first indications of impending orgasm came from inside herself rather than from Brad. The little knot that formed in her belly at home when she masturbated was much bigger out here in the sunlit lagoon. Somehow, the fact that it was Brad’s dick in her mouth made it hotter, more exciting. She felt his balls churning in his sack and the surging of his cock and the first of her own orgasms struck her with the force of a freight train.

The trembling convulsions of her body and the tightening of her lips around his rigid member spurred Brad’s orgasm, and he tried to lift her head off his cock to spare her the mouth filling load he knew was coming. She fought to keep her lips locked firmly around his erupting cock, the thick viscous fluid filling her throat and mouth and threatening to go through her nose before she swallowed in self preservation. To her surprise, the stuff was slightly salty and actually did taste faintly of the honeyed almonds he carried around as a snack. After the first taste, she swallowed greedily until every drop was gone…and still she was cumming.

Brad dropped to his knees, wrapping his arms around her as she stared at him wide eyed, tremor after tremor racking her body. “Are you all right,” he asked her, concerned.

“Oh daddy, I’m still cumming,” she gasped. She went rigid and her eyes closed, her body tight to his own. She cried out and collapsed against him. “Jesus, is it always this good?” she mumbled against his welcome chest.

Brad lowered her to the fine white sand and began to nuzzle her neck and work his way down to one perky nipple. “Oh baby girl,” he whispered, “it gets much better than this.” He bit gently into the nipple and her hips began to writhe in the sand.

“Better?” she asked incredulously, and then she felt Brad’s tongue slip below her navel. She knew exactly where this was going. It was one thing that all the girls, even Jeanie were adamant about…this was the best! In spite of her recent spate of orgasms, Sunny was about to find out firsthand how good it felt.

The first time Brad’s tongue slid along the surface of her labia felt like she had stuck her finger into an electric socket. It didn’t hurt, but Brad surely had the entire focus of her attention. All by themselves, Sunny’s legs spread until they simply wouldn’t open any wider. Brad took full advantage of her wanton pose, seeking all her most sensitive places religiously. There was even one excruciating blissful moment when she felt his pointed tongue probe and penetrate her ass. It sent her over the edge and she was cumming even before she felt his tongue swirling wetly on her clit.

Brad carefully probed her pussy as she was cumming, sticking his forefinger inside her and then carefully inserting another and then another as Sunny began to cum repeatedly. By the time she had collapsed back on the sand, spent, he had managed to open her without causing her any pain at all. With the last of her strength, Sunny drew him half on top of her body, his weight and his smooth skin welcome on her body, and they fell asleep in the shade of the rustling palms.

It was getting late when they awakened, and in spite of the desire that was still strong in them both, they drew their clothes off after shaking the sand out of them. They were laughing and talking as if nothing had happened, though both of them were aware that something basic in their relationship had changed irrevocably.

Miriam was still reading when they came back, but she absent mindedly asked them if they’d had a good time. She didn’t even look up when they giggled and told her they’d had a great time. She didn’t even seem to notice that they sat closer together that night as they watched CD movies that night in the living room, Sunny covered with a light blanket against the low temperature Miriam had dialed into the air conditioning. Miriam was facing away from them so that the lamplight was coming over her left shoulder. Sunny kept her hand inside Brad’s shorts, his naked swollen cock her entertainment for the night. Every few moments, Sunny stuck her head beneath the blanket to administer a suck or a quick lick.

Sunny kissed her mom goodnight, experiencing a moment of jealousy that Miriam would sleep that night next to Brad’s warm body. The pang of jealousy passed quickly. Miriam was going shopping on Big Exuma the next morning…and Sunny was going to beg off and stay at the Villa with Brad. Sunny went to sleep with the image of Brad’s thick swollen cock clear in her mind. Tomorrow morning she would awaken him by sucking on his cock…and then she would lie on her back and take him inside her. She smiled to herself as she crawled into her bed naked and spread her legs widely. How amazing that such a nice vacation had turned into a vacation filled with forbidden heat.