He’s Got Your Back

He's Got Your Back
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Her mother had long ago given up on Teri. Who had given up on herself even before her mother had.

Teri was due to leave home for college at the end of the summer and she had no desire to go at all. The only person in the house who really cared one way or the other was her stepfather James.

Teri’s body had not matured the way other girls had. She was tiny, only a tad over four feet tall, and her breasts were more like risings on her flat chest. She had the beginnings of mature curves because of her narrow waist and flat belly, but even the hair beneath her arms and over her pubic mound had stubbornly refused to grow. The doctors had been telling her for years to be patient, that sooner or later her endocrine system would kick in and she would begin to grow. Teri had spent many bitter and tearful nights praying for it to happen, but here she was, eighteen and poised to start college and she looked younger than the twelve year olds down the block.

Sondra, her mother, had been a cheerleader, the Homecoming Queen, Class President, Prom Queen, and winner of every other imaginable popularity and beauty event at Lincoln High, the same high school where Teri had graduated in total obscurity. Sondra was remembered fondly by most of the teachers…and Teri believed that she was compared negatively with her mother every single day. That was only partially true, but that’s not the perception that Teri had.

“Dammnit Sondra, she’s your daughter and she needs your support and love. Why do you insist on snubbing her?” James was more than pissed. He had watched his wife treat Teri as a disappointment instead of a daughter for years, while he had been delighted at Teri’s intellect and her emotional maturity. As far as he was concerned, Teri was very special.

“James, you can’t possibly understand what it’s like to face my friends. Teri hasn’t accomplished a single thing in school her whole life!”

James was incredulous. Teri was a member of the National Honor Society, had never received less than an ‘A’ in any subject since he and Sondra had married ten years before, and had received awards from everyone from the Rotary Club to the Elks Club. “I don’t understand you Sondra…”

“You certainly don’t,” Sondra screamed at him, “and if you think I’m going along on this two week vacation trip with you to talk her into wasting her time going to college you’re completely full of shit.” In a rage at James’ defense of her mousy daughter (and at herself for being so unreasonably angry,

Sondra wasn’t a total monster) she stalked off to her private study. When she got there, she placed her head on her arms and cried.

James knocked on Teri’s door and entered. Her puffy tear stained face told him all he needed to know about whether she had heard her mother’s unreasoning tirade. “Baby, she doesn’t mean it…”

“Yes she does Daddy,” Teri said soberly, “I’m not sure exactly why, but she wanted to relive her life through me and I disappointed her.” She shook her head. “What I don’t understand is why? She had all those things herself, all the glory, all the crowns, everything! Why would she so desperately need to do it again through me?” Teri’s unusual gray eyes focused on his. “I’m sorry Daddy, I didn’t mean to spoil your vacation.” The tears threatened again.

James took her into his arms and held her so close he could hear her racing heart. “You haven’t ruined a damned thing Teri, we’re going to the islands whether your mother comes or not.”

Teri’s budding breasts pressed against his chest, her heart pounding, and a tingling between her legs she had heard described but never felt before. She knew she loved her Daddy, but this was something more, something…dangerous.

The big plane landed at Princess Julianna International Airport, and the landing was a little scary because of the short runway. Teri was pushed forward against her seat belt as the reverse thrusters kicked in immediately upon touchdown. James grinned at her from his seat next to hers and she grinned back. Maybe this vacation wouldn’t be a total loss, Daddy seemed happy enough.

The villa was a private one, owned by one of James’ business friends, and every dismal thought Teri had experienced in the last month or so disappeared in the fantasy land that was Saint Thomas. The yard, surrounded by a high privacy fence, was filled with colorful plants and birds, and the villa itself was magnificent. There was a pool with a cabana, a hot tub surrounded by sweet smelling honeysuckle…and her bedroom! Her bedroom was a dream of white furniture, and billowing white sheer curtains hanging from the ceiling around the soft bed.

James took her to dinner that night, the restaurant expensive and refined and the food sophisticated and exotic. He ordered wine and poured some for her, and Teri had never felt so adult in her life. What impressed her most was the way James treated her as an equal, and Teri couldn’t help wondering why it felt so different here. James had never talked down to her, never treated her as a baby…and it struck her that for the first time she could remember, James wasn’t busy trying to soothe her, to heal her of the disparaging remarks and the embarrassment shown by her mother. Tonight, it was just the two of them, enjoying each other and the peace of the island. Her eyes shone as James mock solemnly toasted her, and she actually blushed when he told her she was beautiful. Somehow, in this place far from their usual surroundings, she found herself believing him.

She lay awake that night, watching the sheer curtains wafting in the slight breeze from the Caribbean. Sleep wouldn’t come as she relived the perfect evening with her Daddy, and the tingling between her legs wouldn’t go away. She arose and walked in her pajamas to the back patio, staring up at the giant moon and the millions of stars in the romantic night sky. The water in the hot tub looked so inviting, and she looked back at the villa to see if Daddy was still up. There were no lights showing, so she impulsively shucked off the pajamas and entered the bubbling water wearing only a skimpy pair of nylon panties. She leaned back in the tub and gazed at the sky in wonder.

James stood nude in front of the sliding glass doors, open to the sea breeze, with a generous triple scotch in a tumbler between his hands. He had thought he was imagining things when he had seen movement on the back patio, but it had turned out to be Teri. He knew she couldn’t see him in the darkness of his room, so he watched as she stared raptly at the stars and the moon that seemed somehow larger than the one back home. He felt a rush of tenderness for his frail small stepdaughter, and he took a big swallow of the scotch as he watched her lovingly.

He was stunned and wanted to turn his head when she unbuttoned her pajama top and let it fall to the ground. Her tiny breasts were barely visible, but he could tell her nipples were erect and he felt a stirring in his groin that absolutely should not be there. When she slipped off the bottoms and stood with her hip cocked to the side, raising her hands to smooth her hair, her alabaster body gleaming in the moonlight, she became a nymph in his eyes and the stirring became a full fledged erection. He couldn’t tear his eyes away from the erotic sight as she climbed down into the hot tub. Quickly, he drained the scotch and poured another, even larger than the last. James swallowed it in two gulps.

The scotch went straight to his head. The long day, having begun around four thirty a.m., the two bottles of wine they had shared during dinner, and two straight scotches were a lethal combination and were probably responsible for what he did next.

James wasn’t staggering, but he was a little wobbly as he poured yet another scotch and felt the need to talk to Teri. If he’d been even a little bit more sober he would never have walked naked to the hot tub with the tumbler in his hand. He stood before a shocked Teri, who had immediately placed her hands over her tiny breasts. “I don’t understand why your mother says you aren’t pretty,” he slurred, wobbling unsteadily, “You’re beautiful!” James looked so confused and pitiful that Teri forgot all about her modesty and climbed out of the hot tub, dripping water on the flagstones surrounding the hot tub.

“I think you’ve had too much to drink Daddy,” she said gently, taking his arm and c forcing herself not to glance at his erection…the first real one she had ever seen.

“You don’ understand,” James said in frustration, shaking her hand off his arm, “You’re beautiful…look!” He spread his arms, tilting the scotch tumbler back and spilling a good bit in the process. He was looking down at his erection. “I din’ do this on purpose, it’s cause you’re so beautiful” His face took on a rueful cast. “Din’ do it on purpose an’ now you’ll hate me ‘cause I’m just a horny ol’ bastard.”

Teri threw her arms around him and hugged him fiercely, his engorged cock trapped between his hard bell and her tiny flat belly. She was suddenly and extremely aware that it’s length spanned from below her navel to the nipple of one tiny breast, and it was hot…so terribly hot. “I don’t hate you Daddy, I love you.” Raising herself on her tiptoes, she tilted her head back and kissed him on the lips. For the very first time, James kissed her back. It was no ordinary kiss. It was soft and probing, and it was exciting.

Teri left her pajamas on the stone patio and led James back to his own bedroom. She took the tumbler from him and pushed him back onto the bed, his hard cock standing straight up. Teri could no longer keep her eyes off it. “I love you,” James whispered as he drifted off into a semi-conscious state. Teri was shivering, though not from cold, as she stood naked and dripping beside James’ bed and staring at his rigid member.

Her thumbs hooked over the elastic of the wet nylon panties and she slid them off her dainty, well-shaped legs. She reached out a shaking hand and curled her fingers around the thick shaft, unable to span its circumference. It was hot…and even though she knew it was forbidden, she knew there was no one here to see her sin.

Terri sat down on the bed and stroked the big cock experimentally, and James sighed with pleasure, his hips pressing upwards. With her other hand, she cupped his heavy balls inside his scrotum, marveling at the softness of the skin surrounding the hardness of his cock. The man smell coming off him was enticing, and Teri’s own excitement was mounting. Her face was very close to his rigidity.

Teri had heard the girls at school talk about their boyfriends’ cocks, and most of them spoke about giving head to boys they didn’t really want to fuck, as if taking a boy’s cock in your mouth wasn’t really having sex. Teri snorted quietly…for the boy it was having sex. She wasn’t really sure what it did for the girls. With absolutely no further thought, Terri parted her full, soft lips and touched her tongue to James’ swollen rod. He jumped and moaned at the contact. It was more than clear that he loved the feeling.

A fierce rush of feeling for this gentle man who had taken her side so many times flashed through her and she opened her mouth as wide as it would go, sliding as much of his cock inside as she could. Her mouth watered and the skin of his cock was slippery against her swirling tongue. It felt almost as if she had brushed against an electric outlet at home, only the buzzing was confined to a spot inside her and beneath her navel.

Terri continued to swirl her tongue against his dick as her free hand wandered down between her damp thighs and she began to explore her own pussy. She was surprised at her arousal, and she found that the deeper she worked him into her mouth, the more excited she got. As she began to understand the mystical connection, her fingers probed her virgin pussy and brushed against her swollen clit. The result was indescribable.

Encouraged by her profound success, Terri experimented with breathing through her nose as she forced more of James cock past the soft palate at the back of her mouth until her nose pressed against his pelvic bone. James hips were moving now, and his cock moving freely through her opened passages.

Terri’s joy at James’ excitement, and the electric feeling she was giving herself combined to bring her to the brink of something so much bigger than the little orgasms she had given herself masturbating over the years that she was half fearful to let it sweep over her.

The first jet of thick frothy sperm that splashed on the back of her throat released her pent up orgasm and she tried hard to yelp and swallow at the same time. She choked a little, but quickly got it under control, but not before her Daddy’s sperm had covered her face and her tiny tits. None of it mattered.

As she had felt him start to cum, her fingers had slipped to the entrance to her pussy. As she had started to erupt on the most powerful orgasm she had experienced in her young life, her finger had contracted convulsively and plunged through her hymen. It had felt so good inside her, despite the pain of her hymen tearing, that she had shoved two more fingers inside her and squeezed as hard as she could. It felt as if the top of her head was coming off.

Even though her orgasm had spent itself, Terri’s body was shaking and she was possessed by an incredible surge of desire that wouldn’t allow her to settle down. Frantically she collected every drop of James’ cum from her face and chest, licking it off her fingers as she scooped it up. She stared at

James’ recumbent body again, this time as a horny woman instead of as his daughter.

Terri climbed astraddle of James’ semi hard cock, slipping the thick head between her labia and resting her clit on his glans. She rubbed back and forth, feeling the excitement building deep in her belly again. She was going to fuck him! Centering the tip of his cock above the recently widened entrance to her virgin pussy. “I love you Daddy,” she said with joyful tears in her eyes. Terri looked up at the ceiling, squeezed her eyes shut, and slowly took every last millimeter of his thick cock inside her.