Incest Urges Of A Nymphomaniac

Incest Urges of a Nymphomaniac
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Sophia sat up in the hospital bed wondering how she got there and spotted her father through the window of her room. He was talking to a doctor, at least that’s what it looked like. When he spotted her sitting up he entered the room.

“Ah, awake at last,” he said, crossing the room to sit next to her bed.

“What happened?” Why am I here? Where’s mum?” said Sophia, trying to understand what had happened.

“Okay, calm down. First of all lay back and I’ll answer your questions,” said her father, fluffing up the pillow and laying her head down gently. “You had a fall, it’s not too serious but the doctor wants to keep you in overnight. Apparently you’ve suffered a concussion. Your mum’s on the way and should be here anytime now,” he added.

After a few hours Sophia had seen all the family and was starting to feel tired, so her four brothers and parents decided to leave for the night and pick her up first thing in the morning.

Sophia awoke the next day feeling totally exhausted but was happy to see her father coming to pick her up. Pretty soon she was thanking the nurses and leaving the hospital. The drive home was quiet as Sophia fell asleep and before she knew it her father was waking her up.

“Come on gal, I think you need to get into your own bed and sleep this off,” he said, helping her out of the car.

Sophia did as she was told and was soon lying down in her own bed. Brian was the first son to get home from work that day followed shortly by Steve, Brad and Colin. Their father told them that Sophia was home and not to be disturbed before he took his wife out for the weekly groceries.

Brian looked in on Sophia once his parents had gone and found her sound asleep. Deciding to leave her that way, he went to his room and played a few tracks of his latest album. Making sure it wasn’t too loud.

He was shocked after ten minutes when he turned and found Sophia standing before him completely naked.

“What’s wrong Sophie?” he said, noticing her glazed expression.

Sophia never spoke she just reached for Brian’s pants and stroked his thigh.

Until this moment Sophia had always just been Brian’s big sis. He’d always known she had a good body but it had never affected him in a sexual manner before. Now though, he found he was getting aroused by his own sister and not quite knowing what to do about it. When her hand brushed his semi-hard cock he flinched and drew back but as he stood back he couldn’t help but notice her entire perfect figure and felt his cock twitch.

“Sophie! What’s wrong? Speak to me will you,” he said watching her move towards him again.

Sophia seemed to not even be aware of his presence as she once again stroked his now hardened cock through his pants. Brian was the oldest of the boys, having just turned twenty and physically he was in perfect shape. As he looked down and watched his sister unzipping his pants he couldn’t help not wanting to stop her.

When Sophia reached in a hand and gripped his member Brian gasped and watched her expertly bring it out into the open. At first all she did was stroke it with both hands and then she suddenly got to her knees and took the tip into her mouth. Brian closed his eyes, loving the sensation of his sister’s tongue licking the tip of his cock. He felt his cock slipping into her mouth as her hand helped to keep it straight.

Opening his eyes and looking down he saw the last inch of his cock passing her lips and felt the end brushing her throat. Until now he’d never known how good his sister was for it never crossed his mind. Now though, he envied her boyfriends. It was at that moment that Sophia picked up the speed and Brian could feel the intensity of his cock hitting the back of her throat.

He knew he was about to cum but he didn’t care anymore, all that mattered was that moment. As his seed exploded from the tip of his shaft he felt Sophia sucking harder and his knees almost wanted to buckle beneath him. Her little groans of pleasure as she sucked him dry were making him cum with an intensity he’d never felt before.

He was shocked once he’d finished coming because Sophia stood up so quickly and pushed him back onto his own bed. Getting astride him Sophia guided his still hard cock into her wet pussy and eased down. Brian watched her riding him and felt the first pangs of guilt as her perfect breasts bobbed up and down with the rhythm of her movements.

It was at that moment that he spotted Colin out of the corner of his eye standing at the door, and masturbating to what he was witnessing. This was all too much for Brian and he felt that he should stop his sister right now but, god help him, he was enjoying the moment way too much.

Sophia was now extremely wet and he could feel her juices running over his balls and loved how she kept falling down onto his cock. After another five minutes Brian heard his brother letting out a little whimper knowing that he had cum. This was enough to trigger his own ejaculation and once again the intensity of his orgasm made him arch his back and thrust his cock upwards until he stopped coming.

Sophia was also in the middle of her own climax and he could feel her muscles gripping his cock for every last drop of his semen. When he finished coming Sophia just got off the bed and returned to her room.

Brian sat on the end of his bed looking down at his now semi-hard cock and wondering what he was going to do. After getting dressed he returned to Sophia’s room to find her fast asleep. Colin came out of the toilet when Brian closed her door quietly.

“Bro…that was amazing!” he said, smiling.

“You’ve got to keep this to yourself Colin, Sophia didn’t know what she was doing in there and I was too weak to stop her,” replied Brian.

“Well, we’ll have to keep an eye on her. It must have something to do with the fall,” said Colin.

“Agreed…but how do we get her help without revealing what she’s doing?” replied Brian.

The two brothers pondered that question for a while and waited for Sophia to wake up. When she did nothing was mentioned of the day’s events and she never brought it up. Brian figured it must be a sleep disorder and wondered how to keep her safe without revealing any of this to his parents.

Sophia once again complained of being extremely tired and this was bothering her mother.

“I think we ought to take her to see the doctor again tomorrow,” she whispered to her husband as they left her tucked up in bed once more.

That night Colin was awoken by Brian and told to follow him. Rubbing his eyes and stepping out of bed Colin followed Brian downstairs to find there sister completely naked once again and looking for something.

“What’s she doing?” said Colin.

“Looking for something, but I don’t know what,” replied Brian, making sure she didn’t hurt her self.

At that point Sophia seemed to notice her brother’s presence and walked over to Colin with that same glazed look in her eyes. Colin was only wearing pajama bottoms and she made him jump when she grabbed his crotch. She seemed to know what she was holding because her hands were caressing his stiffening cock as it grew. When she felt Brian touching both her shoulders from behind Sophia bent down and took Colin’s pajama bottoms with her.

Before he knew it she was sucking his cock and opening her pussy lips with one hand reaching behind her. Brian wasn’t sure whether to wake her up or not, but he couldn’t deny that she was turning him on. His mind was made up when he felt the tips of her fingers rubbing his already hardened cock through his underwear.

Pulling his briefs off, he got into position and pushed his cock deep into her soft wet pussy. He then started to slam his cock in and out watching his brother’s face as Sophia sucked mercilessly on his shaft. Her moans of joy as each of the brothers fucked her were getting louder and more excited. Colin was now experiencing something he’d never done before; he was actually fucking her mouth like he would a pussy and he could feel the back of her throat with each new thrust. When he came he felt it shooting out the end more forcefully than ever before and held her head as she sucked him dry.

Brian came moments later and held her ass in place as the last of his seed exploded from the tip of his cock. Sophia turned around at that point and sucked Brian’s cock until he too stopped cuming. After which she once again behaved like nothing had happened by returning to bed. Both Colin and Brian remained down stairs eager to discuss these events and plan on what to do next.

[…End Excerpt…]

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Product Details
File Size: 307 KB
Print Length: 209 pages
Fortmat: ePub
Features: Flowing text
Language: English

Price(USD): $4.99