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Maddie lived so far out of town that she had to ride the school bus back and forth to school. Even though she’d had her driver’s license for two years, there wasn’t enough money to buy gas for the old pickup that was all they had left since mom had run off with the salesman from up north somewhere.

Maddie had been left behind on the ranch with her stepfather Len, a lean, rangy, and quiet cowboy type who worked from before sunrise till well after sunset to provide for Maddie. Mom had cleaned out the bank accounts when she left just before Christmas, just before Maddie’s eighteenth birthday. There would be precious little money until after the summer sale of the cattle…and that wouldn’t be until after the summer’s end sale, when the cattle had been driven down from the rich summer pastures on the high range in the mountains above the ranch. Maddie’s dilemma was plain enough. The rest of her senior class was going on their senior trip, and she was going to have to spend her entire summer, starting tomorrow before daylight, keeping an eye on the cattle.

It wasn’t that she was resentful about missing her senior trip, thought she had wanted to go desperately. She had a secret, one she had managed to keep from just about everyone…except Billy Harmon, whose lap she was sitting on this very minute. Her modest skirt was arranged over them so that no one could see that Billy’s monstrous cock was buried deep inside her pussy.

She had discovered sex at the school Christmas dance. Billy had smuggled a bottle of bourbon in under his coat and she had daringly allowed him to pour a little into her soft drink during the early part of the evening. Mom had only been gone for a short while, and Maddie was feeling rebellious because of the financial stress that the woman had caused by her surprising actions, as well as leaving her only daughter to live with the tall and quiet cowboy that Maddie hardly knew. After the third or fourth glass of altered soda, Maddie had allowed Billy to slip his hand inside her shirt and play with her tits.

To her surprise, she liked it so much she had gone into the girl’s bathroom and removed her bra (a small b cup, but a bra all the same). When she had come back out to the dance floor she had maneuvered Billy back under the bleachers and taken a swallow straight from the bottle. “Here,” she had whispered loudly, “see if you like this better.” She lifted her sweater and blouse so that he could see that she was no longer wearing a bra. After half an hour of nipple sucking that was truly beginning to send Maddie soaring, Billy had unzipped his jeans and changed her life forever. After freeing himself, Billy had shoved her hand down the front of his jeans and wrapped her hands around his swollen and very large penis. After a very few minutes of exploring his length and hardness under the bleachers, Maddie had buttoned them both up and was tugging Billy to the debate club’s room back down the darkened halls of the school.

Two swigs later and she was naked on her back with her legs spread wide, Billy pounding his hard cock into her pussy and making her cum over and over. When he had worn himself out she still wanted more, and she sent Billy out after Tommy Blevins. Tommy was even bigger than Billy was. She had met Tommy at the door naked and had his cock out before he even finished his first swallow of bourbon. Billy watched in awe as Maddie stripped Tommy’s jeans down and impaled herself on Tommy’s huge cock. Maddie clung to the boy and moaned until he had worn himself out. Without a word Maddie had climbed off him and had Billy on the floor again, fucking him with sharp, circular motions of her hips. Maddie couldn’t get enough, even from both of them. Even after Maddie had gotten home, she was still on fire, and she masturbated herself to sleep.

It was a very confused and shaken Maddie that had awakened the next morning. She had been a virgin when she had convinced Billy to crawl between her legs, but there had been no pain at his penetration. She decided that she must have lost her hymen over the years of riding horses…she had been riding since she was three. What mystified her was the fire that had built between her legs…a fire that wouldn’t seem to go away. She still had a keen desire to be filled with hot hard manflesh, and it didn’t seem to matter whose cock it was. A little embarrassed that she had let Tommy Blevins fuck her…and that she had enjoyed it so much, she wondered if every woman felt like this after her first time. For the first time she truly missed her mom. There was no female she knew or trusted enough to ask that particular question of.

That same day she had climbed on Billy’s lap and kept him inside her during the entire forty mile trip home. She couldn’t get naked with him, but it was better than nothing. In the next few months, she took every opportunity she got to have sex. She cornered the janitor downstairs in the basement of the school and convinced him to fuck her, which he actually did rather reluctantly because of the risk he was taking with his job, by baring her breasts to him and kneeling in front of him with her mouth open, begging him to let her suck his cock. It was a desperate, last ditch effort to convince him to fuck her, but she found that the taste of cock left her just as horny as fucking did. No matter what she tried, she couldn’t get enough. Learning to swallow and loving it did give her an additional tool to employ when she wanted to fuck older men…even though she was of age, she was still in school, and that fact seemed to intimidate the men she seduced. It seemed that schoolgirls were a poisoned fantasy for men these days, but a talented mouth and a willingness to do whatever it took helped them to get over their reluctance.

The end of school was coming on her quickly, and genuine fear began to gnaw at her as she contemplated the summer up in the high pastures. Her need to fuck had never let up and she would be many miles from the closest available man up in the beautiful but isolated area. There was nobody but her stepfather, and he just didn’t seem the type to indulge in a little hanky panky with a stepdaughter. Her days were filled with dread in anticipation of the summer. It was a shame, because she had always loved the freedom and beauty of the high pastures and the summer fattening of the cattle, even after her father had been killed and it had been just her and her mom to ride herd.

The day came when she had to saddle up for the three day drive to the high range pastures. The first day was as hard as she expected it to be, the constant pressure of the saddle on the crotch of her jeans and the constant change of gait as she chased down straying cattle kept her in a state of near orgasm. She had to resort to the memory of her conquests over the last few months, but it wasn’t enough. She found herself ranging far ahead to get enough time to masturbate before Len caught up with her. The nights were not quite as bad, because they took shifts watching the cattle, and she managed to find a little time to herself. The nights were getting warmer now, and she found that she could slip out of her jeans and ride in just her panties at the far end of the herd while Len slept for his three hours. If she cocked her pussy up at just the right angle, the seat of the saddle made her cum steadily…but it wasn’t enough. Her mouth hungered for the taste of a penis, and the emptiness inside her pussy was painful. The whole situation was enough to drive her to tears.

When they reached the little line shack that they would share for the summer, Len gazed at her thoughtfully. “You look like you’ve been rode hard and put away wet girl,” he said gruffly but kindly, “why don’t you stay here while I ride the fence line.” He looked back over his shoulder as he was leaving. “Don’t worry about supper girl, I can cook when I get back.” He strode from the room, still strong and tough after three days on the trail. The first inkling that she might find in her stepfather the means to quench the fire in her pussy struck her with the force of a lightning bolt.

The steel tub that was actually a watering trough that they used for bathing was big enough for her to sit in, but the water was cold. She got in and quickly washed herself thoroughly before getting out, shivering and toweling herself off. Fortunately for her, she had cut her own raven hair in an attractive short bob just before graduation, and it dried quickly. Still shivering with the cold she slipped on a thick flannel nightgown over her nudity and built a fire in the fireplace. Rummaging through the cupboards, she found a cast iron kettle and rinsed it out at the sink, pumping water into it from the hand pump mounted there. Len had unloaded the supplies from the pack horse, mostly perishables…he had made the trip up in the old pickup truck with the canned goods and assorted other stuff two weeks before.

She cut up some stew meat and added the vegetables and canned stock, and hung the kettle over the fire to stew. It would take a while before it was ready to eat, but it couldn’t be helped. It was still the middle of the afternoon but she was exhausted…and she was horny as hell.

The line shack only had two rooms. The bedroom had a large double bed for her parents, added on back when her father was still alive. She normally slept on the cot in the common room but this afternoon she wanted to ensure her privacy, so she entered the bedroom and quickly and efficiently made up the bed. When she was in the bed, she hiked the flannel nightgown above her waist and thrust her fingers deep inside her, writhing with the pleasure of masturbating and the agony of needing the hot flesh of a man inside her. At least when she had Billy inside her the need diminished for a little while. When she masturbated like this, the desire never quite left her. It was going to be a very long summer. Just as she was about to cum, a vision of Len and his lean rangy body striding strongly from the line shack crossed her mind. She could see his strong buttocks flex as he reached the door, and then she came in a blinding flash of pure pleasure. She was still thinking of his strong masculine face as she drifted off to sleep, her flannel nightie still pulled down far enough for her to fondle one breast as she masturbated with her other hand.

Len walked into the line shack as the sun was going down, and the smell of the stew was strong and good in his nostrils. He didn’t see Maddie in the main room, so he crossed to the bedroom door and knocked softly. When she didn’t answer, he peeked inside and his jaw dropped. What he saw floored him completely.

Maddie lay in the big double bed he had shared with his wife. The flannel nightgown was pulled up above one gorgeous breast, beneath which was a hard flat belly and two long slender legs, parted wide, her secret spot exposed and glistening in the dim light. He knew he should look away, but he couldn’t. It had been a long time since he had slept with his faithless wife, and the erection exploding in his jeans was nearly unbearable. He finally tore his eyes away and started to back out of the room.

“Don’t go,” Maddie whispered. She had awakened to find him staring at her body, lust plain in his eyes. She sat up in the bed and lifted the nightgown over her head, sitting nude before him, her legs still spread. “Come here,” she said, patting the bed beside her.

Len walked slowly to her, cursing himself every step of the way. It was wrong and he knew it, and he was doing it anyway. He sat on the bed where she had patted it. Maddie lifted his hand and pressed it to her breast, her hard nipple rising to meet his palm and a moan of frustrated desire rising in her throat. Hungrily she pulled his lips to hers as her free hand tore at his clothes. His objection, his warning that he hadn’t bathed, everything he said fell on deaf ears. Maddie had felt his strength through his jeans and she had only one thing on her mind now, and she would not be denied.

The man smell of him was strong in her nostrils as she guided him inside her with soft words of encouragement. She gasped her pleasure as he filled her, and her arms and legs enfolded him. Maddie felt his long thick cock brush up against the soft convex curve of her cervix and her heels drummed on his flanks as she began to cum. It was different this time. She couldn’t quite put her finger on it, but the intense feeling of her orgasm was stronger, and more complete. The scalding jets of his cum inside her set her off on a ladder of orgasms, each a bit more intense than the last, her fingernails digging furrows in the skin of his back each time she came.

Miraculously, his cock never softened and he never stopped pumping deep inside her. Joyfully she met each thrust with a thrust of her own and she could hear words of encouragement off in the distance. It took a moment before she realized that the voice telling him what she wanted and how good he felt inside her was her own. Their second climax was even more satisfying than the first. As she lay tangled in Len’s arms, exhausted, Maddie realized that she was satisfied for the first time since she had discovered sex.

He lifted his head and stared into her eyes. “I have no idea how we’re going to explain this,” he whispered.

“Not to worry,” Maddie said as she opened herself to him, for pleasure this time and not for need, “we’ve got all summer to come up with an explanation.” He slipped deliciously inside her, and Maddie wrapped her arms around him, content.