Love Can Be Blind

Love Can Be Blind
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Karen felt confident as the Doctor removed the bandages, she’d been blind now for over two years and this was her first real hope that she would regain her sight. As the last of the bandages was removed the Doctor asked her to open her eyes, as she did so she knew almost immediately that she was still blind. She hoped for a second that it was just a matter of adjusting her eyes, for she had been in the dark now for some time.

But the truth was she still couldn’t see; the tears rolled down her face, as she told the Doctor it hadn’t worked. He placed his arm around her shoulder, comforting her as best he could.

“It’s not the end Karen, we’ll think of something, I promise.”

Karen knew he meant well, and she also knew that he cared whether or not she regained her sight, but at the moment she wasn’t in the mood for comforting words.

“I’d like to be alone for a few minutes,” she said, using a piece of tissue on her eyes that the Doctor had given her.

“Okay my dear, we’ll be just outside,” replied the Doctor.

She sat down sobbing uncontrollably, she knew she’d built her hopes up too much, and was now paying for it. What she didn’t realize was that a certain Student Nurse, whose name was Eric, had stayed quiet in the room not leaving when the Doctor did.

“I’m sorry it didn’t work Karen,” he suddenly said, making his presence known.

“Who is that?”

“It’s Eric, a Student Nurse, I’ve been following your case, hoping to learn more about your condition,” he replied.

“Well, as you can see, the operation didn’t work.”

“I’m sure they will try again, these things are very difficult to put right,” he said, in an effort to give her hope.

“Yes, I’m sure they’ll try again; please forgive my foolishness,” she said, with a sniffle.

Eric placed his arm around her shoulder, squeezing slightly.

“It’s not foolish to want your sight back, it’s a God given right.”

She smiled at that, suddenly remembering all those less fortunate than herself. They talked for a while, with Karen opening up to this stranger, purely on the basis of liking his voice. Then she got an urge to feel his face, and asked if she could.

“Of course, if you’d like.”

She stood in front of him, then he guided her hands up to his face, and she felt the soft skin of his nose, not making out any blemishes. Then she moved around his cheeks, her fingers almost shaking as she realized he was smiling. She recognized it from the slight dimples in his cheeks.

“What are you smiling about?”

“You’re tickling me,” he said, laughing.

Karen laughed with him, touching his forehead with not a wrinkle in sight as it were.

“How old are you Eric, if you don’t mind me asking?”

“Twenty-five,” he replied.

“You’re the same age as me, now that’s a coincidence.”

They talked for a while longer, and then the Doctor came back, asking if everything was all right.

“Yes, Eric here has made me see, in the rhetorical sense, that I still have a chance to get my sight back, I thank you Eric,” she said, groping for the door.

She left after that, joining her faithful guide dog Ben, then returned home.

She visited the hospital twice a week from that moment on, taking the tests, and clinging onto hope, that they would one-day return her sight for her. She liked to meet with Eric whenever she was in the hospital, and on occasion they would have lunch together. Then one day, three months after her failed operation, her front doorbell sounded, it was Eric.

After inviting him in, Eric informed her that there was a specialist in town, he was here from Africa, and was leading the way in eye operations.

“He wants to see you, tomorrow morning.”

Karen was so excited she flung her arms around him, telling him that she had two wishes, the first was to be able to see and second for Eric to be the first she saw. Then she kissed him, but realized that he wasn’t ready for it, for she caught his cheek instead of his lips.

“I’m sorry; I didn’t mean to throw myself at you.”

“Don’t be sorry,” he said, finding her cheek with his right hand and stroking her soft skin.

“I’ve wanted to kiss you for so long now, but I never had the guts.”

Karen reached out her hands taking hold of his face; she drew her lips up to meet his, they kissed long and hard, falling back into the couch they were sitting on. Then Eric began to get bolder, running his hands down her dress, feeling the shapely figure beneath. She didn’t resist, as his hands lightly brushed her breasts. She suddenly remembered that she hadn’t made love to another man since her last boyfriend, some three and a half years ago.

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Product Details
File Size: 691 KB
Print Length: 89 pages
Fortmat: ePub
Features: Flowing text
Language: English

Price(USD): $2.99