Mario Brothers

Mario Brothers
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Over the past month I have asked my fans to submit their TRUE erotic stories to me. With their consent I have compiled a small collection of True Erotic Short Stories.

Liz wrote about the time she and her hubby placed an ad to spice up their sex life, and what a result they got. An extremely naughty story that will make you sweat. -Jamei


The most taboo sexual encounter I ever had was with my husband.

My husband and I had been visiting the private forums for some time, and we had been fantasizing about involving other people in our sex life. The only thing was, it always remained a fantasy.

We would chat online, even use the webcam on occasion to spice things up, but we never managed to plan things to actually bring someone else into our sex life. We didn’t want to go to a swing club, there’s just too much stigma attached to it. We never judged anyone who likes them, of course, they just weren’t for us.

One night, after we had been on the forums, I made a suggestion.

“Let’s place an ad, Dan” I said.

“Liz, are you serious?” he asked. “You mean on craigslist? For what?”

I smiled. “So you can finally watch someone fuck me.”

“I thought we fantasized about another couple,” he said.

“I know my husband.”

We didn’t actually place the ad on craigslist, but on the classifieds section of the private forums. (We were adventurous, but not crazy).

If I remember right, this is what it said:

“Fun and sexy couple wants to invite a safe couple or single male to join us. Must be drug and disease free. He is straight, she might experiment with bi. Picture available upon request, will return for yours. Serious inquiries only, must be local.”

We got excited just placing the ad, fooled around, and then went to bed. The next night, Dan logged onto the forums.

“We’ve got some messages,” he said. “Looks like someone is interested.”

“How many?” I asked.

“Twenty five.”

“Twenty five?” I asked. “Are you serious?”

“I’m sure it’s a bunch of guys wanting pictures,” he said. “But let’s check them out.”

As he suspected, most of the messages were more interested in getting dirty pictures of me then they were in actually meeting. But we did narrow down three who might be serious.

We answered all of them, and when we got answers, it really only came down to one. The first answer was a couple who seemed very interested. They had seen us post pictures on the forums before, and wanted to meet us in person. Unfortunately, they were in Seattle, and we were in Florida. The second was a single male. He sent us a picture, and we sent him one in return. Things looked promising based on his messages, but then the trip he said he was taking to Florida got cancelled the very next day. The final message was from another single male from the forums.

USER: Mani477


MESSAGE: I’ve seen you posting on the forums, and your wife is incredibly hot! I love brunettes, and she has an incredible body. I would love to join you two. I’ve attached a photo, but wanted to ask you a question. Would you be interested in more than one male? I have a friend, very good looking, who wants to join. No problem if you don’t like the idea, I will gladly come alone if need be. Oh, I have a location for the action that you might like. Very naughty yet private. You will like it. Attached is my picture. Hope you like.

We sent him a message back. Liz typed, while I looked over her shoulder.


SUBJECT: RE: Your ad

MESSAGE: Mani477, we are interested and want to hear more. Like your picture, we have attached one of her. We are also very curious about the location you speak of. If it’s safe for all of us, tell us about it!

Mani477’s name was Mario. (Yes, that’s his real name). He was 100% Italian, and moved to Ft. Lauderdale from New York.

“I thought we wanted someone local,” Dan said.

“I know, but I’m kind of turned on by this,” I said. “Mario’s proposal is really naughty, but we’ll still be anonymous.”

That was it. We set a weekend to meet him.

We got to Ft. Lauderdale on a Friday evening. About an hour before we were scheduled to meet, I laid out a couple outfits.

“What would you like me to wear?” I asked.

Dan chose a black top with a super low front. It pretty much required that I would have to go without a bra.

“My tits will barely be able to stay in this one you know,” I said.

He smiled, big. “I know.”

I wore a short skirt and long heels to go with it.

“How about if you ‘forget’ to wear panties?” he asked.


He nodded, and I said, “I’m glad I shaved.”

We headed downstairs, and jumped in a cab the valet had called for us.

“Take us to the Diamond Club,” Dan said.

We got to the club, and the neon sign was just what I expected. Two bright, pink and yellow women flashed on and off, moving as if they were losing their tops. Dan paid a cover charge for both of us at the door, where the bouncer assured us that “couples are welcome”.

Inside, it was a busy Friday night. Music blared and lights flashed on three separate stages, where strippers entertained men for dollar bills. We sat at a table with a booth near one of the walls. When a waitress came over, we ordered our drinks.

“Please tell Mario we would like to see him,” Dan said.

“Is he expecting you?” she asked.

Dan handed her a twenty dollar bill. “Yes.”

She smiled, and went off into the crowd. While we waited, I adjusted my top so that my cleavage was as visible as possible. I noticed that there were more than a few drunk men whose eyes were looking me over.

“Couples might be welcome,” Dan said. “But I don’t see any other women here.”

I smiled, and rubbed Dan’s pants, feeling his already hard cock inside. “You don’t?” I asked.

“Well, no wives that is,” he said.

We watched the entertainment, then in a few minutes our waitress came back.

“These are on the house,” she said. Her breasts were huge, and her top barely kept them contained. She purposely leaned over and put them right in Dan’s face. “So is anything else you might want.”

I smiled at Dan. “We’ll take two shots of tequila,” I said. “With lemon on the side. But that’s all for now.”

“Oh,” she said. She seemed genuinely disappointed. “Whatever you need of course.”

[…End Excerpt…]

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Product Details
File Size: 236 KB
Print Length: 25 pages
Fortmat: ePub
Features: Flowing text
Language: English

Price(USD): $0.95