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The phone rang a couple of times before Jen picked up.


I put on a southern accent. “Hi there, little lady. Is your mommy home?”

“Yes, sir, she is. But she’s in my bed with Mr Ridge’s cock up her ass.”

“Dammit, Jen…how do you always know it’s me?”

“A little thing I like to call ‘Caller ID’.”

“Oh, that old trick…” I lost my voice for a second.

“Sweetie? Have those pilots been misbehaving again?”

“Aw, a couple of cowboys with more cock than pit. Plus a freak windstorm hit about midday. It was all I could do to keep ’em in the air.” I never see the faces, they never see me. So it’s abstract and impersonal. But on the bad days I swear I can feel the weight on my shoulders. The thousands of lives I hold in my hands. All depending on me to make every decision right. And today had been a bad day.


“Did you try some creative visualization?”

“That never really took.”

“There’s that new yoga place. Give that a try?”

“Yeah…I guess…”

“Sweetie, if it helps…I just put a lamb roast in the oven.”

“That’s…” I couldn’t think about food. There was something I needed so much more. “Jen, would you…”


“Would you let me see Midge tonight?”

“Wow. That bad a day, huh?”

“Please? You know I love you, right? It’s not about that.”

“Of course. And I love you.” She didn’t sound hurt, or worried, which was a good sign. She sighed, and I could almost hear her head shaking. “Okay then, sweetie. Just…save some for me?”

“You’re the best, Jen.”

I pulled into the driveway and killed the engine. My hands shook just a little as I stepped down from the cab. Jen had been at me for months to get rid of my big old beast, maybe get one of those hybrid cars. Truth was, I didn’t need a fucking behemoth like this, but if my father or brother ever saw me in a hybrid, they’d probably hold an intervention for me.

I knocked quietly, the way Midge prefers it. She called out in her sweet voice, telling me to wait a minute.

I pulled out my cellphone and turned it off. All part of the rules. I leaned against the wall as a minute turned to two. The sun’s heat was still in the bricks. It seeped through my jacket and into my skin. She’d come open the door when it was time.

Already I felt the tension easing. It wasn’t just the warmth on my back. It was the anticipation. I mean, don’t get me wrong. I love Jen; her style, her drive and efficiency, her caring nature. She’s a beautiful modern woman.

But Midge is something else. She evokes those times when my biggest worry was scoring enough weed to get through my exams.

I heard movement close to the door, and seconds later she drew it open.

I smiled at the vision before me. Her petite frame always looked so inviting in the cinched waist of her floral house-dress. Blond hair tightly bound in a bun. Her high, high heels brought her up almost to my shoulder. I could pick her up, throw her over my shoulder and still run the hundred meters in under 15 seconds. Not that I ever would.

“Come in, Marcus.”

I did exactly as I was told, walking into the living room and stopping. “How are you, Midge?”

“Oh, I’m dandy, Marcus. Won’t you take a seat?”

I fell heavily into the soft cushioned sofa and moaned with relief.

“Take off your shoes.” She never says ‘please’. I never say ‘no’. “Socks, too.”

“I’m so glad you’re here, Midge. I had some trouble today at work. It was-”

“Shh…” She sat on my lap, side-saddle, and started working my buttons. My shirt came away from my shoulders and she pulled me forward, drawing it completely off. “You’re very handsome, Marcus.”

“Thank you.”

She traced her fingers down through the hair on my chest and thumbed my nipple. I squirmed with the uncomfortable thrill as she brought it tingling to life.

I felt my breath and my pulse juddering against each other as she spread my thighs and knelt between them. Her hot breath coursed over my skin as she leaned across to take my nipple into her mouth. She sucked gently on it as she squeezed the other. She let it slip from her lips with a liquid sound that spread a fire across my chest.

Her little hands worked my belt open. “Stand up, Marcus.” Of course I did as I was told. She dragged my pants and boxers off, leaving me standing before her, naked in the afternoon sun that streamed through the windows.

Midge stood and turned her back to me.

“Unzip me, Marcus.”

My hands trembled as I worked her dress open. My breath faltered as she stripped it from her slender body.

“Sit back down, Marcus. I do believe some fellatio is in order.”

I sat and breathed, unable to concentrate on anything but the hardening of my cock. Midge turned back to me and cradled my cheek in one hand, squeezing her stubby strap-on in the other. She pressed her thumb past my trembling lips.

“Open for me, Marcus.”

I let my mouth hang loose and welcomed the thrust of the slender toy she wore. She pressed inside, filling my mouth and holding herself there, blocking my throat for a moment. The serenity of her expression seemed at odds with the insistent thrusting of her hips. The scent of her pussy crept up into my nose and mixed with the taste of silicone.

“There you go…relax into it.”

I reached up to grasp the soft shaft but she blocked my hands.


She slipped her fingers into my hair and pulled my face forward, pressing her cock right back as far as I could take it.

“That’s it, Marcus. You’re very good at this. I love it when you get dirty.”

To all the air passengers, I’m nobody. In my job, I only ever get noticed if I fuck up. But the sweetness of Midge’s voice, and the delicacy of her praise, was beautiful. I soaked myself in the moment. I let my eyes fall closed, but all I could see was a room full of screens. Radar. Readouts.

“Your mouth looks wonderful wrapped around me, Marcus. Show me your tongue. Show me how you work it.”

Sometimes I got lost in the moment. With the heat of her palms against my temples, the steady rhythm of her cock between my lips, I could just fall out of life and believe the fantasy. In these moments, I belonged wholly to Midge.

“All right, Marcus. Reach into that drawer there.”

She pulled loose from my mouth as I slipped off the sofa. The drawer was in the low coffee table, so I crawled across to open it. As I scooped up the little tube of lube I felt Midge’s palm stroking my upturned ass.

“My, you’re a big boy, Marcus. Beautiful muscle tone.”

“Thank you.”

“Here, pass me the lube. No, don’t get up.”

I felt my breath catch in my chest. There’s little that can make a man feel so vulnerable, so open, as having his bare ass in the air. The snap of the lid opening made me jump, made my knees tremble against the rug.

“Look at me, Marcus.”

I turned to see the syrupy lube cascading from the tube and into her palm, overflowing and oozing down, like a money shot. My lungs trembled as I watched her hand slide down to her cock and start stroking, coating it. Her slender arm flexed, her tight breasts juddered as she pumped at her toy. Her small stature did nothing to lessen the power that radiated from her. The serenity of her countenance never faltered, but I was sure mine betrayed my twinned fear and excitement.

With her cock all juiced up, Midge held the tube above my ass and squeezed it. The drips landed right at the top of my crack like weighty tears. My head grew light as my cock grew heavy.

Midge brought her thumb down and made circles in the lube, each orbit widening and deepening, delving further into my no-man’s-land. My own gasps of shock thrilled me, though Midge seemed unmoved by them. She stopped with her thumb resting right against my hole.

I lowered my head to the floor, ready for what was to come.

“No, Marcus. Show me your handsome face.”

I looked back at her again. I thought I could see a tiny smile dance across her mouth for a second before the insistent drive of her thumb forced my eyes closed.

I groaned as the pleasure warred with the fear. I knew how this would look to my father…my brother. They always made it clear what made a man a man, and where a woman’s place is. But as Midge’s knuckle spread me open I simply didn’t care. I lost myself again to the sensation. No decisions. No abstract pressure. Just tangible bliss.

“Relax, Marcus. Open for me.”

As her skillful thumb made little circles inside me, I could feel it. A heat that started right where she entered me. A heat that was gradually spreading, liquefying tension and loosening muscle. I pushed back against her, welcoming her inside me.

“No, Marcus. I’m driving.”

I grunted some kind of reply, and she slid her thumb deeper. The head of my cock pulsed against my belly as she pushed and rolled, getting me ready for what was to come. She twisted her hand around, the sensation thrilling against the sensitive bud of my ass. Her small fingers stretched down and tickled at my heavy balls, gathering them up until she held them tight. She pressed them against me as she thrusted her thumb, awakening a fresh mix of fear and pleasure. I was completely at her mercy.

I wanted it so badly, wanted her smooth cock inside me, to fill me until there was no room for thought. I moaned, long and deep as I felt the slick shaft tickle its way up the inside of my thigh. My breath shuddered as its snub nose pressed against my cheek. My voice failed as she slipped her thumb loose of me and nudged the tip right up into the heart of my ass.

There seemed to be no sound but Midge’s breathing as she pressed forward, inching her firm shaft inside me, making demands of my body that it still wasn’t used to obeying.

The few times I tried yoga, I loved how a good stretch used to burn all over my back and legs. This was like that, the same kind of burn, only it was concentrated. Distilled heat, just an edge of pain to it, and instead of being spread across my body, it was all crammed into my ass.

I swore I could almost feel little fingers reaching out and tickling me inside. Midge grasped my hips and rolled against my butt, tiny thrusts that bloomed inside me.

As her cock slid deeper in I felt my lip curl over clenched teeth, and I closed my eyes. I pictured myself as a tall glass of lemonade, still fizzing from being poured. In that glass, a single cube of ice. I watched that cube as the summer heat curled around it. I studied the way it melted, how the sharp corners began to round off. How as it grew smaller, it was as if the glass grew bigger.

By the time the cube had melted, Midge’s smooth hips were bumping against my ass. Each little thrust seemed to ease my tension a little more. As if it was driving away, person by person, jet by jet, all the weight I’d brought with me from work. My heart and my head grew light until all I could feel was the radiance of Midge’s smile, all over my back.

“I love your body, Marcus.”

She bumped my reply out of me in little chunks of sound, somewhere between words and moans. Then she pulled out, leaving a cold feeling inside me.

“But you have such a gorgeous face, too. I want to see it.”

I rolled onto my back and held my legs up. She slotted her shoulders into the backs of my knees and drove her cock back inside me. I squinted with the pleasure of being taken. The bliss of being the prey and not the hunter.

Now, behind my still-closed eyes, there was nothing. My body was just a receptacle, my pleasure just ancillary. I gasped as Midge curled her hand around my cock and ground her thumb into the hair-trigger patch of skin just below the tip. She rubbed little circles across it as she bounced her hips, and I almost sobbed with pleasure.

“You’re beautiful, Marcus. You make me so hard.”

It suddenly felt as if every thrust she’d made, every word she’d said, had gathered at the base of my spine. All the stray jagged pieces of my stressful day seemed to rub together and ignite, sending a wall of heat up my body, fusing my bones and muscle into a machine again. Wiping away doubt, and replacing it with lust.

I found my voice, and it was deep. “Do I also…make you wet?”

“Wet? Always.”

She pulled out of me with a quick roll of her hips. Grabbing the strap-on, she looked at me quizzically. “I think my work here is done?”

“Thank you, beautiful. But Jen asked me to save her some.”

She stepped out of the harness and stood with her eyes closed for a moment. She pulled the clip from her hair and shook it all loose. When she opened her eyes again, her smile was as radiant as the day I married her.

“That’s right. I did.”

I fell to my knees and planted my face into the fragrant heart of her pussy. She whimpered and weakened, collapsing onto the sofa with her knees hooked over my shoulders. I swept my tongue over her, nipped at her lips, sucked on her clit. She mewed with desire and pounded her heels into my back.

With my mouth still against her, I barked out my needs.

“Roll over, Jen.”

She untangled from me, turned onto her front and slipped her knees down to the floor. I nosed my cock up against the slick mouth of her pussy and pressed, much more firmly than she’d done. She cried out in pleasure as my hard hips punched into hers. She squeezed my cock inside her, sucking the breath from my body as I ground out my desire on her.


She bit into a cushion as my hands bit into her hips. Her muffled squeals called to an ancient part of my brain. The part that relentlessly chased. That held its prey in iron fist and clenched jaw until the voice of hunger took over.

With my hand curled around her shoulder I pumped into her, returning all the strength Midge gave me.

Jen moaned with the wavering lilt that meant she was just about to climax, and she clutched herself around my cock so tightly that I drove over the cliff with her. Every thrust bloomed inside her with a fresh wave of pleasure. I bawled my ecstasy skyward, in a surrogate “fuck you” to all the nameless, faceless people I’d guided through the day.

As my voice trailed away, the arching strength in my back turned to mush. I fell forward, gliding my body over Jen’s back to nibble on her ear.

“Thank you, honey.”

“Any time, sweetie. Especially if you’re gonna come back at me like that.”

“Yeah…lost myself a little there.”

I slipped out of her and sat on the floor. She draped her small frame across me and kissed my lips.

“You’re a good boy, Marcus.”

I smiled at the floor.

Jen lifted my chin and kissed me again, much deeper. “But you’re a wonderful man.”