Minor Indiscretion

Minor Indiscretion
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I burned of desire as Ryan pressed me up against the wall and kissed my lips passionately. His firm grip around my wrists tightened, pinned me against the wall. I could feel him harden against my leg, and at that moment I wanted nothing else but to have him inside me.

I had my orgasm even before I got to that part. My body trembled in a mixture of relief and disappointment, and I stared emptily at the shower head. It wasn´t nearly as good as the real thing.

I finished the shower and walked downstairs, where Ryan was watching TV. He didn´t look up or even acknowledge that I had returned to the room.

I sighed and returned to the memory of me pinned against the wall by his strong hands. If only he could show me the same interest again. It had been years ago since things between us had been that hot. I still loved him, but I couldn’t help but wish that he would show some more interest in the bedroom.

“I´d better go to sleep,” Ryan said and stood up.

I jolted back to the present and noticed that the TV was off and all lights were dark. “Sure,” I said. “I´ll join you.”

Ryan smiled and went upstairs. When we both were in bed, he ran a finger along my side under the duvet. I sighed and went along with the fumbling beneath the sheets. My hands folded around his cock by routine more than excitement and it seemed he had forgotten where my clit was.

He entered me with the same slow, routine movements and I responded by lying still beneath him. It wasn´t that I didn´t enjoy it; it was just that it was the same every night and had been for the last few years.

After he came, he rolled over and turned off the light. I stared at the dark ceiling and wondered what had happened. Was this the same man who had held me pinned against the wall and taken me by storm?

Alice and I were standing by the water cooler when the new guy walked through the door. He was tall, slender and handsome, with dark hair and piercing blue eyes. From out of nowhere an image flashed through my mind, of him pinning me against the office walls with his hardened cock against my thigh.

I sucked in a deep breath and pushed the image as far away as I could. No matter how bad our sex life, I would never cheat on Ryan!

“Oh my,” Alice whispered in my ear. “How am I going to get any work done with a man like that in the office?”

“Shush,” I said, but couldn´t help smiling. Alice the most happily married woman I knew and the last person to toss glances at coworkers.

“How are things with Ryan?” she asked.

I shrugged and stared at the coffee in my hand. “It´s good, really good.”

“But not great?”

I nodded with a sigh. “Not great, no. You´ve been married to Robert for ages. Do you still have that same spark as you did when you first met?”

“Of course not,” Alice said. “It´s much deeper now, more intense.”

I sighed and wished I could say the same about my relationship with Ryan. “We have the same routine every day and it´s getting dull.”

“You should talk to him about it.”

I sighed and wished I could believe her. “I think he´s just not that into me anymore.”

Alice gave my shoulder a sympathetic squeeze before she returned to her desk. I stayed behind and realized the new guy was alone in the kitchen. “Hi there,” I said, walking toward him. “I´m Harriet.”

He took my hand and pressed it firmly. “Nice to meet you, Harriet. Name´s George.”

I shivered at the sound of his voice and the sensation of his skin against mine. He was by far the most handsome man I had seen in a long time.

The evening was a replay of the nights before, including the quick fumble under the blankets. Ryan was loving and caring, but not exciting in the same way he had been when we first met.

When we were finished, Ryan turned the lights off and started snoring. I sighed at the ceiling. That night it wasn´t Ryan who pinned me against the wall, but George.

For some reason I found it hard to choose an outfit the next day. I ended up with a blouse I hadn´t worn for years, with a low-cut cleavage, and a short skirt. The fact that it still fit me was a relief.

“You´re looking good today,” Ryan said. His tone was more questioning than appraising.

I shrugged and applied some makeup, realizing I hadn´t used half of my products for years. “It´s just nice to look good.”

Ryan raised an eyebrow at me but, to my relief, said nothing else on the matter.

At work I found myself looking in George´s direction every other minute. When he went to the coffee machine, I straightened my skirt like a nervous school-girl and went after him. I cursed myself for it; I was thirty-six, not sixteen!

“How do you like the office so far?” I asked and leaned up against the wall in a pose I thought would show my profile from the best angle.

A wave of excitement flooded through me as I saw his eyes drift towards my cleavage. Apparently I still had it in me.

“I like it very much,” George said, struggling to keep his eyes off my breasts. “Have you worked here for long?”

I smiled and walked towards him, swaying my hips. “About five years now, I think. It´s a good place to work, especially since the office is in the middle of town.”

George followed my movements with his eyes. “So this is all there is? The town center, I mean.”

“Unfortunately,” I said and grimaced. “Are you new in town, then?”

“Yes,” he said. “I separated from my wife a few months ago and thought I should start over somewhere new.”

I pouted and placed a hand on his shoulder. It was almost as if someone else was controlling my movements; I would never even consider cheating on Ryan and yet here I stood flirting with a colleague!

“Perhaps I could show you around sometime,” I said and bit my lip, instantly regretting my words.

“Perhaps you could be the one showing me around,” George said and smiled.

I blushed and pulled my hand away. “I´m sorry, I… I´m married.”

George shrugged and took my hand. “I understand. It´s just that I´m new in town and would like to say I know at least one person. No strings attached. What do you say?”

I swallowed a lump in my throat and willed the world to stop spinning around me. He was so sexy I wondered if I could keep my hands off him, and I didn´t want to cheat on Ryan. On the other hand, it had been ages since I had felt this way.

“Perhaps,” I muttered. “I´d better get back to work. Deadline.”

I thought I could feel George´s eyes on me throughout the rest of the day, but I did my best to avoid him. Alice had called in sick, and since I had forgotten my mobile at home I couldn´t consult with her before I got off work.

Ryan was already home when I walked through the door. I only gave him a quick peck on the cheek before rushing upstairs, desperate to consult with Alice. As soon as I had found my phone I shut myself in my office and gave her a call.

“George invited me out on a date,” I said the moment she answered.

“Are you going?” I heard Alice close a door behind her.

“I don´t know,” I said. “I´m not sure I could keep my hands off him if I went.”

“And you don´t want to cheat on Ryan, right?”

[…End Excerpt…]

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Product Details
File Size: 715 KB
Print Length: 106 pages
Fortmat: ePub
Features: Flowing text
Language: English

Price(USD): $2.99