My Teacher Squirts

My Teacher Squirts
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There’s no denying that my teacher Liz is a very beautiful woman.

At 45 years old, she’s able to turn more heads touring my college campus than women half her age. And for good reason too, because simply put, she’s hot.

I couldn’t blame anyone for checking her out because of how busty she looked with her voluptuous breasts and her shapely rear end. And as a real estate agent, she would always dress in tight fitting professional business outfits which brought out her curves even more. Her long wavy brown hair, blue eyes, and full lips, made her look even more desirable. But what made her even sexier was that she never tried to act sexy. She’s about as prim & proper and classy as a woman can get.

Now I’ll admit, I’ve masturbated thinking about her a few times in my life, and have had my fair share of naughty fantasies about her. How could I not? I lived with her on campus and saw her every day. In fact she lived in the same building, which brought me into close contact with her frequently. And soon, I was about to find out a little more about her…

It was early Saturday morning. I grabbed my small hamper full of dirty clothes are carried them down to the basement to toss in the washing machine, only to find that my teacher had beaten me by a few short moments.

“I had no idea you would be up so early on a weekend,” she said as she shoved her bed sheet in the washing machine.

“I was going out to the gym later and I realized that I forgot to do my laundry,” I replied

“Oh. I hope you don’t mind me going first. It won’t be too long.”

“I don’t mind at all. And are you washing your sheets again? Didn’t you wash them a few days ago?” I asked.

Her eyebrows raised as little. “I did, but I was sweating all night because of the warm weather. And the last thing I want to do is lay on fabric filled with perspiration.”

I couldn’t put my finger on it, but she seemed to be unusually evasive and dodgy on such a simple question.

“No problem. I’ll come back in an hour.”

When I headed back upstairs, I couldn’t help but notice something as I passed her door and glimpsed inside. It stood straight up on the counter right next to her bed, and it was shiny and silver. My curiosity got the better of me and I walked inside her room to find a vibrator on full display.

My mind started racing with lewd thoughts as I held up her sex toy, which looked like it hadn’t been cleaned yet from her using it. Finding out that my conservative teacher owned something like this was both shocking and erotic at the same time. She’s obviously human and has her needs like everybody else, but this was just something I never imagined her owning considering how modest a person she is.

“You obviously weren’t supposed to see that,” I heard her say behind me.

I turned to see her with standing by the door with a deflated and embarrassed look on her face.

“It’s my fault for not putting it away,” she added. “I didn’t think you would be awake at this hour.”

“I’m so sorry for coming inside you room like this. It’s just that I…”

I realized that I was still holding her vibrator, and when I turned back around to put it back on the table, I noticed a wet spot in the middle of her bed.

“You weren’t supposed to see that either. God this is so humiliating. I feel like I’m having the worst morning of my life right now,” she said, shaking her head in disbelief.

“It’s okay, lots of women squirt,” I replied, trying to make her feel better.

“Great, this is exactly what I need right now- a student giving me reassurance about my bodily fluids,” she said sarcastically.

“I was just trying to ease the tension. Honestly, I think it’s so hot.”

Her eyes widened in surprise of my candor. “I really don’t know what’s gotten in to you this morning. Just because you saw something personal of mine doesn’t give you the right to make whatever inappropriate comments you want towards me.”

“I wasn’t trying to offend you. I was trying to make you feel better because of how embarrassed you looked over it. And I really do think it’s hot. It’s one of my favorite fantasies,” I proudly admitted.

“Well it’s good to know that there are still some men out there who actually appreciate it. Some of the men I’ve dated have ran for hills when they first saw it,” she replied

“That’s a real shame. A woman like you really does need to be appreciated. Seriously, I think it’s an amazing talent that more people should enjoy watching.”

“And I suppose you’re referring to yourself,” she said with a skeptical look on her face.

“Well not exactly. But now that you mention it, it might be kind of fun for the both of us. I’ve been dying to see it in real life, and you sound like you want someone to appreciate what you can do. So what’s the harm?”

She paused for a long moment and gave me a look.

“Fine…I don’t see a problem with that,” she said. “It’s been a while since I’ve entertained someone with it.”

She lifted and reached under her night gown to pull her panties down to her ankles before kicking them away. She then grabbed the chair in front of her computer and pulled it to face the bottom of the bed.

“You can only sit here and watch me on two conditions. One is that you never tell ANYONE about this- EVER.”

“Of course not. I would never do that to you” I told her, with my heart beating with excitement.

“Good. And the other condition is that you drop your pants as well. You don’t have to get completely naked, just having your bottom off will do. I refuse to be the only one exposed here. And you can pleasure yourself if you want, I don’t mind.”

I didn’t hesitate for a second in pulling my shorts and underwear off. Her eyes immediately roamed around my growing erection, and I sat down on the chair as instructed.

She reached over to the top of her dresser and grabbed a towel, which she unfolded and spread across her bed. She then lifted her gown, exposing her naked thighs and her neatly trimmed vagina to me, before sitting on top of the towel with her upper back pressed up against wall with her pillow behind her. Her knees were up and her legs were spread wide open, giving me an intimate look at her vagina from where I sat.

She started off by rubbing her fingers up and down her brown labia. And each time she would rub herself, I was able to see a little bit more of her pink insides. And the more she would rub, the wetter she became. Her fingers, labia, and pubic hairs all started to glisten with traces of her clear fluids.

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Product Details
File Size: 172 KB
Print Length: 25 pages
Fortmat: ePub
Features: Flowing text
Language: English

Price(USD): $0.95

My Teacher Squirts