Naked Heat

Naked Heat
Naked Heat
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Bonnie Gentry, soccer mom extraordinaire, loving wife, and active member of the PTA, harbored dark secrets behind her façade of All American Mom. She and her husband Lester had years before gone through the period of married life where they had tried sexual exploration as a means to spice up a sex life which had become routine and boring. Still deeply in love, they had tried and enjoyed swinging for a while. After a short time, the novelty had worn off and they had turned to other things, though they still had a few couples that they occasionally partnered with.

A slender, attractive, and youthful looking brunette with a flowing black mane of hair and green eyes in her mid thirties, she looked like anything but a soccer mom. Bonnie had discovered while they were swinging that she had a serious penchant for being watched, especially when Lester was doing the watching. She had discovered that being watched was a special thrill for her during a double date with another couple. She had enjoyed dancing close with Tom, husband of her very close friend Vivian, and blatantly causing him to come erect by rubbing against his cock on the dance floor while Vivian sat in Lester’s lap and watching them. Each time Bonnie and Tom returned to the table, Tom was embarrassed by his huge erection, which he was unable to hide.

Vivian had been the one to suggest they go to a strip club, and she and Bonnie had ridden in the back seat during the ride over to the club, whispering and giggling in the back seat as the men chatted up front. Both women were bisexual, and what happened later was partially Vivian’s fault because she had been pinching Bonnie’s nipples and teasing her pussy throughout the short ride. When the four of them took a seat in the strip club, Bonnie was already wet and ready for anything.

The strippers loved to tease affluent married couples, and the four of them were constantly surrounded by girls offering lap dances. Lester and Tom were in their glory, but Bonnie had become fascinated with a young soldier who was sipping at a beer and watching longingly the near naked women who were dancing for people with more money than he had. In short, he looked like what he was, a lonely young man far from home with an income insufficient even to buy himself companionship for a few minutes. Bonnie’s heart went out to him.

“If you feel so sorry for him,” Vivian said, well into her fourth vodka martini, “Why don’t you take him in the back parking lot and suck his cock?” The two men laughed at Vivian’s semi drunk comment, and Lester chimed in.

“Back parking lot hell baby, why don’t you blow him right here where we can watch?” It was a challenge that Bonnie couldn’t refuse. Carefully, she unbuttoned her blouse as far as she dared without risking getting arrested, shaped her hair quickly by running her fingers through it, and chewed on her lips to make them redder and appear fuller. She stood up and walked towards the soldier with a sway in her stride designed to attract any man’s attention.

She walked up beside him and bent over to whisper in his ear, making certain that he had a clear view down the front of her blouse, where her firm unfettered breasts were on full display for his pleasure.

“My husband said I didn’t have the nerve to suck your cock right in here in the club, and I’m here to prove him wrong,” Bonnie said with a grin. She nipped at his ear gently with her teeth. “Are you game?”

The soldier was too young to be suspicious, and he quickly stood up, offering Bonnie the chair next to his with a wide grin on his face. Bonnie had grinned back at him and pushed him to a more dimly lit table, arranging him so that Lester, Tom, and Vivian had a clear view of his lap while remaining hidden from most of the club. Bonnie pushed him back in his chair and looked around before dropping her head to his lap. Reaching for his zipper, Bonnie felt him become very still as she freed his penis from his jeans. She looked up to see Lester’s eyes burning into her own, and she opened her lush lips and sucked the tip of the man’s cock inside her mouth. Lester’s lips were parted too, and Bonnie could see the excitement on his face…as well as the erection in his pants.

The young soldier’s cock was not any more than six inches long, and Bonnie took his length easily into her throat, milking his shaft by making swallowing motions with the muscles there. He was evidently unfamiliar with that particular pleasure, because the inexperienced cock was thrusting rapidly and eagerly into the warm moist cavern of her mouth and he was grunting and groaning with enthusiasm. Bonnie’s eyes were still fixed on Lester’s as she tried to make the young man cum as quickly as possible. When she felt the impending orgasm, Bonnie pulled back so that Lester, Tom, and Vivian could watch the thick stream f hot cum jet into her mouth in huge spurts. When it was over, Bonnie climbed onto the young man’s lap, cradling his head to her all but exposed breasts and allowing him to play with them for a short while before returning to her place between Lester and Tom.

“Did you like the show?” she asked provocatively, her hands passing over their cocks as she spoke.

Her voice was a little unsteady, the experience headier and more exciting than she had anticipated. She was dripping wet, and both men were rigid.

“That was hot as hell!” Vivian breathed, “I’ve got to try it.” She looked around, but didn’t see anyone who particularly impressed her, nobody she wanted. “Fuck it,” Vivian said, “let’s go out on the beach!” They left the club together, and strolled across the highway to the beach.

Vivian, a petite redhead with skin like cream and a slight scattering of freckles across the bridge of her nose, was bustier than Bonnie. She delighted in showing off her tits at every opportunity, and Bonnie envied the tiny woman her larger breasts. When they reached the beach Vivian casually lifted her shirt above her head and then reached behind her back to unfasten her bra. A group of teenaged boys passed by on their way to a bonfire lit volleyball game a couple of hundred yards down the beach. When they saw Vivian’s naked breasts they stopped, their mouths gaping. “Jesus Christ,” one of them gasped.

Vivian chuckled deep in her throat, a deliciously wicked sound as she walked towards them, her tee shirt casually dangling from her fingertips. “Do you like what you see boys?” she asked in a low voice.

“Jesus Christ!” Bonnie heard, and she could have sworn it was the same voice she had heard earlier. Vivian reached out and grabbed a pair of hands, tugging them to her soft mounds and sighing with pleasure as the boys fondled and sucked her breasts.

“Come on boys,” Vivian trilled, “There’s enough for everybody.” She was surrounded, and she seemed to love it too. Lester and Tom were excited as well, Bonnie could tell by the hardness of their respective cocks, which she had her greedy hands squeezing as the trio watched Vivian getting swamped with attention.

“She’s in her glory,” Bonnie whispered, “just look at that face!”

“She doesn’t look any happier than you did with that soldier’s cock in your mouth,” Lester said quietly to his wife just before he kissed her. “It’s kind of hot watching you seduce a young guy like that…I never really just sat back and watched you before.”

“It made me hot too,” Bonnie confessed, “but I don’t know if it was just having you watch me or if it was partly because he looked s lonely and unhappy. It doesn’t really matter baby, I was doing it to excite you…me cumming was just a bonus.”

Vivian was giggling and carrying on like a teenager with the boys, teasing them by dropping her shorts to the sand and wiggling her sexy ass at them as she backed towards the water.

Tom roared with laughter as he heard Vivian taunting the boys. “She either going to have to let them pull a train on her or she’s going to start a riot!”

“Did you ever want to watch your wife get gang banged Tom?” Lester asked.

Bonnie felt her nipples rising, Lester having scraped the cover off one of her carefully concealed fantasies. “Have you ever wanted to watch me get gangbanged Lester?” she asked softly.

“Do you have an itch you need scratched baby?” Lester asked her teasingly, running his hands over her clothes, “I think it would make me hot out of my mind to watch you getting gangbanged…as long as it was making you horny.”

“Watching Vivian right now is making me want to fuck baby, I need it,” she whispered urgently. He patted her on the ass and shoved her towards the crowd of boys. With a deep thrill in the pit of her stomach, Bonnie approached the young men who were enthusiastically touching Vivian all over.

Bonnie finally got the attention of one of them by dropping her clothes off on the sand and kneeling before him, legs spread wide and her mouth open. Eagerly one of the boys stuffed his erect cock in her mouth, and almost as quickly stiff hard cocks were placed in her willing hands. The last time she paid any attention to Lester, he was slowly masturbating as he watched her and Vivian get swarmed. Bonnie was suddenly completely covered with the hot slippery bodies of young college age boys. If there is such a thing as Nirvana, she thought, I am there.

One enterprising young man lay on his back and wiggled his way between her legs until the tip of his swollen organ was pressing against her clit…Bonnie ground down on him madly, needing the void in her pussy filled desperately. When she felt another hot skinned body slip behind her, the excitement level shot through her head like a rocket…soon she would feel a hot young cock inside her ass at the same time. She writhed like a madwoman in anticipation, but what happened was even more of a surprise, and a radical turn on.

She whimpered as she felt the thick, eager cockhead rubbing against the puckered rosebud of her ass, bending forward to make it easier for him to penetrate her. He missed the wildly moving hole and instantly Bonnie was swept away in a frenzy of unmitigated lust…there were two hard penises inside her pussy. In deepest recesses of her darkest fantasies she had never dreamed of this particular perversion, but Bonnie knew with certainty this would not be the last time she practiced it. The sensation was beyond her ability to describe. Her orgasms, and there were many, blossomed in her head like fireworks on the fourth of July. Her cries of “Fuck me! Yes, Yes, YES!” cracked across the sound of the waves and interrupted even the noisy volleyball game. Bonnie was unaware that Vivian had stopped to see why her friend was making such a racket, and was staring with patent envy as the two heavy cocks stroked in and out of her. The entire volleyball game had suspended as the group came to watch the two women take on the entire group. Lester and Tom found themselves surrounded by enthusiastic volleyball players substantially younger than themselves.

Lester felt a small hand on his penis and looked down into a set of liquid brown eyes in the head of an exceptionally beautiful girl just out of high school. Watching him closely, she dipped her head to his swollen cock, her lips parted and her hot breath sending chills through his body. “Is that your wife in the middle of all those boys?” she asked. Lester nodded. “You’re not afraid she will leave you for one of those pretty boys?” she smiled as if she knew his answer already. He shook his head no. “I like that in a man,” she said as she put her sweet mouth around his rigid cock. Lester couldn’t hear her catlike purr of pleasure as she sucked him, but he could feel it all the way to his spine. Without taking her mouth from him, she slowly helped him to strip away her clothes. When all that was left on her was wadded up around her neck, she took her mouth off him and crawled up into his lap.

She raised her arms high and slipped the wadded remainder over her head at the same time her incredibly tight pussy closed around his cock. She nestled her head into the hollow of his neck and began to fuck him with a gentle rocking motion. Her body fitted tightly against his, their bodies slick with sweat. The humming or purring, whichever it was, never stopped.

Vivian’s disappointment at Bonnie’s good fortune soon gave way to rampant desire as she felt a rather small cock nuzzling against the tight ring of her ass. Before she could warn him to go slowly she felt the thin cock slip inside her, and narrow or not, her ass felt pleasantly stuffed and there was a minimal amount of pain. Before she could shriek out her pleasure, the cock in her mouth began to spit its treasure over her tongue and she was too busy swallowing to acknowledge the pleasure she felt.

The two policemen, their uniforms neat and pressed, their shoes shined brightly, and their hair cut neatly stood in the parking lot above the sandy beach looking down at the now nearly all nude melee below them. The older one looked at the younger one and shook his head. “We’ve got three choices son. We can go down into the naked heat on that beach and arrest every fuckin’ one of ‘em…that’s what we should do. We can go down into the naked heat on that beach and get naked with them and fuck until we get caught or get too tired to fuck any more. That’s what I’d like to do. The last option we got,” the old cop sighed, “is to sit up here above the naked heat on that beach and hope that one or two a them nekkid chicks overflows up here with their mouths open an’ their legs wide an beggin’ for some cock an’ take pity on our poor unfortunate souls…hopin’ against hope some righteous citizen don’t call an’ complain that junior got a eyeful a titties on this here sinful and licentious stretch a happiness.” He sighed and lit a cigarette under the disapproving glare of the recent Academy graduate beside him.

“Which one are we going to do, sir?” the young cop asked.

Jesus, Mary, and Joseph the older cop thought, I wonder if he’s realized that even the county lock up ain’t big enough to hold all a them nekkid critters? “I’m pickin’ the third option,” the old cop said, squeezing his own erection and watching a tiny dark girl riding the lap of some lucky bastard as old as he was.

The young cop sighed and acted impatient, but inwardly he was gratified that they could stay and watch the fun.