Nina, My Love

Nina My Love
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I was horny the night I met Nina, and that made it easier for me to do what had to be done to interest her. Nina is one of the most desirable women I have ever known. Young, with soft round tits that are delicious to suck, and an ass that drives men and women wild.

The party was in full swing when I first saw her. She was on the arm of a young man – good-looking if you care about that sort of thing. But the look in her eye told me that she was not really interested in him. She was still “in the closet”, and going through the motions of being straight. She had the figure for it. She reeked femininity. And the figure-hugging gown, low-cut with a slit up the thigh that showed most of her gorgeous legs, drew stares of appreciation from the men in the room.

I wanted her as soon as I saw her. Ordinarily it would have gone no further. But I had broken up with Melissa a month before and was starved for affection. Bringing pleasure to myself, writhing and moaning under my own touch, was my only release. I needed more. And I was certain that Nina would be willing to share my bed. Don’t ask me how I knew. An instinct develops when you are gay and not able to freely express your desires, an aura that is only sensed by another of the same persuasion. I sensed it in Nina.

I made my way across the room until I was a few feet away from her. We made eye contact after a few minutes. It was electric. She smiled at me briefly, her perfect white teeth flashing in a luscious mouth. Then she looked away. I went to the bar, looking over my shoulder at her as I walked away. Her eyes followed me.

I ordered a glass of white wine, took a sip, and turned to lean against the bar in what I hoped was a provocative pose. I have an attractive figure, if not as lovely as Nina’s. My low-cut dress showed off my own tits which have drawn the attention of many men. I was hoping at the moment that Nina would find them desirable as well.

I watched as she broke away from her escort and glided across the room. She came up to the bar a few feet away. The smile she had flashed earlier returned as she looked at the bartender.

“Chardonnay,” she said in a low sultry voice that sent a stir through my loins.

I picked up my glass and moved over next to her. She glanced at me, turned back to the bartender and took the Chardonnay from him.

“Nice party,” I said. Not much of a pickup line, but I needed something to break the ice. Besides I knew she was interested as soon as she came to the bar. And she knew that I was interested as well, I’m certain.

“Yes,” she replied. “Are you a friend of Bill’s? Or Mary?”

“Both,” I said. Bill and Mary were business partners. I knew them both. They were hosting the party for their friends and employees. I was in the former category.

“Do you work for them?” I asked.

She shook her head. “I’m a friend of a friend,” she said, nodding toward her escort who was engaged in conversation with a statuesque blonde and hardly aware that Nina had left.

“Men,” I said with just enough inflection to give her the idea. The inflection wasn’t lost on her.

She made a face. “I can take them or leave them,” she said.

I held out my hand. “I’m Tamara,” I said.

She took my hand in her own. “Nina.” She started to take her hand away, but I squeezed it before releasing my grip. The gesture wasn’t lost on her. I felt a slight squeeze of her hand before she took it away.

The wine was taking effect. I felt a warm glow come over me. I leaned over and put my mouth close to Nina’s ear.

“Excuse me. I’m going upstairs. Are you interested?”

She searched my face with a trace of a smile on her lips. Then, turning away, she placed her hand on mine. “Give me five minutes.”

The promise in her statement sent a wave of warmth through me, and I walked away unsteadily. The anticipation of a round of lovemaking with this desirable creature made me weak.

I found the bedroom at the head of the stairs and left the door ajar. I loosened the top buttons at the back of my dress and sat down on the bed. My heart was beating hard. I felt like I was on my first date. A little lightheaded and burning with desire.

Nina tapped gently on the door, then entered and closed it behind her. She turned the lock, giving me a conspiratorial smile as she did so. I smiled back.

I stood up and crossed over to her. Wordlessly I searched her beautiful face. She licked her lips and lowered her eyes in a silent invitation.

I kissed her, lightly at first, then harder. My tongue caressed her lips and her sharp intake of breath at my touch heightened my desire. She parted her lips allowing my tongue to probe her delicious mouth, then she returned the kiss, pushing her tongue into me.

I encircled her in my arms, and undid the clasp of her gown. Breaking our kiss, she stood back, undid the other clasps and let her gown fall away. The silky bra did little to hide her round firm breasts and the delicious pink nipples. I massaged the nipples with both hands, delighting in her almost inaudible moans of pleasure. Then I took one in my mouth and let my tongue search the nipple and the firm round mound. She let out a muffled scream and drew me to her.

I dropped to my knees and pulled her lacy panties off. The downy patch of hair between her legs made me dizzy with delight. I leaned back to better see the pleasure spot, soft burnished hair that hid her treasure box. How many men had buried themselves in it? I wondered. And how many women like me had tasted it? I buried my face in her womanhood, delighting in the slightly pungent smell of her juices. I found her clit with my tongue and teased it.

Together we made our way to the bed and fell on it. I was on top, kissing her hard with teeth and tongue. She pulled at my dress, finally working it off.

“Stand up,” she said.

I did as she asked, shedding my bra and panties. Standing naked in front of her I watched with pleasure as she took in my body, her tongue licking her lips in anticipation and growing desire. She had a hand between her legs, gently working up and down, her eyes bright with lust.

Falling on the bed, I took her in my arms and rubbed my body over hers. I kissed her mouth, her nipples, her stomach. Then I put my mouth on her soft hot womanhood.

I drank the juices from deep within her pussy. Her hand found mine and she pushed hard against my clit. Without removing my mouth from her delicious cunt I moved around until my pussy was on her mouth. She bit it gently, then let her tongue explore the inner lips with a frenzy that sent me to a new height. I probed with my tongue working in and out, thrilling at the feel of her soft wet walls against my tongue.

“God, that’s so good,” she moaned. “Don’t stop.”

Her impassioned words, uttered in her sultry indescribably sensuous voice, aroused me to the point of climax. I probed harder, glorying in the feel of her tongue inside me and my mouth covering her pussy.

I pulled away, stood up and looked at her with burning eyes.

“Spread your legs,” I said.

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Product Details
File Size: 225 KB
Print Length: 26 pages
Fortmat: ePub
Features: Flowing text
Language: English

Price(USD): $0.95