Reflected In You

Reflected In You
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The very first time Bram Tilman laid eyes on Jemma he knew damned well he would have to remain as far away from her as possible. Unfortunately, for him his wife Faye introduced Jemma as their new babysitter as a fait accomplish rather than a request or a suggestion. He had been married to Faye for almost fifteen years, and the woman had stayed in great shape, especially for someone who’d borne to rowdy sons. Still, she had changed a bit over the years. A sag here, a droop there, a wrinkle that wasn’t there a few years before, it all added up. She had been the sexiest thing Bram had ever seen and he had fallen madly in love with her their senior year in high school…and he had been madly in love with her ever since. He had never once even considered cheating on Faye, their sex life was great, though not quite as frequent as it had been in years past, and Faye was an imaginative and creative lover.

Jemma, whether Faye noticed it or not, except for the way she styled her hair, was a carbon copy of Faye at eighteen…and therein lay the problem. Jemma, like so many girls of this day and time, was very conscious of what she wore, and of how sexy it made her look. The way she looked when she left her house was rarely the way she looked when she got to school, and never the way she looked when she was out with her friends. Since she had started working for them as a babysitter for the boys, Bram had often seen her at the park, the grocery store, and other places on his way about his business…and he was helpless not to gawk at her. When she was out in athletic clothing, or the shorts and top she wore when babysitting, the girl put her hair up in a ponytail and the transformation was amazing…she could have been Faye’s identical twin in high school.

Jemma rarely wore a bra, and the panties they sold in the stores now were so skimpy as to make a man wonder why women bothered with them at all. When the girl came in to babysit the boys, she generally displayed more of her own skin than Bram had seen of Faye’s until they were married. As a consequence, whenever Bram was around her or thought about her, he sported a huge erection…which he desperately tried to hide from all concerned. He thought he had been pretty clever about it so far, but he was not as clever as he thought.

He and Faye had gone out on Friday night, and returned home late to find Jemma asleep on the sofa and the boys upstairs in bed, as it should be. Faye told Bram to wake up Jemma while she went upstairs to check on the boys.

Jemma was fast asleep on the sofa, and her face was angelic in repose. She looked so much like Faye had at that age that it was painful to even look at her. Bram tapped her shoulder and she half turned, murmuring something indistinct. He shook her shoulder again and when she turned this time, the skimpy top she was wearing stayed where it was, and two small firm young breasts with puffy nipples and a hard, flat, naked belly were exposed to Bram’s. The erection he had sprouted as soon as he saw her lying on the sofa began to leak precum at an alarming rate, and he feared he would cum in his pants. He turned his head away and shook her shoulder harder.

Jemma awakened to see Mr. Tilman’s hand on her shoulder and his head turned away from her. She was immediately aware that her breasts were bared and realized what had happened. She also noticed the huge bulge in the front of his pants. Licking her lips, Jemma decided that Mrs. Tilman was a very lucky woman. Bram Tilman was not only a very good looking older man, but he had a helluva big dick on him. From the size of the lump, he was even bigger than Moose Evans…and she hadn’t seen a cock bigger than his except in internet porn videos. Moose was a football player at the high school, and it had been all she could do to fit him inside her tight little pussy after the prom. She had turned eighteen just before prom, and Moose had been her present to herself.

Jemma sat up on the sofa, rubbing her eyes and pretending she didn’t know her shirt was rucked up. She liked it when men looked at her, and it was exciting to know that she was the cause of an erection…and too, she had a little bit of a crush on Bram Tilman. It was easy enough to shift her shoulder after he had turned around and make the top fall into place, but she had waited until she was sure he had gotten another good look at her tits before she had covered them. He had gotten one of those looks on his face like a deer gets when your headlights catch them in the middle of the road at night, and he had immediately plonked himself down on the sofa and dragged one of the throw pillows over his lap.

Bram fumbled uneasily for his wallet, not even looking to see what he was giving her for the night’s work. Jemma glanced down and noticed that he had handed her three twenties and giggled. Bending forward, and making doubly sure Bram had a peek down the scooped neck of her thin shirt at the braless breasts beneath, she handed him back one of the twenties and gave him a quick peck on the cheek. “You aren’t supposed to pay me that much,” she whispered. She giggled again at the look on his face and turned to find Faye standing directly behind her. “Good night Mrs. Tilman,” she said with a straight face. She knew the way to the door, but Faye followed her to make sure she got to her car alright. Jemma smiled brightly and waved as she got into the front seat of the convertible her dad had bought her and drove away.

Faye returned to the living room and watched as her stunned husband reached for the remote control and fumbled through a few channels. “Aren’t you coming up to bed?” Faye asked him in the voice she reserved for ‘playtime.’ Teasingly she grabbed at the throw pillow in his lap.

“I’ll be up in a few minutes,” he stuttered, “I want to catch the latest news.” Faye stood up, unfastening the buttons of her blouse and exposing the lacy half bra beneath it.

“Why baby?” she asked, still using her playtime voice. “It would be a shame to waste that magnificent woodie you’re hiding under that pillow.” Her blouse hit the floor and her skirt followed immediately. Bram was aghast that she knew about his erection, and he made no effort to stop her from removing the pillow when she tugged at it. Obviously, he was well and truly caught.

Faye put her slender hand on the painful lump in his lap and gave it a squeeze. Bram jumped at her touch. “Jesus baby, I swear I…” He never got another word out, Faye touched his lips with a forefinger, effectively shutting him up. Then she used the same hand to unzip his pants and lift out his hard erect cock. Bram felt her hot breath on the tip and then, amazingly, he felt something he hadn’t felt in months…Faye’s soft lips engulfing the head of his prick. With a groan, Faye turned her head and took him deep into her throat.

Bram groaned himself at the exquisite wet heat surrounding his cock and he reached for Faye’s breasts. Her bra slid down easily and his hands cupped the firm orbs, her nipples standing up against his palms. It was impossible not to think of Jemma’s firm young tits as he fondled his wife and he doubled up with the surprise convulsion of his orgasm. He found himself jetting into the depths of Faye’s throat, something she had never allowed him to do before, and instead of pulling away, Faye was greedily sucking at him. She didn’t let him go until every drop was gone.

His head was spinning as he tried to make some sense of it all. He had been caught staring at the babysitters boobs..that was a given, Faye had been too close not to notice. She had caught him getting an erection from looking at the babysitters boobs…another given. Faye had just given him unquestionably the best blowjob of his life, and had swallowed at the end of it rather than just jerking him off onto her tits as she used to do when he was still getting head from her. It had been a very long time.

“I don’t understand,” he said quietly.

Faye kissed him and helped him to his feet. “Come on upstairs baby, and I’ll explain it to you.” She bent to pick up her blouse and skirt, tossing them on the sofa with her bra, and held out her hand for his. Bram followed her saucy wiggle all the way upstairs.

When they were naked, and Faye was stretched out beneath him, she began to talk. She had hired Jemma because of the resemblance to herself at that age, and because of Bram’s initial reaction to the girl. Faye had been noticing his erections all along, he hadn’t been fooling anyone. The girl had reawakened his sex drive, which in turn had reawakened Faye’s. The blowjob mystery was explained as well. “It just got to where it was taking so long my mouth got tired baby, and then it kind of got to be a chore,” Faye said, “but tonight it was different, I could tell you were going to cum fast…besides, I heard Jemma and her friends talking about it the other day in the park.”

Bram gave her an odd look. Faye explained that she had overheard the girls talking about blowjobs. It had seemed an odd topic for teenage girls that she had listened in. The conversation had at first shocked her, and then it had made her so horny that she had to cut the boy’s park time short and go home to take care of herself. “They get into cars in the parking lot at lunchtime,” Faye said, “different boys all the time…and they give them blowjobs. They don’t see it as sex, it’s kind of a game they play.”

“Jesus,” Bram said, “When we were in school Barbie Melton was the only girl there that would go down on a guy.”

“Not really Bram,” Faye said with a smirk. She knew a couple of girls, including herself, that had tried it at least once. Bram was about to ask her to explain, but she writhed under him, causing his cock to rise once more. His cock prodded against her pussy. “Fuck me Bram,” Faye said as she writhed against him. Her next words nearly killed his erection. “Think about her, remember me when I was that age…about how bad you wanted to fuck me. She’s got the same body Bram, the same tits, the same ass.” Faye put her lips next to his ear, and she was breathing heavily. “I’ve seen the way she looks at you baby. She wants to suck your cock!”

Bram plunged into his wife frantically, and Faye responded in kind. It was rough, it was fast, and it was loud. Afterwards, Faye had to go settle the boys down. The two lovers had disturbed their sleep.

The following Friday night, Bram had been surprised when he got home. There was a note from Faye on the dining room table. She was taking the boys to her mother’s house for the weekend, and he was to go upstairs and take a quick soak. Everything was laid out for him, and she expected him to be in bed waiting for her when she got back. Remembering the spectacular blowjob he had gotten last Friday night, Bram hurried upstairs and stripped off his clothes. There was a snifter of his favorite V.S.O.P brandy on the counter in the bathroom, and he sipped at it as he soaked in the hot water of the big garden tub. There was another note with very specific instructions for him on the nightstand by their king sized bed, and while he found them curious, he wasn’t about to jeopardize his night of fun.

He walked to the bedroom door and turned off the light switch, leaving the ceiling fan on. He then walked to the bed, noticing the long black scarves laid strategically out on the bed and left them alone, and then picked up Faye’s sleeping mask and slipped it on. He fumbled for the lamp switch and turned it off as well, and then lay back to wait for Faye.

“Are you still awake baby?” Faye asked from the doorway. Bram lifted his head and she quickly told him to put it back down on the pillow. “Good,” she whispered, “now be very, very still.” He didn’t hear her approach the bed, but he felt her small hands as they attached the silk scarves to his hands and feet. The room was deathly quiet. Suddenly, he could hear her hurried breathing. Then he could feel her hair as she dragged it across his naked chest and belly. He felt her begin to kiss the soft skin of his belly, working her way down to his proudly erect cock. Instead of sucking the head into her mouth, she went to his balls and sucked them inside her mouth one at a time, something else she had never done for him. He felt his scrotum being lifted and got another surprised as she licked the seam of his scrotum all the way back to where it started. And then her tongue probed his ass. His whole body jerked and his cock quivered with excitement.

Before he could breathe a word he felt her mouth surround his penis. It felt different somehow, but he did not want to risk Faye losing the mood. For the second time, he lasted no time at all before he blasted away, his cum filling her mouth and spilling out around her lips. She licked up every drop.

He felt the scarves being loosened, and then he felt her wriggling beneath him, her giggles high pitched, like they had been when she was a young girl. He was quickly rigid again. He lifted his hips and felt her small hand grip his cock and guide it to her pussy. Just as he was about to plunge into her, he felt the mask pulled from his eyes and the light switch on the nightstand…four feet away, clicked on.

His eyes widened in shock as he saw Jemma’s face beneath his, the lips of her tight pink pussy grasping at the tip of his cock. He felt Faye’s weight as she kneeled on the bed beside them, completely nude. “Fuck her baby,” she said. Faye placed her hand on the small of his back and pushed him down, his cock entering the unbearably tight, hot pussy of Jemma. Jemma gasped and welcomed him inside her depths. She looked up into his eyes, and then glanced quickly at Faye. She smiled as she realized what she saw in his eyes. “You’re right,” she said to Faye quietly, “I’m reflected in you…” She closed her eyes, wrapped her arms and legs around the sexy Mr. Tilman, and fucked him until they both came. And it was good.