Santa’s Daisy Chain

Santas Daisy Chain
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Another Christmas season was pressing forward, and the elves were in full swing at the North Pole. Mrs. Claus was keeping busy in the kitchen cooking up batch after batch of cookies for their busy helpers. Holiday music filled the air and laughter could be heard through the active workshop.

Sitting up in his office, Santa scrolled through his list of naughty and nice children. Noticing a pattern, something caught his attention. One particular section of college girls were all listed as naughty together, all in a cluster. That’s odd, Santa thought.

Pulling out his data checker to see what the fuss was about, he scanned up and down, and found one small region blinking in red, highlighting a group of naughty people. He hated to see so many naughty people this close to the holiday. Christmas is such a special time, and it always brought him great joy to deliver special presents and goodies to all children, young and old.

Digging deeper, looking for more information, he pulled out his super-secret, special, stealth pocket computer. This special little computer offered up defined details on each and every person when he entered their name. Inputting a name, it would scroll through a list of possible offending circumstances and reveal what might have landed them on the naughty list.

Hmm, all four of these girls have the same odd phrase by their name. This was a problem, because he didn’t understand what this phrase meant. Santa Claus scratched his head, pondering what the expression could possibly mean. Maybe one of his office workers would know the terminology, because he just wasn’t familiar with it. Santa called out to his three office helpers – Sherry, Terri, and Mary.

“Girls, could you please join me in my office,” Santa said buzzing over the intercom. Sherry, Terri, and Mary pranced into Santa’s office singing along with the cheery Christmas music that piped through the building. Mary skipped happily, Sherry was giggling, and Terri was playing with the bouncy curls on her head.

“Girls, I’m a bit concerned about a group of girls near a university in one of the states of North America. It would appear that they are all on the naughty list. I looked at my data, and it appears that they all have the same information listed as their offending penalty. The problem is, I’m not familiar with this term, and I was wondering if you could help me understand what it means.”

Sherry spun around watching her little red skirt with fur trim flounce out, smiled and asked, “What term is it Santa Claus?”

“Well Sherry,” Santa started, “the phrase that keeps showing up is daisy chain.”

The girls all giggled. “Oh Santa,” Mary started, “it’s umm, a very unique way that girls show affection to one another.”

“Affection is a nice thing though girls, why would that put them on the naughty list?”

Santa Claus asked concerned.

Terri tried explaining it another way, “Well, Santa, it’s a special kind of kissing that girls do.”

“Yes,” Santa started, “but close friends will hug and kiss one another and that seems quite normal.”

Sherry chimed in, “Maybe this is something Mrs. Claus should explain, give me just a moment.”

Buzzing down to the kitchen, Sherry asked Mrs. Claus to join them in Santa’s office so that she could help with the awkward moment. None of them wanted to just come out and say what it was.

Mrs. Claus arrived a few moments later, and Mary said, “Mrs. Claus, Santa has a small problem. He’s been going through his naughty and nice list, and one particular group of girls has an offensive situation that Santa needs help understanding.”

“Yes dear, what is that?” Mrs. Claus asked sweetly.

Terri giggled than offered, “Daisy Chain.”

Mrs. Claus laughed. “Ahh yes, I know that expression well,” winking she added, “good times back in college.”

She leaned in and whispered in Santa’s ear what it was, and soon he was blushing.

“Oh, do you mean they…”

“Yes, and they….” Mrs. Claus continued.

“Girls, I’m quite busy making cookies, and have many batches left before I’ll be finished. Would you be so kind as to demonstrate what this is to Santa for me. This way he’ll understand how this particular naughty offense isn’t necessarily bad.”

All three girls laughed and chimed in, “Sure!”

“Thank you girls,” Mrs. Claus smiled and went back to her baking, closing the door behind her. “He’s in for a treat,” she thought.

Santa sat back in his chair prepared to watch the show that the girls were about to perform.

Sherry was bouncing around dancing along to the Christmas music. She turned her back to Santa and flipped her skirt up revealing she wasn’t wearing any panties. Mary and Terri joined in the game and spun around, bending over and flipped up their skirts revealing their bare bottoms as well.

“Shall we begin?” Terri said as she reached back to unzip her little red dress, letting it slip to the floor.

“Oh yes, I can’t wait!” Mary chimed in, wriggling out of her spirited red frock.

“I’m ready too!” Sherry giggled and let her holiday outfit drop to the floor and stepped out of it. She bent forward to pick up all of their clothing and placed them gently to the side on a nearby chair.

Terri shimmied down on the soft carpet below them, and spread her legs so that Mary could place her face in her lap. Next Mary laid face down, placing her face in Terri’s lap, burying her mouth in Terri’s sweet, soft pussy. Sherry slid beneath Mary’s wet slit and felt the weight of Mary’s hips sliding down onto her face. A chain of naked girls lie before Santa on the floor, face to pussy, pussy to face, forming an oral sex line.

Terri chimed in, “If we had more girls, we could make a complete circle, Santa!”

Terri was spread open and wide while Mary’s face was immersed, eating out her pussy. Moaning, Terri could feel her juices filling her box. Mary was sucking out and licking Terri’s pussy, groaning and burying her face in deeper, as Sherry’s tongue was sliding up and down Mary’s very own slit. Opening it up and teasing, Sherry made Mary squirm. Mary grinded into Sherry’s face. Wanting to feel her tongue slide deeper inside, she pushed her hips hard into Sherry’s busy mouth. Sherry started sucking Mary’s cream out as Mary was dripping pussy juices all over her face.

Santa sat watching his office girls eating out one another in a wicked and wet oral chain. One long line of girls licking and sucking each other directly in front of him gave Santa a rise. This pleased Santa very much and excited him at the same time. He felt his cock pressing tight against his furry red pants, and had to unbutton and unzip them to give it some relief and breathing room. His bulging cock continued to grow, now free of the restrictive material.

Instinctively, he reached down and started to stroke his penis while watching the girls busy themselves with their daisy chain. I like this, Santa thought, I like this very much, as sticky pre cum leaked from the tip of his cock’s head.

Mrs. Claus popped back into the office to see how things were coming along. When she saw the girls writhing about on the floor, soft moans coming out of them, as they sucked, and licked each other’s pussies, Mrs. Claus thought back to how much she enjoyed eating out other girls back in her college days. Those dorm days of sexual freedom were quite a blast.

Mrs. Claus decided she needed to enjoy the fun too, and decided to join in at the end of the chain. Dropping her apron, then dress to the floor, she scooped it up and gently tossed it to the side. She lay her plump body down and buried her face in Sherry’s lonely little pussy. This caused Santa Claus to start moaning, as he continued to stroke his throbbing member.

Mrs. Claus opened Sherry’s pussy lips up and slid her nose and mouth in taking a deep breath, soaking in her aroma. Pulling her face back a little, she slid her face across Sherry’s wetness before busying herself with eating her sweet box. Sherry groaned with pleasure in response to this, and pushed her hips up tight into Mrs. Claus’s face.

“Santa,” Terri called out, “Why don’t you join us? You can squat down over me, and I’ll suck on your merry balls,” she giggled.

“What a brilliant idea,” Santa grinned. He stepped out of his pants and left them under the desk, and headed over to where Terri was waiting. He got down on his knees and spread his legs around her head letting his low hanging ball sack drop into her mouth. She loved teabagging, so when Santa lifted and lowered his sack in her mouth, she moaned while sucking. Closing her lips around his balls this time; she sucked harder, using her tongue to separate his balls in her mouth.

It got her hot having Santa’s balls in her mouth, and she reached up to stroke his cock with her hand. Santa gasped as his dick was being worked over, and he felt the jism building up. He knew he was going to cum soon, but decided he wanted to cum inside of his wife.

Santa told Terri how good it felt when she did that to him, and he was incredibly excited, but he wanted to now bury his cock deep in his wife’s twat. With audible moans, groans, glistening faces from pussy juices, Santa’s excitement was building at a record speed, and he knew he would have to hurry over to Mrs. Claus before losing his load too quickly.

Santa’s cock found Mrs. Claus’s pussy as he plowed hard into her, causing her face to push harder into Sherry’s box.

Santa laughed a jolly laugh and said they look like a train, him being the caboose.

“Woot, woot,” he whistled, pretending to be a train. Pumping in and out of his wife’s honey hole, he gave out a loud, bellowing groan as his spew unloaded deep inside of his bride.

Santa collapsed and then encouraged the girls to cum loudly. “I want to hear you cumming girls, especially with your faces buried in one another. It will be hard to hear you since your faces are buried, so shout into your girl’s hootch as you’re cumming,” Santa encouraged.

Terri reached down and started playing with Mary’s nipples, pinching and twisting them, as Mary’s face was still buried deep into Terri’s pussy. Terri yelled out a loud, “Yes,” as she came. Mary sounded more like, “Mmm, dis feez good,” as her face was still in Terri. Sherry’s tongue was working Mary over good, and finally pulled her face out of Terri’s hole and yelled out an, “Ohhhhhhhhh,” and let her head rest on Terri’s thigh. Mrs. Claus was working over Sherry with her fingers and tongue and brought Sherry to the edge, and she let out muffled moans as Mary’s pussy was still on her face. She slid her head out from under Mary and was panting.

All the girls had orgasms, as well as Santa, and now it was Mrs. Claus’s turn.

“Oh Mrs. Claus, you need some special attention. Lay back and spread your legs,”

Terri instructed.

Sherry and Mary each chose one of Mrs. Claus’s breasts to play with, pulling and tweaking her nipples as Terri busied herself spreading apart the pussy lips of Mrs. Claus. Terri took her fingers and ran them up and down the wet and glistening slit before her, slowly slipping and sliding her fingers in and out of jolly older woman.

It took but a moment for her body to respond. Her hips started to grind, her body begging for more. The girls at her tits were alternating between twisting and pinching her nipples with sucking them into their mouths, all wet and warm. Mrs. C let out a deep moan as the sensations grew from within. Terri pushed in more fingers, shoving 3 fingers deep into the hot cunt before her, fucking her with her hand. Finally, cresting over the top, she let out a final groan and came, her body jerking in a spasm, her hips rocking, and she squeezed her thighs tight together.

Breathing heavily, she thanked the girls for the lovely demonstration they had put on for Santa.

Now that Santa Claus understood that a chain of women “kissing each other in a special way”, was also called a “daisy chain”, he realized that the girls weren’t being a bad kind of naughty; they were just being the good kind of naughty that Mr. and Mrs. C both like. He decided he would need to fix the information on his data charts, and mark the girls as nice girls, and not naughty after all.

The group of five stood up and got dressed, Mrs. Claus headed back to the kitchen to finish baking cookies, but not before Santa smacked her bottom and grinned as she walked out the door. Mary, Sherry, and Terri put their little red dresses back on, and sang and danced back to their office. Santa Claus sat at his desk, playing back the images of what had just transpired in his office. He would need to put Mrs. Claus, Sherry, Terri, and Mary on the really, really, really good list this year!

Santa finally got back to his work of checking the naughty and nice list. What’s this? He blushed as he saw a big blinking naughty red light pointing right over the North Pole. Well, well, now, that’s the good kind of naughty that we like here.