School for Young Ladies

School for Young Ladies
School for Young Ladies
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Like every private school, St Martins prided itself on the order and obedience of its students. The girls were exemplary, and justice was metered out swiftly by both staff and senior monitors. The monitors team was led by one Clairisse Townsend, a tall and athletic bombshell and probably the most popular girl in school. At the age of eighteen, she could almost taste her graduation, and in a few short months, she would be free. Clairisse looked especially forward to being able to enjoy men without having to sneak around anymore. Her parents believed dating was best saved for college and though Clairisse had been long indulging in the pleasures of the flesh, she had to be careful they didn’t find out. Lost in thought about what she would be doing with the student assistant coach Bradley later during her “study group” time in one of the library’s private study areas, she almost bumped over a first year.

“That’s not a regulation scarf is it now Millie? Take it off.” Clairisse chided the girl. Even though it was her job as Head Girl to keep everyone else in line, she especially enjoyed being able to take anything she wanted.

“Hand it over.”

“But, can’t I just put it in my locker?” The first year was clutching her scarf forcefully, so bad that she was going to wrinkle the cashmere.

“No. You can have it back later.”

Later meant that Clairisse planned on wearing it and would potentially give it back but probably not. It was a nice scarf after all. A perk of being a senior student included not being forced into those unflattering uniforms anymore; five years of that was more than enough torture.

“But my mum gave it to me. She’ll be terribly mad if she thinks I’ve lost it.”

“Then don’t wear it to school Millie. You know the uniform code.” Clairisse snatched the scarf from her, smoothing it and folding it gently. “Get to class now.”

The first year scurried off down the hallway, daring to look back as if she might still win the battle. Clairisse rubbed the soft material along her cheek before wrapping it around her neck and tossing it over her shoulder.

“Nice scarf.” Mickie Lane was Clairisse’s best friend and partner in crime. The two girls ruled the school as Head and Deputy Head and prided themselves on being exemplary to the staff and abominable to those they ruled. The two most beautiful and popular girls in school, they acted like they owned the place, and woe to any poor student unlucky enough to get in their way.

“Heard some girls have been smoking up in the third year bathroom. Thought we might mosey on over there and teach them a lesson.” Mickie smiled as she slouched up against the wall across the hallway. Tall and brunette, she was curvy where Clairisse was petite; the perfect opposite. She unfolded herself from the wall and gave Clairisse a peck on each cheek. “Heard it was that pretty Janice Phillips too.”

Mickie and Clairisse, like many girls confined to an all-girls school, had experimented on each other as well as on brave souls from the boys school growing up, and though they preferred to terrorize the younger girls, it was those their own age that often received the more creative punishments.

“Shall we?” Mickie offered Clairisse her arm, and the two sauntered off towards the third year bathroom.

“Go on love, live a little. All the big girls do it.” Janice urged the younger girl, she took a deep drag from her cigarette and then blew the smoke up towards the open window.

“But it’s really not good for you miss. Thanks though.” The third year hurried past Mickie and Clairisse as they came into the bathroom.

“Oh look it’s the Feds.” Janice took another puff of her cigarette. “Going to arrest me are you? It’s just a cigarette. You both smoke so it’s not like you’re any better. This is the only bathroom with a working window anyway.”

“We’re not going to arrest you J, but you can’t be offering those to the younger girls. Word gets around you know. Wouldn’t want the staff hearing about it would we?”

“What, you going to tell them or summit?” Janice continued to drag on her cigarette.

“We might J. You’ve got to be punished.” Mickie shrugged.

“Oh right with two weeks left of school you’re going to get me kicked out. That’s fuckin’ wrong Mickie, and you know it.”

“But you’re breaking the rules J, and you know we can’t have girls doing that here. What would the parents think?”

“Fuck the parents.”

“Now J, what’s in it for us if we don’t tell?”

“What do you want?”

“You know we like you J.” Mickie licked her lips. “We’d like to see more of you actually.”

“Like what, you making me go to some staff ‘do’ or something?”

“No. But you should probably take off that sweater. It’s kind of warm in here.” Clairisse moved closer to Janice. “And do it quickly. We only got fifteen minutes before next bell, and who knows who might come in.”

“You been’ funny?” Janice stubbed out her cigarette and tossed it out the window. “I didn’t think you two were lezzies, but you think I’m going to get my tits out for you as punishment?”

“Yeah, you are J, because you don’t want us to go to the headmaster’s office and tell him.” Mickie wrapped her arm around Clairisse and started twirling her hair around her fingers. “Take it off, or I’ll take it off for you.”

“Fine.” J roughly pulled the sweater over her head leaving her in her bra and skirt. “Happy now? There ya go, B cups in all their glory.”

“Now the skirt J.”

“Fuck off. I’m not taking it off.”

The girls advanced on Janice. “Take it off J. Or we’ll take it off for you.”

“Nazis.” Janice unzipped her skirt and tossed it at the two girls.

Clairisse caught it and tossed it into one of the sinks. She wrapped her arm around Mickie’s waist, running her fingers along the other girl’s hipbone. Standing there in her bra and panties, Janice was still defiant. Mickie unhooked Clairisse’s arm and stepped closer so the girls were almost touching.

“What next, you going to kiss me or summit? Pucker up then!” Janice shoved at Mickie forcing her to take a step back.

“Nah J. We want you to understand how bad you’ve been, and you’re not getting the point. Bad girls don’t just do kisses. You like being a bad girl J, I can tell. I want you to show me how much you love being bad.” Clairisse stepped forward and stroked the girl’s shoulder. “I want you to show us exactly how you enjoy being bad.”

“How?” Janice seemed genuinely confused by what was required of her.

Clairisse stroked her fingers down across Janice’s breasts to the clasp in front. Pulling her gently forwards, she whispered, “Touch yourself.” Flipping the clasp on her bra, Clairisse stepped back to Mickie’s side.

“You’re mental you are.”

“You want to go to the headmaster’s instead?” Janice shook her head. “Then start showing me what you like Janice. Let’s see what that hot little body can do.” Clairisse twisted her face into a malicious smile. “Or else…”

Janice stood there for a second, her bra hanging open in front of the two girls. Unsure if they were serious or not. When neither moved, she shrugged off her bra. Looking down tentatively, she cupped both her breasts with her hands and began to knead them. Gently she pulled at her nipples and sighed deeply. “Like this?”

What to find out what happens next? Purchasing the full EPUB here or on Google Play (just search Madam Jamei).

Product Details
File Size: 199 KB
Print Length: 35 pages
Fortmat: ePub
Features: Flowing text
Language: English

Price(USD): $0.95

School for Young Ladies