Secret Addiction

Secret Addiction
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Eighteen year old Holly is secretly addicted to sex. No one knows, she has been able to hide it from her family and her friends. As she gets older though, it’s getting harder and harder to hide. The solution to her problem comes as a surprise, or perhaps shock would be a better description…

Holly lay nude on the carpet in front of the wide screen tv, her legs spread wide as she tried hard to imagine the giant cock on the screen between her own lips. She watched in lewd fascination as the cock spewed an enormous amount of cum into the open mouth of the nude woman onscreen with him. She had watched videos on the internet, but this was the first time she had watched one that featured someone she knew…and in this case, it was the man and woman for whom she was babysitting.

The Howards were a very attractive couple…but Holly had only just found out how really attractive they were tonight. The evening had started normally enough, Holly had come over straight from her gymnastics practice to the Howard home, and Jenny Howard had hugged her and wrinkled her nose, pointing towards the guest bathroom. Holly had giggled delightedly. It was a standing joke between them because in order for her to get to the Howard house on time for them to leave for their meetings, Holly had to skip the shower at the end of practice and rush to her car to make it.

Holly had showered and changed into a tee shirt and shorts. She put nothing else on because she had forgotten to put underwear in the bag before she left for school. It didn’t really matter because she would probably be spending the night…the Howards rarely made it home before three a.m. and when they were that late she slept in the guest bedroom. The couple was standing in the living room waiting to leave when she came out of the bathroom, and their four year old daughter Lissy was standing with them. “I’ve got her,” Holly said, scooping the smiling girl up in her arms and giving her a hug. Lissy smiled…she adored Holly. “Seven-thirty is bedtime for Lissy,” Mandy Howard said with a smile. Dean Howard smiled as well, but his eyes were running over the slim gymnasts body rather than watching his daughter. Mandy elbowed him in the side and Holly giggled as he colored slightly and made for the front door. “We’ll be home when we get home!” Mandy said as she waved to Holly and Lissy.

Mandy reached across the front seat of the car and grabbed Dean’s swollen cock, squeezing it playfully. “You should go ahead and give it a shot baby, she’s old enough.” She knew her husband lusted after the willowy Holly, and had even entertained a fantasy or two about the girl herself.

“Don’t be silly baby,” Dean said, reaching across back handed to cup one of Mandy’s firm full breasts. “She’s just a kid, what would she want with an old buzzard like me?”

“You’d be surprised Dean,” Mandy retorted, “I’ve seen the way she eyes your cock when she thinks I’m not looking.” She didn’t mention that every woman in the swing group they were going to meet wanted him as soon as they could get his clothes off him. Dean was hot, he had a really big cock, and he knew how to use it.

Holly put Lissy to bed right on time, and the tiny girl fell asleep right away. Holly wandered downstairs and turned on the big flat screen tv, watching a few of her favorite shows before turning the thing off. Bored, she rummaged through the movie DVDs that the Howards kept by the recliner, but found nothing interesting. A short trip to the wall to wall bookcase that covered one wall of the living room didn’t reveal anything interesting to read…but when she found four books stuck together on the next to bottom shelf, her curiosity was piqued. Lifting the books out, she found that they had been glued together to cover an unlocked cedar box. The box contained several dated but otherwise unmarked DVDs, the latest of which corresponded with the last time she had worked for the Howards. Curious, she took the DVD over to the player and turned the flat screen back on.

Holly’s shorts were instantly soaked as the screen revealed Dean Howard standing before a well stacked blonde who was sucking heartily on his amazingly large penis. Dean was completely naked, his washboard belly and muscular chest and thighs gorgeous in the light from the room he was in. Holly could make out Mandy Howard lying on her back at Dean’s feet, a trim sandy blonde man with a swimmer’s build plunging his cock into her. The sound was perfect and Holly could hear Mandy begging the man to fuck her harder. In a very few moments, Mandy was moaning loudly as she came.

Dean wore a look of concentration as the blonde managed to take his entire length into her mouth. He suddenly groaned and it seemed to Holly that his knees buckled a little as he backed out of the blonde’s mouth. Thick spurts of white sperm shot through the air, and several women scrambled to get a taste of it. The picture zoomed in on the women greedily catching his cum in the air or licking it off each other’s faces. Mandy joined the circle of faces and sucked the thick sperm from the blonde woman’s mouth. Holly came, three fingers buried deep inside her pussy.

After a few minutes rest, Holly refocused on the TV screen. There was so much going on that she couldn’t keep up with it all. She actually recognized several of the couples as she continued watching, but the shock of recognition was overpowered by the lust that was flaming inside her. Whenever she got interested in one of the varied sex acts being carried out onscreen, her attention would get diverted by the sound of Dean or Mandy’s voice and her eyes would seek them out. It was clear that they were both actively sought by the other members of the group. At one point, she saw Mandy straddling one man, sucking another and holding a stiff cock in each hand. It was at that point that Dean walked up behind her, and, settling down to his knees, slowly entered Mandy’s ass. The camera operator walked around to their side and captured the blissful look on Mandy’s face as the man in her mouth came while Dean was pumping in and out of her ass. Holly came again.

Holly had to get up several times to either relieve herself or get a drink for her dry throat, but she halted the DVD while she did it each time. After the third time she got up, she stripped off her clothes and left them on the recliner…she had never been so horny in her life. She lost track of the times she had cum, but the lust wouldn’t leave her, she wanted more. Briefly, she wished for the latex toy she kept hidden in a box under her bed at home, she needed a penis, even if it was plastic.

Desperate to try another way to ease her yearning for physical contact, she lay on her back and raised her slim legs above her head, locking her ankles behind her neck, a flexibility exercise in gymnastics that had led to the discovery of an unusual ability. Lifting her head, Holly could lick her own pussy, and if she really stretched, she could just insert the tip of her tongue inside her vagina. Many times in the privacy of her own room she had tried this trick, but she had rarely been able to insert her tongue. Tonight her wild excitement helped, and she was soon cumming again.

The swinger’s party was a bit of a letdown. Several couples were unable to attend because of a flu bug that was going around, and the party never really managed to get off it’s feet. Around eleven that evening, the Howard’s were dressed and leaving. “Maybe you can seduce little Holly baby,” Mandy said as she leaned over and mouthed his erection through his khaki pants.

“Dream on,” Dean said, caressing her back as she teased him. “She’s probably fast asleep and dreaming about some high school quarterback.” He sighed…it was a nice fantasy.

They pulled into the driveway and made their way towards the front door. Both of them could see the flickering light coming from the darkened living room. “Let’s sneak around back and peek through the sliding glass door,” Mandy whispered. “Maybe you’ll get lucky and get a glimpse of her playing with her little pussy!”

“You’re bad,” Dean whispered back, but he took her hand anyway as Mandy led the way around back and through the gate in the wooden eight foot fence that surrounded their pool. Carefully and quietly the couple worked their way to the wide double glass sliding door. What they saw electrified both of them. Dean’s erection pushed the front of his khaki pants out and Mandy’s panties were instantly soaked.

Holly lay naked on the floor in front of the recliner. Her heels were locked behind her blonde head, and her delicate pink tongue was poking itself into her glistening wet vagina. It was easy to see that she was breathing hard, each breath she took lifted her wriggling tongue from the spread pink lips, and each exhalation lowered the madly skittering tongue back into her hole. On the TV screen, bigger than life, Dean was pouring his cum into the mouth of Ellen Hartford, who was dutifully sharing his cum with Mandy.

Mandy reached over and tweaked Dean’s erection. “So much for her not being excited by an ‘old buzzard’ like you,” she said. Smiling, Mandy began peeling her clothes off. “Go ahead Buzzard,” she teased, “get naked…the party’s inside.” Without another thought, Dean removed his own clothes.

Mandy managed to get the door all the way open before Holly looked up in shock from what she was concentrating on to see her employers walk naked into the living room. Before she could even change position, Mandy was on her knees licking at her quivering pink pussy.

She managed to release her legs, but her heels came down on Mandy’s back and Holly was in the throes of a major orgasm as Dean sat down beside her hand put his fingers to her nipples. “Oh god,” Holly gasped, her head thrown back against the carpet as her hands closed and opened rapidly, digging at the deep pile of the carpet. “Oh god!” Her hips were lifting involuntarily to allow Mandy a better angle of attack. Licking her own pussy felt fantastic, but what Mandy was doing to it was so much better.

In spite of her orgasm, or perhaps because of it, Holly opened her eyes to look at Dean sitting beside her. Gently, he lifted her right hand from the carpet and placed his rigid cock in it. Her hand grasped the thick shaft of its own volition, and the huge thing swelled in Holly’s hand. “Oh god,” was all she seemed to be able to say. Holly’s oh so secret addiction to sex was no longer a secret.

Mandy lifted her head from between Holly’s wide open thighs and her smoky gaze went to Holly’s passion wracked face. “Suck it!” she hissed. “Take my husband’s cock into that pretty mouth and suck him til he cums!”

In the state of excitement Holly was in, she needed no more encouragement. Explanations and apologies or whatever could come later…right now she needed a fix, and Dean Howard had put the right dosage in her hand. She reached over with her free hand and pulled her head to his swollen cock, her tongue laving the swollen and glistening glans. Her tongue sought the slit in the top of the helmet shaped tip, probing and trying to slip inside.

Mandy’s body was wracked with a deep shudder of excitement as she watched Holly’s soft seductive mouth engulf the head of her husband’s penis. Mandy had dreamed of this in the dark recesses of the night, but the reality was so much sweeter and and sexier than her imagination had been. Her fingers busily manipulated her clit as she crooned encouragement to Holly. “Yes baby, suck him deep, he loves it when you run your tongue under the head like that.” Mandy blinked as another quiver ran through her body.

Holly couldn’t get enough of Dean’s cock. As Mandy licked at her and encouraged her to take more of the thick shaft, Holly tried to get it deeper inside her mouth…but it was too big. Finally, frustrated by her failed attempts, Holly took it out of her mouth and pleaded with Mandy.

“Let him put it in me Mrs. Hendrix, god I need to be fucked so bad!”

Mandy smiled and tugged Dean to his knees, placing him between Holly’s opened thighs and guiding his penis to her dripping hole. “Fuck her baby,” Mandy said, “I’ve wanted to watch this since the first time I saw you get a hardon watching her.”

In spite of the excitement of having Dean’s swollen organ rubbing against her clit, Holly pinkened. “You got a hardon because of me?” She was flattered as well as excited. Mandy pushed on his ass as he nodded to Holly, and he sank slowly into the moist heat of her pussy. The head of his cock brushed the convex surface of her cervix, and Molly shrieked as she came. As she dropped off to sleep between the two of them, she was smiling. Between the two of them, she would get as much sex as she could handle…they were perfectly capable of handling her secret addiction.