Sister Restrained

Sister Restrained
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His games had always excited me. When we were younger, they had been mostly harmless. Although I had often come out of them with rope burns and chafed ankles and wrists. That was all part of the excitement. Being told I was naughty and was going to be punished. Playing the pirate, the robber, or the Indian that was captured and imprisoned or tied up with rope.

Being tied up was always my favorite. Prison wasn’t nearly as much fun, as that left my hands and feet free. Rope was restrictive, uncomfortable and sometimes even painful. David became very good at tying me up and leaving me unable to free myself.

Looking back on it, I see I was slowly discovering my submissive streak. David was discovering his dominant side. Little did I know.

Somewhere along the line it had stopped feeling safe. Still very exciting, but scary; unpredictable. Only, why did I secretly still crave our ’games’?

“Look what I found.”

I looked up from the stupid teenage magazine I was reading. I really was getting too old for this little–girl stuff.

I gasped as I saw what he was dangling from his hand.

“David!” I hissed. “Where’d you get those?” I glanced around, even though I knew our parents were away for the evening. They’d be home late tonight, they had said.

I knew immediately what he had in mind and felt the heat rise to my face. I hated that I blushed so easily. Especially now. It robbed my next words of their power.

“No, David. I don’t want to play a game tonight.”

“Yes, you do. I can see it in your eyes.” That was such a bullshit line. Even if he had partly guessed right. I wanted to play. I just didn’t want to want to play.

Our games had been drifting into unknown territory. They left me confused. About myself, but more so about David. He had always been the best brother a girl could wish for. Okay, he teased me a lot, and was sometimes downright annoying and stupid. But he had been my older brother since I was two, when our parents moved in with each other. They hadn’t married, so technically we weren’t even officially related, but I couldn’t remember a time without him. To me, he was just my big brother. I never actually thought about the fact that he had different biological parents. I’m sure he felt the same. He had always acted that way, in any case.

One of the changes that confused me was that our games had stopped originating in our fantasy world. No pirate captures, robbers caught stealing or Indians tied up in the heat of a wild–west shoot–out. The tie–up games had devolved to just that: tie–up games. David would show up in my room and ask me if I wanted to play. Confused, but still liking the feeling of being helpless, I nearly always played along.

Then last weekend he had walked into my room unannounced. I thought our parents were downstairs, but they had gone out for some shopping. He walked up to me, took one of my wrists and tied a rope around it. Surprised and confused, I was late reacting, so before I got around to struggling, he had already secured my right wrist and was busy tying my left to it behind my back. Being younger and quite a bit smaller than him, it didn’t make a difference anyway. I still would have ended up tied to my bed. But something definitely had changed in our relationship.

Here he was now with a pair of handcuffs dangling from his hand. And a wicked grin on his face.

I debated if I should dash out of reach, but he was standing right next to me. Besides, eventually he would catch up with me and he would do what he wanted anyway. That had always been part of the attraction. The fact that I was helpless when David wanted to do something.

I wasn’t so sure about that anymore. My body was, though. I could feel my excitement rise, the adrenaline starting to pump through my veins. The butterflies in my stomach starting to stir.

I’m not entirely sure why I tried to escape him, even though I knew it would be hopeless in the end. I wonder now if I would be in the same bind if I hadn’t, because the handcuffs incident seems to have been a turning point in our relationship.

My hand lashed out as I jumped up from the couch, trying to bat his hands away from me before he had a chance to capture me. Instead of his hands I swiped the handcuff he had been dangling from his right hand. It swung up and straight into his mouth. It worked better than I could have anticipated as he cried out in pain and surprise and nearly fell on his ass as he jumped back. I didn’t pause, already heading for the kitchen door at top speed, and now spurred on by fear of retaliation. His cry had not been very loud, so I wasn’t sure if he’d been hurt or not, but I figured I’d better have some distance between us before finding out.

Of course I found out.

Thinking I had made a clean getaway as I reached my bedroom I dashed inside and slammed the door. Before I could turn around and lock it behind me, David had pounded up and pushed it open again. I threw my weight against the door, but it was too late. He had it open far enough to snake his arm through and trying to avoid his grabs at me I lost the battle for the door and fell back to the far side of my room. Confident now, he slowly opened the door all the way, stepped through and silently closed it behind him. And locked it. We were the only two in the house, so that was very much only a symbolic gesture, but it wasn’t lost on me.

“David.” I tried to put some authority into my voice. “I don’t want to do this, David. I’m sorry I hurt you.”

His upper lip was swollen and red. It looked painful, but not too bad. I was glad I hadn’t broken his skin.

“Oh, you’re not. Sorry. Not yet. But you will be.” He said it with a smile, but his voice was menacing. Scary. Exciting.

He advanced on me slowly. Already backed up against the window sill, I had nowhere to go.

“David, this isn’t funny. Leave me alone and get out of my room!”

I glared at him. It didn’t have any effect. Just a few steps and he was standing right in front of me. I looked up into his face to try to read what he was planning. Deliberately, he reached for my wrist. I quickly put both my hands behind my back, lifting my chin in defiance. He just gripped my shoulder and turned me around. He pushed me up against the window, the sill digging into my thighs and my hands moving up to push back against the glass.

In a flash he closed one of the ’cuffs around my right wrist and pulled that hand behind my back. Gripping my other wrist with his hand, he pulled that one behind my back, too. Seconds later, the second ’cuff closed. I was once again helpless, but this time with honest–to–god handcuffs keeping my hands pinned behind my back.

I looked over my shoulder at him, but he was focused on my wrists caught in the ’cuffs. He had his hand planted between my shoulder blades, still pushing my chest and the side of my face against the glass.

“Let me go, David. You had your fun, now undo them.”

His eyes looked up into mine. He saw my uncomfortable position up against the window and let go, stepping back a pace. He smiled.

“I might have had my fun, but you haven’t had your punishment yet, sis.” He pointed up at his swollen lip.

“Look. I’m sorry about that. It was an accident! What are you going to do, anyway. Spank me?”

Challenging. He would never lay a hand on his kid sister.

“Hmm… that’s an interesting suggestion, Wendy.”

[…End Excerpt…]

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Product Details
File Size: 236 KB
Print Length: 48 pages
Fortmat: ePub
Features: Flowing text
Language: English

Price(USD): $2.99