Squirting Lessons

Squirting Lessons
Squirting Lessons
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I wouldn’t say I was boring, just not as loose as the women of the 21st century. My boyfriend was screaming the word “frigid” at me as he walked out of my apartment. My past boyfriends never said it, but they implied it. He, however, didn’t have a problem letting me know it was my fault. I guess he was my ex now. I knew this couldn’t go on if I wanted a long lasting relationship. I had to do something about it.

That’s when I’d seen the ad. It was silly really, sex lessons in some building just a few blocks away from where I lived. Well, I had nothing to lose now. It couldn’t hurt to try. Besides, maybe it’d be fun.

But as I stood there looking up at the tall building I felt like I should just turn around and go home. What was I even thinking? Maybe I didn’t need to change, maybe everyone else did. No, I was just being scared. Whether I liked it or not this is the world I live in. It’s the era of sex and adventure and I had to learn to deal with that. I couldn’t keep moaning about failed relationships but do nothing about it. I took a deep breath and entered.

I was heading to room 201 on the second floor. I noticed a dentist within one of the suites on the first floor and a newsagents facing it, it seemed like the whole building was used for shops and whatnot. I finally reached the door to the room in which my entire sexuality would be explored, I hesitated once again.

If I keep psyching myself out, I’ll never do it. I opened the door and walked into a quiet, empty living room.

“Hello?” I called into the hallway.

There were several ways to go so I just stood in the rundown room waiting for a response, it didn’t seem as legit as the advert made it out to be.

“Oh come through into the back, second door.” The door I was called over to was the only one opened so it was easy enough to follow the instructions.

I entered a bedroom with a man sitting at a desk doing some sort of paperwork. The room had a reddish glare from the light coming in through the blinds.

“And you are?” He asked me without even bothering to look up.

“Sam, we spoke on the phone.” It wasn’t as nerve wrecking as I assumed, it was just some most likely perverted man in his apartment.

“I think I’ve made a mistake though.” I turned around to walk the same way I’d came, I wasn’t paying for this.

“Why? You’re in the right classroom.” Classroom, this place was a dump!

“I’m sorry, this place just doesn’t seem quite like…” He cut me off before I could finish.

“What did you expect from a sex school? I take it you’re one of those frigid types.” That word, frigid.

I knew I had to stay now, I couldn’t keep going through my life with that word being thrown at me every chance a man got to use it. I had to be seen as something more than that.

“Fine, what’s first.” I walked back over to the man who was still buried in his paperwork. He looked up at me when he heard my tone of voice.

As he looked me up and down, I saw his face for the first time. Beautiful blue eyes, soul piercing. His blonde hair fell over his face a little, he was quite scruffy, like he’d been living in this dump all his life and yet it was endearing, it only added to his looks.

“Lie down on the bed.” What? I knew it, just a pervert.

“Listen, the only way you can learn is if I show you on your own body. I don’t even care about the money right now, I’m not a hooker ready to take money after you’ve got what you want. You clearly need some help and I’m willing to give you that for free, so just lie the fuck down alright?”

He was right. I did need some help. Maybe I needed psychiatric help for not bolting out of there at the first opportunity. Still, I did what he asked. I had come too far to go back home with nothing, not even a cool story. Maybe it was his blue eyes. I always had a thing for men with blue eyes.

“We won’t be having sex, don’t worry. This isn’t that kind of place. I will however, be touching your body. I’ll be showing you things about yourself you didn’t know you could do. If this is to work you need to trust me, trust my methods. You read the reviews I’m sure, I know what I’m doing, this whole floor is my school, it’s not just a rundown apartment of a madman. This is the classroom for the first timers like yourself. We like to throw people in at the deep end.” He continued to lecture me, very teacher like indeed.

My body was flat against the dirty mattress that didn’t have any sheets on it at all, only a pillow to rest my head which thankfully looked clean enough. This whole place was designed to put me on edge.

“Lift up your skirt.” The man ordered me as he stood at the foot of the bed, looking at my shaking thighs as the nerves kicked in.

I was hesitant at first but all I could keeping thinking about was that word, frigid. It’d made its way into my life so many times and I knew I couldn’t continue to be its victim. I grabbed my skirt and lifted it up as I looked to the side, too ashamed to watch what the man was going to do to me.

“Well, aren’t these lovely.” He was referring to my underwear which would have lacked style to those who care for that kind of thing.

He started to remove them, slowly. Taking his time as he grazed my inner legs in the process and finally took them off my ankles that were slightly lifted from the ground as he leaned off the bed. He then proceeded to spread my legs as a hand worked its way back up, caressing me, rubbing gently over my skin. I could already feel my blood rushing, my heart racing, my pussy getting wetter and ready for his touch as he got closer to it.

This wasn’t right, I wanted to stop him but that word came flying back into my head, the thought of every guy that’d ever left me because of it was now pouring into my mind. I needed to go through with this.

“Easy does it,” He said to himself as he ran his hand over my wet pussy, rubbing at my clit as he dug a finger into me.

I wanted to moan out so much but I was too embarrassed to do so, I could see him looking at me from the corner of my eye but I refused to make eye contact, it was too awkward.

“You need to loosen up, a guy wants to see you ready for him, he wants to know he’s pleasing you.” I knew I couldn’t keep holding back, I let out the tiniest of moans and checked to see his reaction. He flashed me a smile of encouragement. I don’t know why, but it set off butterflies in my stomach.

He began to use that one finger he had in me rapidly, he’d started to move it up as fast as he could, tapping the spot every time. He used his other hand to pull back the side so that another finger could get shoved in, taking his hand out for a second, leaning in to add his saliva to the lubrication already flowing freely from my pussy and then reverting back to the two-finger thrust motion.

“Now what you want to do is keep moaning, keep showing him you like it, talk dirty to him. Go on.” His instructions were specific and clear and spoken as if this was a math class.

I was hesitant once again but I couldn’t help letting myself curse out a few words, which got my mentor going even faster.

“Fuck, yeah, yeah keep going.” I started to mumble but it soon turned into cries of joy as he pounded away at my wet pussy.

I could feel the buildup, feel myself coming to breaking point except he wasn’t slowing down, only getting faster and faster. I felt ready to explode.

“Fuck,” I screamed out. I felt like I was about to pee, but I couldn’t hold it back any longer, I squirted for the first time, my fluids leaving splatters on his shirt and up his arm as he began to slow down.

My teacher left me panting on the bed and went to wipe himself down with some tissues on his desk. He turned and smiled at me with a bulge forming in his pants, I must’ve done well to turn him on.

“That’s it for today, class dismissed.”

I got up with just enough energy to leave, I didn’t know what to say so I didn’t say anything at all. That night as I lay on my bed I tried what he had done to myself but I never built up enough stamina to make myself squirt out, nothing I tried felt as good. He’d taught me how to let myself go but not how to please myself and as a single woman that was going to be of concern to me right now. I knew I needed to book another lesson right away.

A week passed by, just enough time for me to not seem too desperate. I grabbed the phone and dialed the number from the circled ad still on my bed stand. My teacher answered in that same lecturing voice that I quite liked.

“It’s Sam, I was wondering if…” My mentor cut me off before I could finish my proposition.

“I was wondering when you’d be back for more, however you do know that was nothing personal I assume? All part of the lesson Sam, quite a successful one I might add.” He was trying to make sure he kept his professional appearance but that wasn’t what I was interested in right now.

“Actually I wanted to book another lesson, except I want to learn how you made me…” I fell silent, unable to bring myself to say the words.

“You want to know how to please yourself? I can teach you that, just come back to room 201 tomorrow at 1pm,”

“What about money? How much is this going to cost me.” Money wasn’t a problem but I couldn’t expect another free lesson.

“We’ll discuss that when you get here, don’t worry I’m sure we’ll figure something out Sam. I have to go now, I’ll see you tomorrow.” As I heard the phone click, I swear I could hear the muffled moans of a orgasmic woman in the background as if she was reaching climax towards the end of that call. He was probably doing her what he had done to me as he spoke, he seemed like that type of guy.

I went to bed excited for my next lesson, I’d never had so much fun in my life. It all felt very dangerous but in a good way, like a secret that no one could know. But even if they did, I could probably pass it off as being part of being an independent young woman in charge of her own sexuality. The place even had reviews so I guess someone was willing to admit they had gone there. Yes, it was all very professional. That’s what I needed to tell myself anyway, I didn’t want to revert back to being frigid.

I soon found myself back in front of the tall building that had many shops and the school within it, I passed the dentist and the newsagents and made my way to room 201. This time I knew where to go so I walked straight in and to the room I’d been in a week ago however it was empty.

“Hello, it’s Sam.” It didn’t look like he’d been in here today.

“Sam, it’s the first door this time.” I went back into the living room and entered the door next to the one that lead to the dirty bed.

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Product Details
File Size: 179 KB
Print Length: 21 pages
Fortmat: ePub
Features: Flowing text
Language: English

Price(USD): $0.95