Take Me

Take Me
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Mark Thurman had no idea that his lonely life as a widower was over…it took an eighteen year old sexual prodigy to bring him back to life as a man rather than as just a father. And all it took to accomplish this monumental feat was two little words…Take Me!

Mark Thurman’s son Tim was darling, and Mr. Thurman was hotter than the pits of hell. Katie started throbbing when she first met him at his front door, and before nine year old Tim Thurman had been asleep for a half hour she had spread herself out naked on the man’s bed, one of his shirts over her face, and masturbated to an incredible orgasm. She had left a wet spot on the comforter that she hurriedly dried with his hair dryer…a job she finished only minutes before he came home.

On the short walk to her house, two doors down the street, she fantasized about lying naked in his arms as he made sweet, passionate love to her, and she almost danced up the stairs and into her own bed. It was an odd reaction for a worldly teen like Katie…she was literally a wild child in her senior year in high school. No virgin, she had been the first girl in her class to swallow when giving a blowjob in the bus on the way to school, and she was the first that she knew of to lose her virginity. At eighteen, she was already adept at making men cum with her hands, her pussy, her mouth, and her ass. Something about Mark Thurman turned her back into a dizzy schoolgirl and she had no idea why.

She slipped between the sheets, deliciously naked, her nightgown still on the chair by her bed. Thrusting her eager fingers up inside her wetness, she masturbated to slow and very intense orgasm. When she came, Mark Thurman’s name was on her lips.

Katie spent a great deal of time preparing for her next babysitting job at the Thurman house. She knew from her mother and the neighborhood gossips that he was a widower, that his wife had died when Tim was very young, and that Mark was not dating anyone. To all outward observers, Mark Thurman had given up everything except his work to take care of his son. As she worked on the clothes she would wear for the job Thursday evening, she wondered idly if the man had even had sex during the years since his wife had died. According to the gossips, he had not been known to go out at all. His regular babysitter’s family had just moved to Chicago, and Katie had been selected as the new one based on neighborhood recommendations.

Katie smiled as she located the short ruffly skirt she had been looking for. It came four inches above her knees, and if she tugged the waist up, her panties would show every time she leaned over or hiked her knees up. The pastel pink thong she selected would keep him guessing at whether she had any on or not.

She was having trouble selecting a top that was sexy enough to attract his attention without making her look like a whore…though if looking like a whore was what it took, she already had an outfit for that. Smiling, she stripped off her clothes and gazed at herself in the full length mirror.

Slim, even willowy, she had a long elegant neck, high, firm, perfectly shaped breasts, a hard flat belly, and terribly long well turned legs. When combined with her classically beautiful facial features and green sloe eyes, the auburn haired girl was nearly irresistible. Naked, she was explosive. Grinning lewdly at her reflection, she had a thought…If he could see me like this, I’ll bet I wouldn’t have a bit of trouble getting him to let me suck his cock… She knew damned well that once she had his cock in her mouth, she could get anything she wanted from him, anything at all. The clothes she had selected went back into the drawer.

She knocked on Thurman’s door just before seven o’clock Thursday night. When Mark opened the door he was stunned at the sophisticated change in his babysitter. Katie wore a light sundress in pale green voile eyelet fabric that buttoned top to bottom right down the center. The throat was opened to display a single strand of perfect pearls and ended just below her knees. Her feet were bare, though she held a pair of light, heeled sandals in her hands. Katie had carefully arranged herself in a demure pose before ringing the doorbell.

“Sorry,” she said in a soft voice, “I didn’t have time to change before coming over.” Speechless, Mark opened the door and waved her inside. As she slipped past him, he caught a vague scent of fresh honeysuckle.

Jesus Christ! Mark thought, Where the hell did that come from? Katie had transformed from a teasingly sexy little teen to a very dangerous looking young woman from one day to the next. Down boy! He mentally ordered his suddenly swelling cock.

The phone began to ring before he could even offer her a glass of tea, or whatever it was safe to offer a teen these days, he really wasn’t a very politically correct kind of guy and he didn’t have a clue. He excused himself and went to answer the phone. When he came back, Katie sat on the sofa, her legs curled up under her butt and the skirt of her dress had parted enough to bare her knees. Somehow the sight of those bare knees was twice as erotic as the sight of her tight little butt in those skimpy athletic shorts she was always wearing…in fact, he had to admit that the whole sundress theme was more than a little arousing.

“I’m sorry, my meeting’s been delayed for an hour and a half,” he said apologetically. “You could go home and wait, I’ll be glad to pay for the whole time, or you’re welcome to stay here.” He didn’t even want to admit to himself that he wanted her to stay here.

“If you don’t mind Mr. Thurman, I’d like to stay here,” Katie drawled. Her left knee rose on the sofa until her bare foot was flat on the cushion. Mark felt his cock start to crawl in his pants. If she moved that left leg in the least he would be able to see all the way down into her crotch.

“Please,” he said, “call me Mark, that Mr. Thurman stuff is making me feel old.” Her smile sent shivers down his back.

Staring straight into his eyes, Katie slowly opened her leg, exposing the naked expanse of thigh and the uncovered pussy above it.

“Jesus Katie,” Mark gulped, pushing at her knee, “you have to be careful around grown guys like me, you just can’t sit like that…” the rest was just garbled words.

“Or what Mark,” she said with a wanton grin, “you might try to fuck me?”

His cock was rigid now, this was totally unexpected. Katie rose to her feet and her hands were doing something with the buttons of the dress and it was falling and HOLY SHIT she was NAKED and she was grabbing his cock and he was lost…

Katie was on her knees in front of him and she had his bare penis in her hands. He could feel her hot breath on him as her parted lips passed within millitmeters of the sensitive skin of his organ. “I’ve wanted this since the first time I saw you Mark,” she said, kissing the tip of it before standing and sinking back onto the sofa with her legs spread wide. She reached up, arms widespread. “Take me Mark…take me now!” Her voice was low and husky and it never crossed his mind to resist.

Mark sank mindlessly into her wet heat, the first time he had been inside a woman since Evelyn had died. Jesus this is wrong!

Katie sighed as he penetrated all the way to her cervix, his thick tip bumping the convex surface and sending tingles all the way from her toes to the nape of her neck. She wrapped her arms around his neck and pressed her bare breasts to his chest. He felt good inside her…eager. With a wicked smile she planted the soles of her feet flat on the sofa and began to thrust her hips up to meet his. “Fuck me Mark,” she whispered, “stick it deep inside me and make me cum!”

She had slippery muscles inside her pussy that he didn’t remember ever having encountered before. Katie might be a teenager, but she was a damned experienced teenager and she could have taught most of his old girlfriends from college a few tricks.

“Oh Jesus Katie you feel so good,” he panted. “This is so wrong and I cant help myself!”

Katie’s hands went to the back of his head, pulling his lips to hers. When she spoke, their lips rubbed gently against each other. “It feels good to me and I wanted it so bad Mark…shut up and fuck me.” He pounded into her, grinding his pelvic bone against her clit, making her moan and writhe beneath him.

“Oh hell yes baby, fuck me with that big thing…oh,oh, oh, YES! Right there Mark! Hold it up against my…OHHHHHH!” Katie felt his hot cum jetting over the surface of her cervix, sending her over the brink into one hell of an orgasm.

Somehow they had made the transition from the sofa to the master bedroom without Tim coming out of his bedroom. Katie had wrapped her arms and legs around him and held on tight as he had collected their clothes in one large hand and carried her down the hall. He tossed the clothes on an overstuffed chair in his bedroom and fell on top of her on the bed.

He lifted himself up and looked down at her.

“Stand up and look at me naked,” Katie teased, “I like making you horny.”

“Well you should be very happy right now,” Mark said as he stood up. He removed the rest of his clothes and stood naked above her. Katie’s legs spread even wider, and the middle finger of her right hand rubbed small circles over the hard nubbing of her clit. The smile on her face was beguilingly wicked.

“How long has it been Mark,” she said lasciviously, “since a teenager sucked the cum out of your cock and swallowed it?” She licked her pouty lips.

Mark shook his head. The kid was a volcano. “Nobody has ever swallowed,” he said in a tight voice, “even my wife wouldn’t…she hated the taste.”

Katie was up and against him in a flash, her fingers curling around his still wet shaft. “I’m sorry about your wife Mark,” she whispered, “but that was a long time ago. I’m here now…and Mark?” she looked guilelessly up into his eyes. “I love the taste of cum.”

Gently, she pulled him down onto the bed, and pushed him over onto his back. “Watch me,” she said in a hoarse excited voice, “It makes me fucking hot to have someone watching me.” She dragged the hard points of her nipples down his legs until her parted lips closed over his big toe. Closing her eyes blissfully, she fucked his toe with her mouth. Mark’s eyes opened wide and his cock sprang to attention as Katie devoted her considerable oral skills to making love to his toe…it was one of the most surprising erotic feelings he’d ever experienced. She glanced up mischievously to see the effect she was having on him, and delightedly switched to the other big toe.

He was on the brink when she began to kiss her way up the inside of his leg. Without slowing down, she engulfed his right testicle in her mouth. The warm wetness was intense, almost more than he could bear. Her fingers were exploring territory that had never been explored before…Katie wasn’t bashful at all. The last rational thought Mark had was that girls were surely different now than they had ever been when he was dating.

She pushed his knees up to his chest, and suddenly her madly skittering tongue was seeking the edges of an orifice he had always mentally labeled as ‘exit only.’ Katie’s tongue forever changed that outdated notion. He jumped initially at the entrance of her wet forefinger, but his surrender was complete when the finger was removed and followed by her crazy tongue. His back arched up off the bed…only the sharp strong grip of her fingers around his shaft kept him from cumming then.

Kissing his skin, licking at his balls and their sack, Katie calmed him down until she had him at the point where she felt she could start again. There was a light sheen of sweat on them both, and it made them both very slippery…and Katie positively adored slippery naked skin.

Very slowly, she moved her body around until she could place her slim hips over Mark’s mouth, and she sighed deeply as his lips and tongue demonstrated his own prowess at oral sex and she was briefly transported before she got back to what she now wanted more than anything in the world.

Licking slowly up the shaft towards his glans, Katie rubbed her now puffy lips wetly over his skin. When she caused him to jump or twitch, she remembered the spot and came back to it after a few minutes. Neither of them was in a hurry, both were perfectly comfortable with what they were doing.

Katie worked her way to the thick tip eventually, and she giggled when he twitched as she tried to insert her tongue in the slit at the top. After the second time she giggled, Mark sucked her entire clit into his mouth, causing Katie a twitch or two of her own. She retaliated by swallowing the entire length of his long thick shaft until her nose bumped against his pelvic bone and holding it there while making swallowing motions with her throat muscles. It was too much for both of them. Mark’s tongue thrummed her clit while Katie backed half of his cock out of her mouth and captured every drop of his huge load.

Her hips were still working from her orgasm as Katie dribbled his cum all over the outside of his shaft. Jumping off his face, she put her eyes close to his, cum dripping down her lips and chin. “Watch me baby,” she hissed, “I really get off on being watched when I do this…” She was back down at his cock in a flash, her green eyes locked on his own.

Slowly and carefully, she used her tongue to spread his cum all over the head of his shaft and then licked him clean, smacking her lips loudly. Never once did she take her eyes from his.

Mark had no idea what to say when it was over. She was the most amazing woman he had ever even been near in bed. He didn’t want to let her go…ever.

Katie was satisfied with herself. She wasn’t ready for marriage yet, but she was ready to stick with one guy for a while…and Mark Thurman was going to work out fine.