Tease For A Night

Tease for a Night
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“H-Harder!” I cried, moving my own hips to meet Matt’s thrusts and take him deeper inside me.

“I…I’m cumming!” Matt groaned above me as his hips started moving erratically, his fingers tightly gripping my thighs. In just a few seconds, I felt his cum spilling inside me as he buried himself to the hilt while I clung to him, clenching my pelvic muscles around his twitching cock and holding my breath as I faked my orgasm, a skill I had mastered by now.

After a while, he stilled and so did I. Then, just as I was about to shove him off me because he was starting to get too heavy, he pulled out, running to the bathroom to wipe himself. For a moment, I just laid still on the bed, trying to catch my breath. Then, sighing, I reached for the box of tissues on the bedside table and wiped his cum from my pussy, which was already beginning to trickle out, knowing that if I didn’t, it would leave a stain on the sheets and my underwear.

After a few minutes, he came back, put his pajamas back on and crawled into bed.

“Is Jessie going to be staying at your parents’ this weekend?” he asked, checking the alarm clock before pulling the covers up to his shoulders.

“Yup,” I told him, getting out of bed so I could throw away the used tissues in the bathroom. “My dad said he’ll pick up Jessie after her kindergarten class on Friday, and then we’ll pick her up on Sunday morning, though my mom said we should have brunch with them first before we go.”

“I see,” he said, yawning. “Well, good night.”

“Good night,” I told him, not bothering to turn around. I continued to the bathroom, throwing away the tissues and washing myself, since the tissues were not enough to get rid of the sticky sensation which I knew would just be worse when I got up the next morning.

Suddenly, I had an urge to touch myself, still feeling excited from earlier but unsatisfied from not reaching an orgasm. Sitting on the toilet bowl and leaning back, I spread my legs, reaching down to stroke my clit. I didn’t even bother to lock the door since I knew Matt was probably asleep already and frankly, I didn’t care if he walked in on me masturbating, since it was his fault that I was doing it.

I stroked myself faster, coating my fingers with Matt’s cum so that they would slide smoothly against my sensitive skin. At the same time, I cupped one of my breasts and rolled the still stiff nipple between my fingers. It did not take me long to come, my body already having been almost there earlier. As I did, my hips bucked and I threw my head back, squeezing my eyes shut and biting my lip lightly to suppress a moan.

When it was over, I opened my eyes and slumped against the toilet as I stopped to catch my breath once more, tired but this time, satisfied, or at least, more satisfied than I had been earlier. It would have felt better if I had come from having Matt’s cock inside me instead of just my fingers.

When I got out of the bathroom, he was already snoring lightly and I sighed as I put my clothes back on – just a pair of sweatpants and an oversized college shirt since I had stopped wearing lingerie a long time ago – and slipped into the covers beside him, wondering how long this bedtime routine of quickies and finishing by myself had to go on.

Life with Matt, particularly the romantic aspect, used to be more interesting. In fact, I remembered some nights when we had spent all night having sex and a time when we had had crazy sex in the outdoor pool of a friend’s house we had been house-sitting for a weekend, not caring if anyone saw us. There was even a time when we had used chocolate syrup and whipped cream while having sex on top of the dining table.

Those, however, had happened a long time ago, right after our marriage, when we were so madly in love and work was not so important. In the past few years, though, our jobs and our daughter, Jessie, had become our top priorities, and as much as it pained me to admit it, our love life, particularly our sex life, had suffered from it.

Sitting up, I looked at Matt, smiling as I saw his innocent sleeping face which I had always loved. True, he was not perfect – he snored, was a lousy cook and came too fast at times – but I loved him. I knew, too, that he loved me, even though he no longer said it as often as before, and that he was getting tired of the way things had turned out just like me though he would never admit to it, which was why I knew things could not go on as they had. If I wanted our marriage to be anything but dull, let alone to last, I had to spice things up in the bedroom. Yes, it was up to me. The question was: How?

The next day, I did my best to try and find the answer as soon as I got home from work, scouring my Cosmopolitan back issues and browsing various blogs and forums online, even skimming through a few erotic novels. When I was done, I had quite a list of things that seemed worth trying. I couldn’t decide which particular one to try, though.

I was still trying to make up my mind when Friday night came along. Since it was a rare treat to spend the night out without having to worry about Jessie, Matt and I both decided we would make the most of the opportunity and go to dinner with our friends Rob, Kelly, Steve and Lindsey, whom we hadn’t seen in a while.

For the most part, we simply tried our best to catch up with each other, talking about work and our kids and anything else that we had been busy with, while doing some reminiscing here and there as we relished the Italian dishes we had ordered and drank wine. It was a variety I had never tried before that Rob had picked and I ended up instantly liking, which was probably why I ended up drinking more than I should.

Every once in a while, though, my gaze would sweep across the table to land on Matt and I would find myself smiling with pride. I had been married to Matt for over five years now, before which we had dated for three years. I met him shortly after graduating from college through a friend at work. Back then, though, he had a girlfriend, much to my disappointment, so we didn’t really get to talk, but a few months later, when I bumped into him again at my friend’s birthday, I learned that he had broken up with his girlfriend and we started going out after that. It did not take me long to realize he was ‘the one’ and finally, after more than two years together, he realized it, too, proposing to me in front of the fire at a log cabin in Aspen. I had eagerly accepted.

Just the memory of it caused my smile to widen. Ah, how I wished we were back to those good old days when we were young and so madly in love, not to mention, hardly able to keep our hands off each other or get enough of each other. Then again, that didn’t have to be a thing of the past, not if I could do something about it tonight.

When Kelly went to the restroom after the main course, I decided to join her to ask for her advice. At first, she seemed shocked to hear my question. Then, she chuckled.

“What?” I asked her, puzzled by her reaction.

“Oh, nothing,” Kelly said, grinning as she combed her hair. “It’s just that it’s the first time you’ve approached me for advice. Who would’ve thought it would be about sex?”

“It’s not funny,” I told her, frowning.

“Of course it isn’t,” Kelly said, turning to me. “So you want to spice things up in the bedroom, do you?”

“Sshh. Not so loud.”

“That’s only normal, I guess,” Kelly said, ignoring my embarrassment. “After all, you’ve been together for how long again?”

“Over five years.”

“An eternity by today’s standards, plus you have a kid, so it’s no wonder you’re scoring low in that department.”

“So what do I do about it?”

“Have you thought about having a Brazilian wax?”


“Just kidding. I wouldn’t recommend that actually.”

“Kelly.” I crossed my arms around my chest impatiently, annoyed that she didn’t seem to be taking me seriously.

“Do you really want to try something new and daring?”


“Fine. Let me tell you a dirty secret.” She leaned close to me so she could whisper in my ear. “Nothing drives a man crazy like watching something totally hot but not being able to do anything about it.”

[…End Excerpt…]

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Product Details
File Size: 644 KB
Print Length: 91 pages
Fortmat: ePub
Features: Flowing text
Language: English

Price(USD): $2.99