The First Time

The First Time
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A glimpse of her stepfather jacking off in his bedroom is enough to make her take action on her fantasy of having sex with him. The problem was first to convince him, and second, to manage it so that her mother never found out about it…

It wasn’t like I planned it or anything, it just sort of happened. It started with cute little tickle games. He was my new stepfather and he was trying very hard to get to know me, make me at ease with him.

He didn’t have to try very hard. My real dad, Steve, is an asshole, and I never called him daddy again after he walked out on me and Mom when I was thirteen.

Bill was a totally different kind of man than my father, and he was really good looking. He had a great body and a head full of wavy blond hair…and the prettiest green eyes I’ve ever seen on a man. Ever since he and Mom got married I had been plagued with visits and requests from girlfriends who wanted to sleepover or swim in our pool. Every one of them was hot for Bill, and we giggled on those late nights when we practiced kissing and talked about boys…they all wanted to know if I had seen him naked…and how big his cock was. I have to admit I enjoyed being so popular, even if Bill was the reason for it. As I got older, the tales I made up to entertain my friends grew a little wilder, and then downright raunchy. By the time we were all seniors they were all convinced I was fucking him and some of them started flirting with him and teasing with him. Myra Turnbridge was the worst…every time Bill came out to the pool she ‘lost’ her top or the ties ‘broke’. Myra had the biggest tits in 12th grade and all of us were secretly envious of her. She had been the first of us to be ‘felt up’ by a boy and the first of us to give a hand job. Sometimes I hated her, especially when she flaunted her big tits at Bill.

The tickle games started because I wouldn’t talk very much, and they became such a routine that I didn’t pay any attention to them. He always put his arm around me, and I sat on his lap when we talked…I guess I just never stopped to consider just how much I had grown up.

Footsie pajamas and pigtails had given way to long hair and lacy, girly nightgowns, and finally to a thin worn cotton tee shirt of Bill’s that I cherished and slept in every night. Usually I just wore a light pair of bikini panties beneath it, but sometimes I just wore nothing at all under it. I turned eighteen just before Christmas,and it was Christmas morning when I noticed him looking at me oddly. Mom didn’t seem to notice anything out of the ordinary, but Bill was staring at the hem of my tee shirt when I was unwrapping my gifts underneath the tree. When I looked down, I realized that I was sitting cross legged and that I didn’t have any panties on. Bill could see my little hairless pussy! I kept it shaved because of the tiny bikinis I had begun to wear…nothing is quite as gross as seeing a hairy bush springing out in all directions from bikini bottoms, and the most reasonable solution was to shave it off.

Nothing wicked about that, right?

Bill was staring, speechless, and I thought it was hilarious…so I turned a little on the floor and gave him a really good look. He looked up to see me watching his face and he actually blushed. I stifled a giggle so Mom wouldn’t notice and closed my legs to keep from embarrassing him anymore.

After Christmas morning I caught him staring at me more and more often…I loved making him blush so I started dressing in ways to shock him and make him watch me more. I admit, I was getting a charge out of it. I got more and more blatant about showing myself off to him, even when Mom was around, though I guess she would have pitched a fit if she had paid any attention to what I was doing.

One Saturday morning in early March Mom had gone someplace for the whole day with a bunch of friends, and I happened to see that she had left her bedroom door partway open. She usually only did that when Bill was already up and downstairs. Mom had a pair of sandals that she never wore, and I wanted them awfully bad, so I opened the door a little and looked inside. Bill was on top of the bed and he was naked.

I was mesmerized. His head was thrown back and he had his hand wrapped around his cock…he was jacking off. I was embarrassed, but I was too excited to stop watching him. Jesus his cock was huge! My nipples got hard and I got this tingly feeling between my legs. When he squirted his cum into the air and groaned, my knees buckled and I had to steady myself by putting my hand against the wall. It was right then that I knew things had gotten out of hand.

I should have stopped teasing him then, but I couldn’t. When I tried to sleep at night all I could see was his hand wrapped around his hard penis…but most of all I saw that delicious thick creamy cum shooting into the air and falling back to the rock hard abs that were etched into his hard belly. I had no choice, I had to give myself some relief, and I would masturbate over and over until I fell asleep.

I took more chances with Bill after that, letting my towel slip when I walked from the bathroom to my bedroom, waiting for him naked in the pool cabana and pretending surprise when he walked in as I was pulling up my tiny bikini bottoms.

He finally had enough and caught me on one of Mom’s Saturday morning outings. I was doing the cabana trick when he walked in, and instead of quickly turning away he came over and sat down beside me. “You can’t go on doing this to me sweetie,” he said seriously.

I didn’t even have the good grace to pretend I didn’t know what he was talking about. I still had the bikini panties in my hand, and I spread my legs and held my hands out to my sides so he could see all of me. I was quivering with excitement as his eyes took in my nudity openly for the first time.

“Don’t you like seeing me naked Daddy?” I teased, cocking one hip forward in a provocative pose.

Bill smiled wryly, “The problem is sweetie, that I like seeing you naked too much.” He looked down at the front of his shorts and the swollen outline of his hard cock was clearly visible. I saw it and I moaned out loud. I knelt down beside him and stared at it hungrily.

“What the hell is wrong with you girl, I’m your stepfather!”

“You’re a man Daddy,” I said falteringly, “a really handsome man with a big cock and I want it.”

“You don’t know what you’re saying!” he said in shock. “Aside from the fact that I could get sent to jail, I love your Mom.”

It was my turn to be serious…the internet had kind of leveled the playing field of arguments between teens and parents, and I had done my research. “I’m over eighteen now Daddy, so the Statutory rape charges don’t apply. In order for them to charge you with incest, there has to be a witness because we can’t be compelled to testify against ourselves. If nobody sees us, there’s no crime being committed.”

“OK, so I won’t go to jail,” Bill said, exasperated with me. “What about your mother, did you think of what this would do to her?”

“I have no intention of letting my mother know about it Daddy, I would never hurt her on purpose!” I told him. “This isn’t about her, it’s about you and me and it’s private.” I boldly put my hand on the swollen lump of his cock. “I watched you jacking off,” I whispered, squeezing him gently through his shorts, “and I lie awake at night and see your cum shooting into the air and I have to masturbate too!”

His cock jumped when I said that, and I could tell he was weakening. I tugged at his hand and put it on one of my small boobs, pressing it down until my nipple rose hard against his palm. “Oh god I want you!” I sighed.

Suddenly we were kissing and I was squeezing his cock harder, and his fingers were pinching my nipples. The kiss started soft and so sweetly, our lips brushing together and our tongues softly searching for a way to mingle. I was moaning into his mouth. It seemed to me an eternity before he wrapped his arms around me and pulled me to him. “I want…” I breathed as I kissed his neck and chest and down onto his belly as I sank to my knees. “I want…this!” I gasped as I boldly kissed the swollen outline of his rigid penis. He made no move to stop me as I reached inside his shorts and freed his hard cock. It was so beautiful. It was amazing how hard it felt in my hands, and how soft the skin covering it was.

His balls were huge too, and it took both hands to heft them. It was Daddy’s turn to moan as I held his balls and gently kissed the engorged tip of his dick.

Whatever reservations either of us held dissipated in that one small contact between my full, parted lips and the glans of his cock. His hand went to the top of my head, and I felt the gentle downward pressure. I opened my mouth wider and took more of the shaft into my mouth. I still remember it as the most erotic moment of my life…the first time I sucked on my Daddy’s cock.

The ropy veins stood out and I traced them with my tongue, and the man smell coming from him was intoxicating to me. I opened my mouth wider and it seemed as if his cock was built with my mouth in mind. It fit perfectly and it wasn’t uncomfortable at all, large as it was. When the gentle pressure of his hand pushed my head down farther, I found that his wet slippery glans slid right past the spot in my throat that would have caused me to gag. I don’t know if it was because I wanted it so badly or that I had a natural ability to suppress my gag reflex, but I soon had his glans so deeply in me that I had to breathe completely through my nose when his cock pulled back each time he thrust into me. I was trembling, my nipples were so hard they hurt me, and I was soaking wet between my legs. The memory of his cock spurting cum into the air was in the forefront of my mind and I was almost insane at the thought of the thick white fluid shooting directly into my hungry belly. I didn’t have long to wait.

When he came, it was hot and thick and sweet…I had never wanted to eat anything in my life as I wanted to eat Daddy’s cum. When it was over I licked his cock and his balls and told him I wanted to do it again. Without speaking, he slid his arms under mine and lifted me to the chaise lounge. He gently pushed me back and sucked the nipples of my breasts until I came from his attentions…but he didn’t stop there, oh no, he kissed his way down to the smooth shaven skin of my mound. I had my legs spread so wide that my hips ached when we heard the sound of my Mom’s car pulling into the driveway. I was writhing on the chaise like a snake when we had to stop and get dressed. I had to bite my lip to keep from crying.

It was a long week before my Mom left the house for the morning again, a week filled with furtive kisses and groping, and an incredibly fast blowjob in the laundry closet while she ran to the grocery store for milk. God Daddy tasted good to me!

When Mom left Saturday morning I waited until her car backed out of the driveway before I ran down the hall to her bedroom. Daddy was lying on his side in the bed, naked, with his arms outstretched towards me. I ripped off my tee shirt and crawled up next to him, our naked flesh pressed tightly together from head to toe. His kisses were as sweet and probing as the first ones he had given me in the cabana, though this time he laid me on my back and covered my face and neck and breasts with soft kisses. I could barely hold still as he sucked and softly bit the skin of my flat belly, and I was gasping for breath when he started on the soft skin below my navel. When he licked the soft skin between my labia and my thighs I whimpered, and the first time his tongue caressed the swollen lips around my entrance I cried out. When his lips finally closed around my hard clit I screamed and came, twisting my hips against his mouth. It was like every orgasm I had ever had rolled into one…his face was completely soaked in my juices.

He slid back up my body and I was frantically kissing him, licking my own juices from his face. His hardness was pressing against my belly, and I knew what was coming. My whole body was screaming for it. I ground against him, feeling his cock responding to my undulating belly and I spread my legs as wide as they would go in welcome. When he touched the bottom of my clit with the tip of his cock I started begging him to fuck me. “Oh fuck Daddy, put it inside me!” I was rubbing my pussy against his rigid flesh maniacally. “Please fuck me Daddy!”

I was so wound up I almost missed the sweet sensation of him entering me so slowly. I was crying, but they were tears of relief and joy. I had waited for this and dreamed of it for a week. I wanted it bad.

The feeling of being stuffed was incredible, and my eyes bugged out as he slid that big cock deep inside my pussy. No matter who I fuck, or how many times I do it, there will never be another cock inside me that feels as good as Daddy’s did that day.

We have made love many times since that day, and though I love my husband and my children dearly, I will always have time for my special visits with Daddy. I wouldn’t have it any other way.