The Instructress

The Instructress
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The smoke began to vanish with the light summer breeze; Sharon had a look of horror on her face and her hands gripped hard on the dashboard.

She sat back in her seat and looked at Suzie, her face went from shock to anger.

Suzie smiled in a hope of defusing the situation then decided that words would be better

“I love the smell of burning rubber in the morning!”

“Well, you have no problems regarding your emergency stop reaction time. How about you try not to skid next time?”

Driving instructor Sharon looked in her mirror to see the trails of tire tracks still smoking a little on the road behind.

She had been teaching for a few years now and it was in danger of accelerating her ageing process.

Her blonde hair would disguise any grey easily but frown lines would be a different matter, though she did enjoy the job and the independence – and the chance to regularly meet new people.

Suzie felt like a naughty schoolgirl and shrank back in her seat; her humor had not gone down too well.

Her dark curly hair and low cut tops usually got her out of anything – or into it – but this driving instructor was a stern, hard nut to crack.

“Shall I drive on now?” Suzie asked sheepishly.

“Yes! Don’t forget – mirror, signal and maneuver – rather than cardiology!”

Suzie giggled; she could tell that her stone-faced instructor was lightening up – and why not? Sharon had a date tonight and it was certainly going to end up in her bedroom.

Suzie checked her mirror, brought the car’s clutch to biting point and peered back over her right shoulder. The engine stalled and Sharon rolled her eyes skyward.

“Airhead!” she said under her breath.

The small car finally moved off down the road. It was late afternoon and a cold chill was beginning to bite the air.

Apart from the odd hint as to which direction to drive, Sharon said nothing.

Suzie was sure she could feel herself being watched up and down but was never quite sure.

Sharon’s mobile phone began to ring; she pulled it from her handbag and clicked off the musical ring tone.

Suzie noticed her face lighting up as she saw who it was and began to talk.

“Hi sweetheart!”

Suzie expressed a look of mock disgust and was seen doing so in the process.

“Just keep driving please!” she replied with a sarcastic smile to prove her bemusement.

Suzie kept driving and was soon aware that Sharon was not taking much notice of where she was actually going – her phone conversation was becoming quite heated too.

She decided to drive to a place she knew; it was an escape spot she rarely found herself in, what with having no car of her own.

It seemed like a good idea and, on arrival, she pulled up.

“Bitch! Never call me again and stay out of my way if you know what’s good for you and your new fuck!” Sharon yelled loudly and it startled Suzie.

After sitting there for a few seconds with her head in her hands she finally looked up and remembered that she was not alone!

“Relationships, eh? More trouble than they are worth!” Suzie again tried to defuse Sharon’s anger but should have known better from the first time.

“Mind your own fucking business!” she yelled and Suzie’s jaw fell open. “Oh shit! I’m sorry, I didn’t mean that. My, girlfriend has just dumped me and is rubbing my nose in it by sleeping with my ex-husband’s new wife!” She calmed down as she spoke.

“Wow!” said Suzie. “That’s about as complicated as these things can get! Wait a minute – girlfriend?”

“Yes. I’m bisexual and, just for your information, I’m not ashamed in any shape or form!”

“You’ve been with men and women? I’ve never been with a woman but have always been a little curious!” Suzie said, as she looked Sharon up and down.

“Yes, isn’t everyone until it comes to the crunch? And then they shy away when you try to kiss them!” Sharon looked around, having realized that the car had stopped. “Where are we?”

The car was in the middle of what seemed like nowhere; it had the appearance of a wide grassy ditch that blocked out the surrounding landscape – just the sky was in view and the feeling of isolation was strong.

The dusty track they had used left the car covered with a film of dirt.

“This is a place I come to whenever I can. It gives me space to think if I am on my own and if I’m not, well, you get the idea! It’s also a good place to scream out frustrations at the top of my voice without anyone hearing.”

“Well, surely someone must hear you?”

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Product Details
File Size: 243 KB
Print Length: 19 pages
Fortmat: ePub
Features: Flowing text
Language: English

Price(USD): $0.55