The Study

The Study
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“Have you done this sort of work before, Miss Shaw?”

I looked the Professor in the eyes, watched her adjust her stylish glasses and brush a strand of stray dark-blonde hair out of her face.

“I can’t say that I have, Professor. Research into…sex isn’t exactly what they advertised at the College fair.” I laughed nervously and fiddled with the buttoning of my white lab coat.

“No, I suppose they didn’t.” She frowned and with a firm gesture, snapped the folder she was holding shut with a small ‘clack’. “Still. This is valuable research into human sexual behavior, Miss Shaw. I appreciate assistants who treat this sort of work like any other. Are you comfortable – are you capable of doing that?”

“Absolutely, Professor.” I gave a quick, eager nod. It had taken me weeks to get this position! Working closely with Professor Marilyn Baker was something of an honor according to my other teachers and most of my friends.

I wasn’t about to give this up because I had to watch a guy jack off – it wasn’t as though I’d never seen that before!

“Very good then.” The ghost of a smile touched my mentor’s lips, and she patted my shoulder. “One of the things you will – hopefully – learn here is a scientific detachment to the things you study.” She gave a small chuckle. “I suppose you could call this a bit of a test.”

I gave another nod, which seemed to satisfy her.

“Our first subject will be arriving shortly. Now,” she went on, picking up her bag, “I will have to leave for about an hour, and I’ll leave you in charge here, Miss Shaw. It’s fairly straightforward.”

She walked me through the corridor to the room where the test was supposed to be performed. It was a room with a large, glass window. As far as i could see, the room held a large LCD-TV, a DVD player and a stack of magazines and DVD’s I realized were pornography.

“He will sit in here and masturbate. You will take notes on his behavior and the time it takes for him to climax. Also, you will of course watch the video later to see what, if any, material he used for assistance.” She gestured to the pornography as if to demonstrate.

“I understand.” I tried to sound professional while needlessly adjusting the clipboard I was holding.

“Keep your mind on the task at hand, Miss Shaw.” And with that last piece of advice, she left the building, leaving me in charge.

I fidgeted for perhaps fifteen minutes while waiting. Hoping to calm my nervousness, I walked to the break room and grabbed a soda.

Then he arrived.

He had the strapping figure of a young man, an angular face with a few days worth of stubble, close-cropped brown hair, and a broad set of shoulders. It might’ve been my imagination, but I thought I could see the muscles of his abs beneath his shirt. I looked up and his eyes looking me over at that very moment were blue. A very clear blue. The smile he gave sent a rush of heat through my cheeks and created a tingling low in my stomach.

I quickly caught myself and straightened in an attempt to preserve my professional appearance. “You must be Mr. Bradley. I’m lab assistant Patricia Shaw. It’s a pleasure to meet you.” I extended my hand.

“Eric. Please, call me Eric.” He smiled as he took my hand in a firm grip.

His voice was deep and sounded like it belonged to someone who was used to getting exactly what he wanted. Looking at that well-built frame, it wasn’t hard to believe.

“Well then…Eric. You will be participating in an experiment today,” I began reciting from the paper on my clipboard, “you will be-”

“I’ve already been told,” he said with another winning smile, still holding my hand. “They sent a letter explaining what we would be doing in this masturbation experiment.”

Suddenly, I became aware that his hand enclosing mine would soon be enclosing the length of his cock. “Oh.” The heat rose to my face again, and I gave a curt nod, breaking from the handshake. “Very well then. Follow me, Eric.”

“Pretty sweet deal, isn’t it? I get paid to jack off, and you get paid to watch me do it,” he said as we reached the observation room.

“There are worse things, I suppose,” I replied shyly.

Before I knew what was happening, he was already taking off his shirt and unbuckling his belt.

Oh God, I’m going to see his cock. I inhaled sharply and turned away briefly before remembering my role as an observer.

He was staring at me, a little confused perhaps. “Don’t you see this all the time?”

I shook my head. “No, not really…you’re actually the first person I’m observing.”

“Aahh. You did look new,” he nodded, “but still, this isn’t anything new, is it?”

“Oh, no. Of course not. I’ve had boyfriends in the past…”

“And does that mean you don’t have one now?” He grinned, his flaccid cock dangling in my view as he kicked off his briefs.

“Well no…but…I mean…how about we get you started then shall we?”

Without another word, I gestured him into the adjacent room.

“You’ll find everything you need set up and ready for you. I will be observing you through the one-way glass outside, from the other room.” I pulled my head out of the room and closed the door, hoping my face hadn’t turned red enough for him to notice.

When I came back to the window from the observation room side, he had already seated himself on the comfortable chair and was looking through the DVD’s.

All I focused on was his cock. I wanted to look away, but it was impossible to tear my gaze from it. It wasn’t anything pornographic in size – no twelve-inch monster ripping someone apart — but it was definitely larger than average. It was simply…beautiful. Large, thick and straight. I thought I could see it throb even from where I stood, and despite the glass and distance, I could clearly see the veins of the shaft.

Heat began to rise from between my legs. But I cleared my throat and reminded myself of the task at hand. Concentrate Patricia. Don’t forget to take notes.

The first minute was easy. Eric grabbed a DVD – I could see from afar that the image on the front was a woman with her legs spread wide – and put it in the DVD-player.

The wall didn’t completely muffle the sound of the movie. Moaning began almost immediately as he fast-forwarded to when the movie got explicit.

He was muscular, well-built and obviously very strong. Those shoulders, those arms…I shuddered as I thought of them slowly coming to wrap around me, holding me in a steamy embrace.

He started jacking off, and it was clear that he was enjoying himself despite knowing I was watching him from next door. From time to time, he would cast small glances at the one-way glass as though he were acknowledging me.

I couldn’t help fidgeting a little every time he did that.

The way that he played with his cock, teased it, milked it. It turned me on more than I would’ve imagined. I’d never seen it done so blatantly before, not in real life. The heat between my legs had become very prominent, and I shivered. I began shifting my legs to try to keep myself from letting my free hand trail down to my skirt.

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Product Details
File Size: 191 KB
Print Length: 27 pages
Fortmat: ePub
Features: Flowing text
Language: English

Price(USD): $0.95

The Study