Untamed Desire

Untamed Desire
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Monica Livingstone was a late bloomer. She’d shown no interest in the things teenage girls coveted most until she’d finished most of her senior year in high school, especially boys. Two things occurred on her eighteenth birthday that radically changed her outlook on life and turned her into a full blown woman literally overnight. The first thing that happened occurred during the prom that she reluctantly attended because her mother insisted, and the second happened when she returned home and saw her naked stepfather on top of her mother. From the sounds her mother was making, Emory Waring was the most incredible lover the world had ever known. Christiana Waring was using the crudest, most graphic and decidedly the most explicit language Monica had ever heard to let him know just exactly what she liked about what he was doing and how he was doing it. The result of prom night was that an unholy desire was kindled in Monica’s belly…and the only thing that would dampen that flame was to feel what her mother and her best friend had felt. It was simply a matter of figuring out how to bring it about.

Christiana had fussed and fretted over the selection and tailoring of Monica’s prom dress. Even though her daughter had refused to accept any of the invitations she had gotten from the young men at her school, Christiana was determined that Monica would turn heads at the prom. It was an opportunity Christiana had missed her senior year, and she was determined to live vicariously through her daughter this one night. The final result was a truly stunning deep blue velvet dress and a new hairdo that made her long raven hair cascade in a cloud around her bare shoulders and her long, elegant neck.

She did turn heads as she entered the darkened gym. As it did on everyone who arrived, a spotlight turned on as she entered and her name was announced…and a moment of absolute silence permeated the noisy gym as the mousy little Monica Livingstone shone in the light like the North Star. She was immediately surrounded by boys who had walked right past her without noticing that very afternoon. All of them wanted to dance with her. The Cinderella analogy burst on her and struck her as funny as she politely refused, deferring their invitations until later. She had come in a little late, as her mother had advised her to, and she looked around for her best friend, Amanda Kitchener. She knew Amanda’s date had intended to sneak in some liquor in his tux, so Monica began to search the obvious and not so obvious hiding places.

She found them, of course, in a place that she and Amanda frequently slipped off to when they wanted to get out of the way for a little quiet time during school hours. It was a little used teacher’s lounge on the third floor, and Monica spotted the lone light inside before she entered. Quietly, she opened the door and was dumbstruck by what she saw there. The door closed behind her, but Amanda and Pete were much too busy to notice her. Amanda’s prom dress had been tugged down past her hips, and she was busily removing her bra as Pete was ripping off his tux. Monica watched as her best friend’s panties hit the floor at the same time Pete’s pants and underwear did. There was perhaps a half second of silence as the two stared at each other naked and then fell on each other like animals.

Monica had seen Amanda naked plenty of times, at gym class, changing in the cabana at the pool, at summer camp, and of course, at sleepovers. What she had not ever seen was Pete naked, and it was the fascinating thingthat projected from between his sturdy legs that captured her total attention. She knew it was a penis, but she had not imagined that it would be so big. Amanda seemed quite fascinated with it too, as she was busy stuffing its length greedily into her open mouth. Pete’s head was thrown back and he had an indescribable look on his face as he held Amanda’s head and thrust the monster in and out of her mouth. In just a minute or so his face contorted even more and he began to thrust faster. Amanda’s hands clawed at his gleaming bare buttocks as she pulled him closer to her. She was making gurgling noises as Pete grunted and held himself still. There was no question that Amanda was swallowing something and making little noises of pleasure as she did so.

Monica was shaken by what she had seen, but she was more shaken by what happened next. Monica stood up, streams of white goo clearly visible on her cheeks and chin, and her delicate pink tongue was licking it from her face as she held Pete’s still swollen penis in her hand. She was jacking it back and forth as she spoke steadily to him.

“OK,” she said, “I let you cum in my mouth like I promised, and now you’d better fuck me good!” With those words, Amanda lay down on the tattered sofa in the lounge and spread her legs lewdly.

“Come on Pete,” she beckoned to him, “put it in me baby.” Monica was several miles past shocked as she watched Pete lay between Amanda’s wide open legs and slowly feed his stiff penis into the slot between them. Amanda’s arms wrapped around him and her ankles locked at the small of his back. The two began to moan and writhe as Pete pumped into her…and it took a very long time before he stiffened again. Amanda had been whimpering and moaning and telling him how good his ‘cock’ felt. Occasionally she would cry out, and at the last, when Pete seemed frozen in place above her, she shrieked. There was no doubt left in Monica’s mind that the shriek was a happy, satisfied noise. She was sure that her feelings were hurt because her best friend had been having sex (this was obviously not the first time), but she was too busy with confusing feelings in her belly and an embarrassing wet spot between her legs to spend a lot of time on her friend’s betrayal. Monica wasn’t sure if she was sick or just upset, but she suddenly felt claustrophobic and left the tiny lounge.

When she got downstairs to the gym she still had the odd feelings, and even a glass of punch and sitting down on the bleachers didn’t help. The damp sticky feeling between her legs was getting worse, and she couldn’t even close her legs without making it worse. In the end, she asked a concerned teacher to give her a ride home.

She had hoped for a little quiet time and a talk with her mother to settle her down, but it was not to be. The house was dark when she entered, but there were decidedly odd noises coming from upstairs. A strange feeling of déjà vu came over her as she heard her mother’s voice, unusually high pitched, coming from the open door of the master bedroom.

“Oh Jesus, fuck Emory! Yes baby, that’s it…oh, yeah, harder…yeah, right there, like that…fuck meeeee!” Monica was flummoxed. Her mother and stepfather? Right here, in the house? Obviously she knew her parents had sex, but she had never known them to be so loud, so…crude. Unable to help herself, she went to their doorway and peeked in.

Emory was kneeling on the bed, and Christiane was kneeling in front of him, frantically licking and sucking at a penis significantly larger than the one she had seen on Pete earlier. Her mother’s eyes had a wild glazed over look as she grasped the massive cock, and she was asking…no, begging Emory to stick it back inside her. Emory mumbled something that Monica couldn’t quite make out and Christiana turned swiftly in the bed, her breasts against the sheets that her fingers were clenched in and her ass waggling in the air enticingly.

“Oh god, yes baby,” Christiana begged, “please, yes, it’s been so long…” Monica watched, her blood now boiling and a flood coming from between her legs, as Emory took the huge tip of his cock and pressed it…Jesus, he wasn’t going to put that thing in her…

Christiana cried out, an almost inhuman howl of pleasure and pain mingled together and the butt began to thrash as more and more of Emory’s huge cock disappeared into the puckered rosebud of her ass. Emory’s gorgeous ass cheeks flexed as he thrust deep within Christiana’s bowels and his face took on that same look of agony as Pete’s had when he was frozen in place over Amanda. The light was so good that Monica could see Emory’s balls contract each time his swollen organ jerked in Christiana’s ass. Monica was overcome, and lightheaded, fell to the floor in the hallway outside her parents’ bedroom.

“You don’t understand Emory,” Christiana was saying, “she’s very immature for her age. I’ve tried and tried to get through to her, but she’s never had any interest in men…or women.” Christiana seemed very upset. “I helped her friend Amanda through a rough spot several years ago, her mother passed away when she was thirteen and she’s been raised by her father. I helped her through her first period, answered questions about masturbation and boys and all the girl things a mother has to explain, but with Monica,” she shrugged, “it’s like she’s been bullet proof. None of that has come up, even when I’ve tried to bring it up.”

Monica’s eyes opened and she looked into Christiana’s concerned face. Christiana seemed to realize then that neither she nor Emory had covered themselves and were standing naked in Monica’s room. She started to get up, but Monica reached for her. “No,” Monica said clearly, “don’t leave, please.” Emory started for the door but Monica called out. “No, please daddy, don’t leave now.” Emory crossed his hands, failing almost entirely to conceal his still erect cock.

Monica took one hand from each of them, not concealing her stares at their exposed body, and always returning to Emory’s swollen cock. She started to talk then, telling them all about the prom and what she had seen, and then relating what she had seen and heard in their room.

When she was done, Christiana was crying and Emory was finally going limp. “I’ve tried so hard baby,” Christiana said, “but you just had no interest and weren’t interested in hearing what I had to say. I feel so guilty…”

“Mom, don’t,” Monica said, “I’ll learn…it’s just that it’s a shock all at once and I just want to go find the first man I come to and do it all, wherever I find him.” She stood up and dropped the blue velvet dress to the floor, as well as the sticky panties and the half bra her mother had persuaded her to wear with the strapless dress. She headed for her closet to get some clothes, heedless of the fact that she had just stripped naked in front of her stepfather. It wasn’t much of a plan, but there was a raging ball of desire in her belly and Monica was determined.

“Monica, no baby, don’t go out there tonight…you could meet some thug or a monster who hurts people on purpose…Jesus Emory don’t just stand there, do something!”

Emory did the very first thing that came to mind. He reached for Monica and swung her around…and pulled her to him in a deep embrace, his tongue searching the dark recesses of her mouth and his swollen cock rubbing hard against her hard flat belly. Christiana held her breath at the raw sensuality of the act. She knew in her heart this was wrong, but she knew just as well that it was all they could do. Freaky as it was, she found herself responding, and for the second time tonight she was living vicariously through her daughter. Her first time had been a horrid, fumbling exercise in futility that had left her turned off to sex for years. She knew for a fact that Emory was a better lover than that, and she was here to make sure he didn’t get carried away.

Emory lifted his stepdaughter and set her on the bed, her fabulous hair spread out on her pillow and his own wife forgotten. He kissed Monica again and she had responded ardently, her arms wrapping around his neck. “Daddy,” she whispered, but it wasn’t a question, it was an invitation. Her legs spread as he kissed his way down her neck to her breasts, and she whimpered when he sucked first ine, then the other hard little nipple into his hot wet mouth. When he reached her navel and started below, her fingers clenched in his wavy black hair. Her legs spread even wider as he kissed down between her legs and she cried out softly when he sucked at the lips surrounding the entrance to her pretty pink pussy. Christiana’s eyes teared as she watched her husband gently take her daughter’s hymen with lips, fingers, and tongue. Instead of the ripping, tearing experience Christiana had as a young girl, Monica surrendered her virginity with a soft sweet orgasm and a bare minimum of pain. Instead of lying back with an angelic look on her face, Monica had leapt to her knees and was sucking at Emory’s cock like a ravening beast, the passion of years coming out at once. Her hands lips and tongue seemed to be everywhere at once. One moment she had both hands wrapped around his cock and the tip of her pink tongue trying to penetrate the slit on top of his glans. The next moment she was flat on her back, her hands wrapped around his balls and her tongue stabbing at his anus. When she finally got the response she had been watching for, the veins in his cock throbbing and his balls rising up in his scrotum, she fastened her lips around just his glans and sucked until he exploded in her mouth.

Christiane’s fingers were frantically rubbing her clit as she watched her daughter doing all the things for the first time that she wished she had known about before losing her virginity. Monica had a surprised look on her face as she tried to swallow the huge load Emory had given her. The flush on her face was still mostly the flush of desire, but she suddenly realized she was naked on her own bed with her stepfather’s cock in her hand, a mouthful of his cum, and watching her own mother masturbate. It was almost too much to assimilate, but Christiana had already stopped her frantic masturbation and was leaning forward to kiss her.

Monica tried to swallow first, but she didn’t manage to get it all, a trickle leaked from the corner of her mouth. Christiana’s kiss was chaste, but the heat was back as she licked the trickle of her husband’s cum from her daughter’s chin. Christiana pushed Monica back on the bed and grabbed Emory’s semi hard cock. “It’s all right darling,” she said, giving Monica another quick peck on the cheek, “we can work it all out in the morning.” She looked her husband dead in the eyes, “Finish it,” she said simply. Then she grinned widely, “And do your best dears,” she said, “Mommy’s grading!”