Untamed Hunger

Untamed Hunger
Untamed Hunger
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Brenda watched with a mixture of fascination and raw lust as Hal reacted to the brazen flirting of their scantily clad babysitter. The girl was wearing high cut athletic shorts that exposed her long tanned legs up so high that Brenda could clearly see that the girl shaved her pussy. The middie tee shirt was cut off so high that the beginning swell of her breasts was evident even from where Brenda was standing. The girl’s hair, a brilliant gold, cascaded in a wavy cloud around her shoulders and down to her pert tits. Brenda didn’t know if she was pissed because the little hussy was coming on to her husband or because the girl wasn’t flirting with her.

Hattie was a jogger, and Hal had gone down to the sidewalk and flagged her down to ask if she was free to babysit tonight. The girl was jogging in place, and her unfettered breasts were bouncing enticingly as she nodded happily and accepted the job. Hal stood and watched her as she went on about her afternoon run, and Brenda could see his erection plainly pressing against his own shorts when he turned around to come back to the house.

Brenda stood in the doorway, her breasts heaving and her hand inside her panties as Hal came closer, his eyes wide as she masturbated in the open doorway. Slipping inside the door and closing it, he turned to his wife. His hands molded her breasts and squeezed, and Brenda moaned aloud. “Made you horny, did she?” he asked, amused.

“I want to see her mouth on your cock!” Brenda hissed as she sank to her knees, lifting her own tee shirt over her head. She reached for the front of his shorts. “You’d like that, wouldn’t you?”

“Hell yes I’d like that,” Hal answered in a husky voice.

Brenda freed his cock and curled her tongue around the tip of the quivering rod. Her tongue left silvery tracks of saliva behind. “I want to see you fuck her mouth baby, stick that cock in her throat and cum in her mouth,” Brenda moaned.

“Oh god, that would be so hot,” he whispered.

Brenda took him deep in her throat, her head twisting as she literally screwed his penis deeper into her sucking mouth. She pulled his length all the way out. “Would you fuck that pretty little ass while I watched you baby?”

“Jesus!” Hal moaned.

“I’d eat her little pussy while you fucked her ass baby,” Brenda whispered, her own wet forefinger slipping towards Hal’s ass. “Then, when you were ready to cum,” she said, “you could just pull out and cum in my mouth.” Hal’s cock began to spurt into Brenda’s hair, but she quickly moved her mouth over the spurting tip and caught as much of his scalding cum as she could. Hal watched as she coated the end of his cock with his own cum, and then licked him clean.

Hal leaned down and lifted his wife to her feet. “What’s gotten into you?” he asked her with a grin. Brenda kept her hand wrapped around his cock and thrust her breasts against his chest.

“That little bitch drives me wild when she throws herself at you like that,” Brenda hissed as she ground her pussy against the top of his thigh. “She shows you that tight body and you get a hardon…and it makes me wild baby,” she snarled into his ear. “It makes me want to do things…new things,” she shuddered and whispered into his ear, “nasty things!”

Hal was already hard again. “What kind of nasty things?” he asked her.

“Take me in the bedroom and stick your cock in my ass and I’ll tell you,” Brenda said. She walked away, leaving her clothes on the floor in the foyer. Hal reached down and grabbed them all, taking them with him as he stumbled to the bedroom. He wasn’t certain he had ever seen his wife in such a mood.

He tossed the clothes on the floor in their bedroom and all but ran to the drawer to get the lube he kept there for the rare occasions she let him try to take her anally…they had never had much success, though they both wanted it. Brenda was lying on her back with her legs spread wide, her pussy already filled with her favorite eight inch toy. She was fucking herself frantically with the lifelike latex cock.

“Good,” she gasped, “oh baby this feels so good, but I need you in my ass…now!” Hal squirted a glob of the lube into his hand and rubbed it on the head of his cock. She wouldn’t roll over, she just beckoned him between her legs, never taking the dildo from her pussy. The soles of her feet flat on the sheets, she spoke in the firm tones of command. “Stick it in my ass baby, and don’t be slow about it, I want it all the way in on the first stroke.” Her voice was low and gravelly, almost scary.

Hal stared at his wife…this was so uncharacteristic of Brenda that he was more than a little unnerved by her behavior. “Fuck me in the ass!” she screamed.

With no further hesitation Hal did as he was told, thrusting deeply into her anus and seating his cock deep inside her. Brenda’s guttural scream was primal, bringing an animal lust to Hal that he was unfamiliar with. He could tell that his thrust was painful, but Brenda seemed to revel in it and she cried out for more. After one or two strokes he felt her loosen up and she began to meet his thrusts, her eyes wide and wild, and the dildo pounding in and out of her pussy with equal force.

“Fuck me harder!” Brenda screamed. She was thrashing on the bed in a frenzy, her hips jerking up to meet his every thrust. Hal had no idea what was going on, but he wanted desperately to figure it out so he could do it again…this was incredible. Brenda was cumming and she told him so in terms he had never heard her use before, and her nails raked his back as she abandoned her toy and hammered the small of his back with her tiny heels. Hal erupted deep inside her, the tip of his glans planted firmly against the convex surface of her cervix. Brenda screamed and came a final time before subsiding beneath him.

“Holy fuck!” Hal gasped as he collapsed atop his exhausted wife. Brenda wrapped her arms and legs around him and clung to him as if she was drowning. They lay quietly for twenty minutes or more before Hal tried to move. Brenda stubbornly clung to him, refusing to let him take his half flaccid penis out of her pussy. He let his full weight rest on her and she seemed to welcome it.

Brenda had no idea how long she had been asleep, but when she awakened, Hal was still lying on top of her. She snuggled her face up to Hal’s ear and began to whisper into it, nibbling at his earlobe until he was awake and listening to her.

“I’m going to take the kids over to Mom’s for the weekend,” she whispered, “I want you to cancel the reservations for tonight baby…tonight I want you to fuck Melissa for me.”

Hal was shocked wide awake. “What the hell?” he asked. “What makes you think Melissa will want to fuck me?”

“Give me a break Hal,” Brenda said wryly, “for god’s sake, she flaunts her tits at you every chance she gets and she’s all but naked when she comes over to babysit. I know for a fact she shows you’re her pussy every chance she gets and she rubs all over you. What does she have to do, get down and blow you or give you a written invitation?”

Hal stared at his wife. “And what are you going to do while I fuck her?”

“I’m going to watch from the closet until I decide if I want to play too,” Brenda said archly, lifting her toy and licking at the tip. “I might just stay in there and watch, or I might come out and cheer you on.” She gave him a wicked smile. “Or I might just come out and fuck her myself.”

Hal shivered. Whatever the hell had gotten into Brenda, he wished he could bottle it…he’d be able to retire.

Melissa showed up promptly at seven o’clock, dressed to kill as she always was. Her tank top was cut high on her flat belly and her breasts held the thin tee shirt material away from her skin. Tonight she was even barefoot. “Hi Mr. Tomkins,” she said in a playful voice. She leaned back against the doorpost, in no rush to go inside to meet Brenda. She loved teasing this good looking man…she loved it when his cock swelled inside his pants when she teased him, and she wished she could get him alone for a while. He made her hornier than the guys at school did.

“Brenda’s not here right now Melissa, there’s been a change of plans,” Hal said, “would you like to come in so I can explain it to you? Would you care for a drink?”

Melissa’s face brightened, and her voice became softer, more seductive. “Your wife isn’t home?” she asked, her hand going to the front of his shirt.

“Uh, no, she should be back in forty minutes or so.”

“Sure Mr. Tomkins,” she drawled, “I’d love a drink.” The back of her small hand grazed the front of his fly as she swayed past him, her delicate bare feet touching the floor soundlessly.

Hal closed the front door and followed the sexy teen into the living room. He walked over to the bar and brought out a soft drink and a bottle of juice. “What would you like, soda or orange juice?”

Melissa slid one hand beneath her middie tee shirt and cupped a breast, raising the hem of her middie perilously close to exposure level. “Could you make it a little something stronger Mr. Tomkins? Please? Just this once.” The hem of the shirt rose, exposing just the tiniest pink sliver of areola.

Hal’s cock was hard as concrete, and Brenda, naked in front of the computer in the study was watching the screen of Hal’s computer, which displayed several screens from different high resolution cameras placed at random through the living room. The one she had brought up showed the minor exposure of a part of Melissa’s nipple, and Brenda was fondling her own breasts as she watched.

Hal poured perhaps a half ounce of rum in a whisky tumbler, added two ice cubes, and filled the tumbler with the cola. He took a straight triple shot of the Captain Morgan and her drink, setting them down on the coffee table before sitting down beside her. He crossed his legs to hide his growing erection. “Melissa,” he began. She leaned forward to get her drink, making sure Hal had a clear view down the front of her shirt. Her breasts were breathtaking, tipped with now hard pink nipples. Her saucy grin showed that she knew he had seen what she wanted to see.

“Why waste any more time Mr. Tomkins?” She gave him a sexy smile and lifted the middie tee shirt over her head, miraculously not spilling her drink in the process. “If your wife is going to be home in forty minutes or less, I want you to fuck me now…” She set the drink down and slid her shorts off. Naked and shaved smooth, Melissa lay back on the couch and began to stroke between her spread legs.

“You don’t waste any time, do you?” Hal asked, nonplussed.

“You didn’t give me much time to work with,” Melissa said, sucking her finger into her mouth and then slowly slipped it inside her glistening pussy.

“I was going to approach this a little more delicately,” Hal said, “but since we’re being so direct Melissa, my wife is desperate for me to fuck you.”

“Oooooh! Does she want to just watch or does she want to play? She’s got a helluva hot body,” Melissa cooed.

“Both,” Brenda said from the door. Hal and Melissa turned to see Brenda, her nude body taut and her nipples rigid, her excitement clear as it dripped down the inside of her thigh.

Melissa simply stood up and opened her arms.

Hal watched the two of them come together…the raw, untamed hunger Brenda had displayed earlier in the day displayed again in her feasting on Melissa’s lips and breasts. Melissa matched her kiss for kiss, the sparks between the two fiercely aggressive females almost visible in the dim light of the living room. Brenda squeezed Melissa’s nipple between her fingers, and Hal actually winced at the force Brenda was using, but Melissa cried out in joy and plunged her fingers deep inside Brenda’s pussy. They stood melded together, shaking in their passion, their lips locked and their eyes wide open.

Brenda grabbed Melissa’s shoulders and spoke to her, and her voice was shaking with fevered emotion. “Take him to my bed and suck his cock,” she hissed. “I want to watch!” Melissa’s eyes lit up with an unholy lust…this was turning out wilder than she’d ever dreamed.

“What about the kids?” she whispered.

“They’re at my mother’s for the weekend.”

Melissa turned and grabbed Hal’s cock through his pants, dragging him down the hallway to the master bedroom. When she literally threw Hal to the bed, Brenda helped her to strip him naked. Totally at their mercy, Hal made no move to help himself. Melissa flung herself on top of him, taking his rigid cock down her throat in a single swift gulp.

Brenda knelt down on the bed next to the two as Melissa devoured her husband’s cock. Her breath was coming as fast and hard as Melissa’s was. “Oh hell yes baby, suck his cock…I want you to make him hurt before you make him cum in your mouth.” Melissa growled her approval as she kept up the intense sucking action. Brenda didn’t stop there. “You’re going to make him cum in your mouth aren’t you my little slut…you like the taste of man jizz don’t you?” Melissa nodded vigorously without taking her mouth off Hal’s cock. “I’ll bet you’ve sucked off a dozen guys in that high school of yours, and you made every one of them cum in your mouth because you love it…” Melissa took her mouth off the swollen prick.

“Thirty guys,” she said breathlessly. She plunged Hal’s cock back deep in her throat and lifted her leg over Hal’s face, lowering her pink pussy to his mouth. Helplessly, Hal erupted into the depths of her mouth. When the copious flow of cum overflowed Melissa’s lips, Brenda immediately dove for the excess.

Hal leaned up on his elbows, watching the two women swapping his cum between them, while he, the source of the sperm they were so joyously swapping, lay forgotten. He had never seen Brenda so hot. Grinning to himself as he watched the two switch to a sixty nine position, Hal knew he was in for a very long, hard night.