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Update: 2017


Update: May 13, 2014

Well it seems I have found Google’s weakness, its Kryptonite if you will; it’s the First Amendment. While I do understand that Google has an image, a responsibility to portray a certain look, feel, and user community I don’t agree with the fact that they need to sensor and remove my books form Google Play because I use the work Cock, Pussy, Cunt, Fucking, and Sex (just to name a few). At first I tried to play nice. I even went so far as to change my cover art on my eBooks to fit “their requirements” as updated in February 4th. Here are some examples as to how I have tried to play nice.

Links have been removed.

Update: February 4, 2014

It seems that Google Play, Barnes and Noble Nook, and Kobo Books don’t care for my explicit cover art. As sad as this makes me and feelings of my first amendment rights being walked on I also understand why. If you don’t stop it at boobies next thing you know you are going to have full hard core sex book covers. Not that I have an issue with that but I might see how that could offend someone… So with that being said SOME of my book covers on Google Play, Barnes & Noble Nook, and Kobo Books will be changing to a “cleaner” version. Please keep in mind though my website owned and operated by ME will always have the explicit cover art.
Update: January 14, 2014

I have finally found a way to standardize on eBook pricing. Please see the updated price list below. Note: This price list can change at anytime.

eBook Standard Pricing*

Pages Aprox. Words Price Pages Aprox. Words Price
0 – 10 0 – 1,500 $0.00 200 – 299 36,000 – 54,000 $4.99
11 – 19 1,500 – 3,000 $0.55 300 – 399 54,000 – 72,000 $5.99
20 – 49 3,000 – 8,100 $0.95 400 – 499 72,000 – 90,000 $6.99
50 – 79 8,100 – 13,000 $1.59 500 – 599 90,000 – 108,000 $7.99
80 – 99 13,000 – 18,000 $1.99 600 – 699 108,000 – 126,000 $8.99
100 – 149 18,000 – 26,000 $2.59 700+ 126,000+ $9.99
150 – 199 26,000 – 36,000 $3.09
*Standard pricing excluded from collection series eBooks

Update: September 27, 2013

Good afternoon fellow readers of great Erotic Stories.  It seems I am gathering a large following of people that are falling in love with my stories. I love all the feedback I get and even the ideas to write about people.  It is great to see so many people love to read erotica.

I have started working with a private publisher to publish my Novella’s as always the website will be 100% free to read; but I wanted to offer the ability to buy and download my Novella’s as eBooks (in ePub format).  Seeing that I am just starting down this road I figured I would keep this easy and just allow PayPal to manage my money and shopping / checkout security. Once (if) I grow to a famous author I will investigate all those things that real authors do.

SO with that being said I would like to introduce you to my new online store: eBooks Store. Also, each posted story contains a quick link to add the story you are currently reading to your shopping cart. I would like you to note one thing; stories that are broken down by chapter on website posts are NOT in the eBook. If a story has say four chapters, all four chapters are in one eBook. You DO NOT need to buy the chapters separately.

I would also like for you to know that I only write Novella’s. What you see in the post is what you get in the eBook (along with cover art and my bio).  Each story can be between 500 and 100,000+ words. Most of my stories average between 3,000 to 8,100 words. Just enough to get you going and let your imagination run away with itself.


I am also introducing a new feature that I hope some of you will take full advantage of. Starting soon I will be offering a monthly subscription that will deliver a collection of 5+ Erotic Stories in a beautiful, colorful, and erotic PDF format right to your email. For only$4.44 a month (.88 cents a story) you will receive an email from me to you with a random selection of FIVE super sexy stories, art, photos, and much much more. Not only do you get the five stories you are also going to get super sexy art, sexy nude photos, and bonuses monthly. The best part is the first month is free. Plus with every paid subscription you will have exclusive access to my forum where you can communicate with other subscribers, share stories, reviews, ideas, and so much more. Want more details on the subscription; check out the link on the right of your screen. Ready to join right now just click the subscribe link below.