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Warning this website is intended for mature audiences only. If you are someone that is easily offended, we strongly recommend you stop reading and go back to your boring dull inconsequential life. BUT… if you enjoy life, yourself, and pleasure please feel free to keep reading and enjoy my hard work I have put into these pages.

Welcome to the best site on the web for Discount Sex Toys 4 HER.  Within these pages and posts you will find some of the best deals on sex toys along with steamy hot stories to, well, get you going.  Sit back unbutton you blouse, and enjoy these free stories and feel free to shop around.

Who is Madam Jamei? I am an Erotic Creative Writer with a masters from NYU. During my stent in college, I found my way in life more so than I thought. I enjoy the company of men just as much as I do women and throughout my eight year degree I have had many lovers. The experience I gained in college led me down the path of Erotic Creative Writer and I would not change my job for the world. Thank you for viewing my website I really hope you do enjoy my stories. You can also follow me on twitter @MadamJamei.

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None of these stories are true, they are all works of my imagination, any and all names, actions, and stories have been fabricated from my subconscious.